2015-Jun-29 Accel. R and D Biweekly Report

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Slava Derbenev

  • Continued to develop the matched electron Cooling concept. To be reported at Cool 15 (Sept. 28 - Oct. 02)
  • Discussions with Grigory Kazakevich and Vladimir Popov on Scanning Synchronization for MEIC (advanced magnetron source phase/amplitude control of coupled cavities and search/study for superfast RF swithces.
  • Had meeting with Fulvia to propose and discuss:
    - TeleConf. meeting on Scanning Synchronization and magnetron developments. Response from Fulvia: Conduct it on July 3.
  • Assisted Yuhong Zhang as co-chair in organizing of Cool 15 International Workshop.

Amy Sy

  • Continued work on parametric-resonance ionization cooling. Investigation of fringe field effects using single lumped elements and sliced dipoles for both uncoupled and coupled correlated optics conditions
  • Gave a 1 hour presentation on PIC background and recent progress at the MAP-related bright muon sources phone meeting.

Fanglei Lin

  • Optimized optics in the matching and spin rotator sections to reduce the MEIC electron emittance.
  • Revisited the continuous injection scheme for the MEIC electron collider ring.
  • Provided the required beam parameters to nuclear physicists for their studies of downstream ion beam line.
  • Establishing the GPU environment for the code gpuSpinTrack with Dan Abell, Tech X) for spin tracking of ion beams.
  • Collected and submitted publications in the past 3 years to JLab publication database for the S&T Review.

Vasily Morozov

  • Tracking the ion collider ring and communicating with SLAC group.
  • Miscellaneous (lower-effort activities):
    - communicating with Anatoly's group,
    - communicating with the detector design group,
    - GPU tracking code (GHOST) development,
    - Skew PIC development.

Yuhong Zhang

  • Explored new ideas for electron cooling and gave a presentation at the MEIC R&D R&D meeting
  • Continued development of the LDRD work
  • Worked with Slava and the committee on selection of the invited speakers at COOL'15 workshop,
  • Assisted Fulvia on the MEIC R&D planing, including a half-day special R&D meeting (on July 24) for beam synchronization study

In the next two weeks

    • The first new MEIC postdoc, Guohui Wei, will started today, working on nonlinear beam dynamics with Vasily (The second new MEIC postdoc, Hisham Sayed, will started on July 1, working on electron cooling. He is in Yves's group) • The first R&D meeting for cooler development will be held on July 9.