2015-05-15 Accelerator Physics Report

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CASA Accelerator Physics
Bi-Weekly Report: 05/01/15 - 05/15/15
Submitted by: Todd Satogata

Here is the biweekly report from Physics. I use initials for group members as usual: AB=Alex Bogacz, DD=Dave Douglas, CT=Chris Tennant,AC=Alex Castilla, RG=Randy Gamage, TS=Todd Satogata. Apologies for running a bit late on this; I got back from Cincy about 8 PM last night and just crashed. I'll be around today and will be at the biweekly leadership meeting though.


  • Optics support (AB)
  • GlueX collaboration meeting, support McCaughan talk (TS)

Project E

  • Running dry but trying to support halo analysis with remaining time
  • Continued halo analysis (DD, CT)


  • Cooler re-engagement, lattice resurrection (DD, CT)
  • LDRD proposal finalization (AB)
  • Seminar: Space charge challenges of MEIC (AB)


  • No progress (microbunching info from CT in hands of Rui/Yves)


  • Paper/poster prep (All)
  • Conference participation (All)
      • IPAC15 (All except CT)
      • TS: Partial FMLA May 14-15; IPAC15 Apr 29-May 8