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[CASA Monthly Group Meeting 2015-11-11]
[CASA Monthly Group Meeting 2015-11-11]

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Mahmoud Ahmad, Audrey Barron, Alex Bogacz, Joe Gubeli, River Huang, Kevin Jordan, Rui Li, Fanglei Lin, Vasiliy Morozov, Yves Roblin, Todd Satogata, Michael Spata, Chris Tennant, Michael Tiefenback, Cheng-Ying Tsai, He Zhang, Yuhong Zhang

Meeting Slides

[CASA Monthly Group Meeting 2015-11-11]

Action Items

  1. Yuhong to give talk on his visit to IHEP.
  2. Mike to Integrate Project E into today's meeting slides.
  3. Give priority to appraisals that are due.