2015-06-12 Accelerator Physics Report

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CASA Accelerator Physics
Bi-Weeklly Report - due 06-12-2015
Submitted by: Todd Satogata

Here is the biweekly report from Physics. I use initials for group members as usual: AB=Alex Bogacz, DD=Dave Douglas, CT=Chris Tennant, AC=Alex Castilla, RG=Randy Gamage, TS=Todd Satogata. A lot of group time is involved in the ERL and IEB workshops in this period. I'll chat with Yves separately about whether more work is needed from Chris on the CSR experiment LDRD over the next month.

Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 12) CEBAF / Operations

  • LOC meetings/planning for mid-July StayTreat (TS)
  • Administrate RSR, BTeam (TS)
  • Finished/circulated emittance contributed talk paper (TS)
  • UITF reengagement (AB)

Project E/Darklight

  • Darklight collaboration meeting 6/4-5 (DD,CT)
  • Lattice hypersensitivity to alpha evaluation (DD, CT)
  • Calculated flat beam/magnetized beam transforms (DD)
  • Aperture studies for Project E lattice (CT)


  • Calculations of coasting beam stability needs (TS)
  • Develop bunch splitting simulations, IPAC15 followup (RG, TS)
  • Nonlinear crabbing simulation planning (AC, TS)
  • Synergia compilation for Booster injection sims (TS, AB)
  • Lattice s2e setup (CT)

LDRD No progress (microbunching info from CT in hands of Rui/Yves) Community service/training/other Prepare LHeC talk for ERL workshop (AB) Summer lecture series: intro to accelerators, 6/9 (TS) IPAC15 proceedings finalization (TS) JACoW annual team meeting planning (TS) Thesis writing (AC) Travel/vacation DD: vacation 5/29-6/3 TS: partial FMLA 6/5-8 CT/AB: ERL Workshop 6/8-12 (BNL/Stony Brook)

Next two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 26)

CEBAF / Operations Optics analysis, preparation for StayTreat (TS) Evaluate Hall D optics feedback status (TS) Evaluate quad centering with data from test archiver (TS) Administrate RSR, BTeam (TS) UITF reengagement (AB) Project E/Darklight Continued halo, aperture analysis (DD, CT) Document flat beam/magnetized beam transforms (DD) Use Cheng-Ying's code for microbunching gain calculation for Project E (CT)


Develop bunch splitting simulations, IPAC15 followup (TS, RG) Continue nonlinear crabbing simulation planning, implementation (AC, TS) Cooler re-engagement, lattice resurrection (DD, CT) Lattice s2e setup, including magnetization (CT with input from DD) Begin transverse parameter scans for cooler linac (CT) Community service/training/other Work on overdue NIM/PR reviews (DD) Thesis writing (AC) ODU reengagement with NNSA proposal team (TS)

Travel/vacation DD/CT: IEB Workshop 6/16-19 (Cornell) AB: vacation 6/16-7/29 (note long vacation) TS: vacation 6/16, 6/24-25 CT: vacation 6/29-7/3 (beyond two-week horizon but worth mentioning)