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Michael Tiefenback
Michael Tiefenback<br>
During the past two weeks:
During the past two weeks:

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CASA Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report: 06/27/15 - 07/10/15 Submitted by: Pavel Evtushenko

Kevin Jordan

  • spent time getting up to speed on the project E diagnostics requirement and preparing a 30 minute talk for Thursday in 2 weeks - drafts were due this weekend.
  • participated in the "E" conference calls & had discussions with Steve, David & George on diagnostics, & commissioning strategies.
  • will leave next Friday for the lattice & diagnostics review
  • participated in a call with DOE on isotope production using the FEL, this was favorably received
    • supplied Hari with additional material for a white paper
  • continuing effort with the UITF project:
    • did a design for a three bay klystron rack. J. Gubeli did a drawing & it was sent out for fabrication. The expected cost is less than $1K vs $10k for a custom rack from a commercial manufacturer.
    • also spent a brief amount of time explaining why the LERF beam sync signal was not being distributed properly - the MVE crate was [powered down & there was no IOC (in control room).

Michael Tiefenback
During the past two weeks:

  • prepared for and participated in the LDRD proposal review
  • prepared for and made a presentation (remotely) to the HPS Collaboration meeting
  • prepared for and participated in the BNL/JLab discussions on feasibility of a 5-pass ERL at CEBAF
  • continued working with REU students Mike Hennessey and Alex Mack
    1. talk outline preparation, flow of presentation
    2. review of physical nature of respective projects
  • extending previous work on multipass linac steering to
    1. multipass orbit correction ("straightening linac") with only installed correctors
    2. providing for operations a set of recommended corrector updates to refine linac injection (a crude auto-steer)
  • peer review of paper for journal

Pavel Evtushenko

  • continued worked with Rui Lee helping her with preparation of a LDRD proposal related to micro bunching, specifically experimental part of the proposal
  • have done initial investigation of the availability and feasibility of required for the experiments hardware
  • worked with Hall-C on the design of a "24' diameter stripline BPM" to be installed between the target and the beam dump
  • made first iteration of an estimate of the cost of getting new Martin-Pauplett interferometer to be made for JLab, the new interferometer was designed and build under a CRADA with HZDR, there is first interferometer of this design built and commissioned for ELBE at HZDR
  • run two shifts of beam testing of the LDR wire-scanner installed at the CEBAF injector, during the test we have shown improved background, but we believe have reached all possible with the current setup at the present beam parameters available
  • devised a methode of increasing the signal level form a wire scanner under conditions similar to the present CEBAF injector installation started discussion with potential manufacturer of necessary parts; due to beam availability and present time line the test will not be possible at present location at CEBAF injector
  • keep working on a detailed plan how the early career work can be continued at JLab and HZDR
  • coordinating near future visit to HZDR for this reason and to discuss future JLab HZDR collaborations in beam diagnostics
  • coordinating near future further commissioning of the HZDR-JLab interferometer for bunch length measurements
  • my starting date at ASML has been moved from August 1st to October 5th