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(Meeting Slides)
(Meeting Slides)
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== Meeting Slides ==
== Meeting Slides ==
[[CASA Monthly Group Meeting 2015-11-11]]https://wiki.jlab.org/casa-adminwiki/images/8/87/CASA_Monthly_11_11_15.pptx

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M. Ahmad, A. Barron, A. Bogacz, J. Gubeli, R. Huang, K. Jordan, R. Li, F. Lin, V. Morozov, Y. Roblin, T. Satogata, M. Spata, C. Tennant, M. Tiefenback, C.Y. Tsai, H. Zhang, Y. Zhang

Meeting Slides

CASA Monthly Group Meeting 2015-11-11https://wiki.jlab.org/casa-adminwiki/images/8/87/CASA_Monthly_11_11_15.pptx