2015-08-21 Accelerator R&D Biweekly Report

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CASA Accelerator R&D
Biweekly Report: 08/18/15 - 08/21/15
Submitted by: Yuhong Zhang

Slava Derbenev

  1. Continued design studies of MEIC, and developed a set of slides for the outstanding MEIC accelerator R&D issues
  2. Worked with Rol Johnson, Vasily Morozov, Fanglei Lin, Amy Sy and Yuhong Zhang for new SBIR proposal
  3. Worked with Yuhong Zhang on organizing the COOL15 workshop

Fanglei Lin

  1. Worked on electron polarization studies and reported in the MEIC R&D meeting.
  2. Establishing the code ZGOUBI for spin tracking in the MEIC electron collider ring.
  3. Installed and learning GUPSPINK with the help of Dan Abell from Tech-X.
  4. Preparing a SBIR proposal for a storage-ring cooler for the MEIC.
  5. Attended the discussion of bean synchronization in the MEIC.

Vasily Morozov

  1. Beam synchronization: presentation at the R&D meeting, beam synchronization report
  2. Non-linear dynamics in the ion collider ring: teleconference with SLAC, working with Guohui
  3. Isotope production: optimization of beam parameters at the radiator, simulations
  4. Lower level activities: ion polarization, detector integration, skew PIC, electron cooling, SBIR

Amy Sy

  1. Continued work on skew parametric-resonance ionization cooling simulations. A look at off-momentum particles and sextupole effects.
  2. Continued work on ERL/isotope production simulations. Study of UV FEL documentation for information on beam parameters, acceptances. Working on obtaining particle transport code MCNP6 for integration
  3. with MuSim and isotope production simulations.

Guohei Wei

  1. Gave my first report at the MEIC Accelerator R&D Meeting. The title of the presentation is “First Look at error sensitivity in MEIC”.
  2. Studied multipole magnetic field errors of the quadrupoles and sextupoles of the MEIC ion collider ring, and itheir effects on dynamic aperture
  3. Studied field errors of FFQ (Final Focus Quadrupole) of the MEIC ion Ring, found about 10 % of errors due to normal quadrupoles, and checked shrinkage of dynamic aperture.

Yuhong Zhang

  1. Took 3.5 vacation days
  2. Organized three discussion sessions for MEIC beam synchronization
  3. Developed new ideas for MEIC beam synchronization and presented at a MEIC accelerator R&D meeting;
  4. Continued working on bunched cooling LDRD
  5. Continued organization of COOL15 workshop