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<li>Supported Fulvia on MEIC R&D planning
<li>Supported Fulvia on MEIC R&D planning
What are expected in the next two weeks
What are expected in the next two weeks

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CASA Accelerator R&D
Biweekly Report: 07/25/15 - 08/07/15
Submitted by: Yuhong Zhang

Slava Derbenev

  • Continued working on scanning synchronization scheme and supporting technology, gave a short presentation at the discussion session
  • Studied the gear-change beam-beam instability
  • Worked with Yuhong on scientific program for
  • COOL15 workshop
  • Gave a presentation at Rick's Café

Fanglei Lin

  • Optimizing the storage-ring cooler optics to obtain small chromaticities and a large emittance.
  • Writing a python translator to convert the MADX output file of rings’ optics into a ZGOUBI input file with the required format.
  • Continued working on the improvement of code SLICKTRACK.

Vasily Morozov

  • Study of beam synchronization (presentations at the R&D and NP meetings).
  • Study of non-linear dynamics in the ion collider ring (tracking, working with Guohui, teleconference with SLAC).
  • Ion polarization (support of Anatoliy's group, teleconference with them)
  • Completion of a draft of an EPIC closeout report.
  • Beam-beam code development (writing a paper on the tracking results).
  • Isotope production (calculations, tracking, working with Amy).
  • Lower effort activities: detector integration, electron cooling, SBIR.

Amy Sy

  • Beam optics simulations for ERL/isotope production project
  • Converging electron beam vs beam waist and resultant photon beam distributions.
  • Effects of solid photon radiators on electron and photon beam phase space distributions.
  • Induced angular spread and photon yield dependence on photon radiator thickness.

Guohei Wei

  • Made Dynamic aperture maps for 2 CCB lattice of MEIC ion ring. Found 3 problems in dynamic aperture maps studies in CODE Elegant. One was solved, while two other under considering.
  • Made a nonlinear parameter table for 2 CCB lattice of MEIC ion ring, including high order chromaticity and dynamic aperture with off momentum, etc.
  • Initated error studies of first step for MEIC ion ring. Considering misalignment, strength error, BPM noise and corrector jitter.

Yuhong Zhang

  • Organized two discussion sessions on beam synchronization
  • Developed several new ideas on beam synchronization and collaborated with Vasily Morozov and Jiquan Guo
  • Continued working on cooling demo LDRD
  • Continued to work with Slava to complete COOL15 workshop program
  • Supported Fulvia on MEIC R&D planning

What are expected in the next two weeks

  • nothing special