2015-08-21 Accelerator R&D Biweekly Report

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CASA Accelerator R&D
Biweekly Report: 08/18/15 - 08/21/15
Submitted by: Yuhong Zhang

Slava Derbenev

  • Continued design studies of MEIC, and developed a set of slides for the outstanding MEIC accelerator R&D issues
  • Worked with Rol Johnson, Vasily Morozov, Fanglei Lin, Amy Sy and Yuhong Zhang for new SBIR proposal
  • Worked with Yuhong Zhang on organizing the COOL15 workshop

Fanglei Lin

  • Worked on electron polarization studies and reported in the MEIC R&D meeting.
  • Establishing the code ZGOUBI for spin tracking in the MEIC electron collider ring.
  • Installed and learning GUPSPINK with the help of Dan Abell from Tech-X.
  • Preparing a SBIR proposal for a storage-ring cooler for the MEIC.
  • Attended the discussion of bean synchronization in the MEIC.

Vasily Morozov

  • Beam synchronization: presentation at the R&D meeting, beam synchronization report
  • Non-linear dynamics in the ion collider ring: teleconference with SLAC, working with Guohui
  • Isotope production: optimization of beam parameters at the radiator, simulations
  • Lower level activities: ion polarization, detector integration, skew PIC, electron cooling, SBIR

Amy Sy

  • Continued work on skew parametric-resonance ionization cooling simulations. A look at off-momentum particles and sextupole effects.
  • Continued work on ERL/isotope production simulations. Study of UV FEL documentation for information on beam parameters, acceptances. Working on obtaining particle transport code MCNP6 for integration
  • with MuSim and isotope production simulations.

Guohei Wei

  • Gave my first report at the MEIC Accelerator R&D Meeting. The title of the presentation is “First Look at error sensitivity in MEIC”.
  • Studied multipole magnetic field errors of the quadrupoles and sextupoles of the MEIC ion collider ring, and itheir effects on dynamic aperture
  • Studied field errors of FFQ (Final Focus Quadrupole) of the MEIC ion Ring, found about 10 % of errors due to normal quadrupoles, and checked shrinkage of dynamic aperture.

Yuhong Zhang

  • Took 3.5 vacation days
  • Organized three discussion sessions for MEIC beam synchronization
  • Developed new ideas for MEIC beam synchronization and presented at a MEIC accelerator R&D meeting;
  • Continued working on bunched cooling LDRD
  • Continued organization of COOL15 workshop