2015-06-26 Accelerator R&D Report

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CASA Accelerator R&D
Bi-weekly Report - due 06-26-2015
Submitted by Yuhong Zhang

Slava Derbenev

  • Continued to develop the matched electron Cooling concept. To be reported at COOL ’15 (Sept. 28 – Oct. 2)
  • Discussions with Grigory Kazakevich and Vladimir Popov on scanning synchronization for MEIC (advanced magnetron source phase/amplitude control of coupled cavities and search/study for superfast RF switches.
  • Had meeting with Fulvia to propose and discuss:
    • TeleConf. meeting on Scanning Synchronization and magnetron developments.
    • Response from Fulvia: Conduct it on July 3.
  • Assisting Yuhong Zhang as Organizing Co-chair Cool ‘15 International Workshop.

Amy Sy

  • Continued work on parametric-resonance ionization cooling.
  • Investigation of fringe field effects using single lumped elements and sliced dipoles for both uncoupled and coupled correlated optics conditions
  • Gave a 1 hour presentation on PIC background and recent progress at the MAP-related bright muon sources phone meeting.

Fanglei Lin

  • Optimized optics in the matching and spin rotator sections to reduce the MEIC electron emittance.
  • Revisited the continuous injection scheme for the MEIC electron collider ring.
  • Provided the required beam parameters to nuclear physicists for their studies of downstream ion beam line.
  • Establishing the GPU environment for the code gpuSpinTrack (with Dan Abell, Tech X) for spin tracking of ion beams
  • Collected and submitted publications in the past 3 years to JLab publication database for the S&T Review.

Vasily Morozov

  • Tracking the ion collider ring and communicating with SLAC group.
  • Miscellaneous (lower-effort activities):
    • communicating with Anatoliy's group,
    • communicating with the detector design group,
    • GPU tracking code (GHOST) development,
    • Skew PIC development.

    Yuhong Zhang

  • Explored new ideas for electron cooling and gave a presentation at the MEIC R&D R&D meeting
  • Continued development of the LDRD work
  • Worked with Slava and the committee on selection of the invited speakers at the COOL'15 workshop
  • Assisted Fulvia on the MEIC R&D planing, including a half-day special R&D meeting (on July 24) for beam synchronization study In the next two weeks • The first new MEIC postdoc, Guohui Wei, will started today, working on nonlinear beam dynamics with Vasily • The second new MEIC postdoc, Hisham Sayed, will start on July 1, working on electron cooling. (He is in Yves's group) • The first R&D meeting for cooler development will be held on July 9.