2015-07-24 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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CASA Diagnostic Development
Biweekly Report: 07/11/15 - 07/24/15
Submitted by: Pavel Evtushenko

M. Tiefenback

  • finished the paper review
  • participated in the second meeting on CEBAF 5-pass ERL, received an assignment for diagnostic and measurement integration for this exploratory task
  • continuing engagement with turning the multi-pass steering procedure into an operational tool
  • continuing engagement with hot-wire anemometer mass-flow meter
  • has spent about a day reviewing the ops stay-treat materials and the questions Arne is asking, trying to offer a useful analysis of what was good or not and what should be repeated or altered
  • About 2.5 days of personal leave time the past week

P. Evtushenko

  • prepared talk for the S&T review and presented it at the dry run
  • has completed plan of finishing the early career grant work;
  • this includes al tasks, personal required for the work, procurement and labor plan
  • works on various ongoing aspects of the early career grant
  • large fraction of it - discussions with potential manufacturers of system components
  • reviewed several revisions of the setup at 1C12 for transverse beam profile measurements
  • with a combination of SR and OTR; the last revision is declared final
  • reviewed and made several revisions of Hall-C "24-inch BPM" - converging to final design

K. Jordan

  • Travel