2015-07-10 Accelerator Physics Biweekly Report

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CASA Accelerator Physics
Biweekly Report: 06/29/15 - 07/12/15
Submitted by: Todd Satogata

Here is the biweekly report from Physics. I use initials for group members as usual: AB=Alex Bogacz, DD=Dave Douglas, CT=Chris Tennant, AC=Alex Castilla, RG=Randy Gamage, TS=Todd Satogata.

CEBAF / Operations

    • BNL ER@CEBAF meeting (Jul 6-7, TS) • LDRD review (Jul 1, TS for AB) • Optics analysis, preparation for StayTreat (TS) • Start evaluating quad centering with data from test archiver (TS) • Administrate RSR, BTeam (TS)

Project E/Darklight

    • Continued halo, aperture analysis (DD, CT) • Investigate Darklight modeling (Bob Legg? DD et al)


    • Develop bunch splitting simulations, IPAC15 followup (TS, RG) • Continue nonlinear crabbing simulation planning, implementation (AC, TS) • Cooler re-engagement, lattice resurrection (DD, CT) • Lattice s2e setup, including magnetization (CT with input from DD) • Begin transverse parameter scans for cooler linac (CT)

Community service/training/other

    • Thesis writing (AC) • Continue ODU reengagement with NNSA proposal team (TS) • Complete IPAC'15 proceedings (TS)


    • AB: Vacation 7/1-7/29 (note long vacation) • CT: Vacation 6/29-7/3 • TS: Vacation 7/13-7/17