2015-Nov-09 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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For Project E I have been working on a write-up on transverse diagnostics (slides from 10 days back attached), and a summary of transverse deflecting cavity work from other labs. George, Steve & I submitted another patent disclosure on a new type of beam viewer flag resulting from the transverse diagnostics discussion.

LERF has given me the opportunity to shake loose many cobwebs… I worked with Joe and the engineering group to help them get up to speed on many of the unique devices & philosophy of how and why of the design choices.

I have been working on a design for a target & dump for 67Cu radio isotope production on the LERF.

Last week I was on vacation & attended the IEE Nuclear Science & medical imaging conference in San Diego (BNNT)

Here is Joe’s effort:

  LERF IR Happek – After getting the HW “working” I aligned the viewer, collimating lens and the interferometer. The interferometer was aligned with the HR HeNe by aligning the incoming and reflected beam off the first polarizer and fixed mirror. This assumes that the interferometer is itself aligned. Alignment of the interferometer cannot be easily done in the vault and not by a laser light source. Part of the controls for the IR Happek are by using the UV Happek controls. The SW has been tested and it is usable but not complete functional. Don’t press the reset button on the motor control screen. I will need to be part of the commissioning as the expert motor controls need to be used.

· M55/M56 – Was able to get the frequency generator on remote control. The controls are on IOC8 not IOC6 as first though. Could easily check the reset of the software due to channel access restrictions · 0F06 current cavity – Got the cavity electronics working again, disconnected cable in the control room · O-Scopes - Worked with SW Group on remote controlling the FEL O-Scopes. These are GPIB controlled and only one is functioning remotely and that with the wrong control screen. We will need to fix this after the current beam run. · Alignment Laser – Fixed the controls for the 3F laser (ND filter and block). Re aligned the 3F and 4F laser. Setup a laser in the 5F region but didn’t get a chance to align it due to Vacuum crate work. Not clear that it is needed now. · LERF Viewers – Worked with ICN to check/fix/align LERF Viewers. Waiting on a punch from operation on those that needs more work · Darklight – Working with Douglas/MEG on a layout of the 3F and 4F regions to support Darklight. Not much progress as I’m waiting on MEG to provide a model of the 3F region, they have been working on it for a week now. · NX Scripts – Met with MEG and Kelly T. They are working on creating SW to mimic the one that I wrote in Solidworks to build machines from lattice files. This is very little effort on my side, just there to offer up my experience. · Boyce Proposal – Met with Jim twice to talk about help he needs for his Dark matter/energy search. I performed an analysis of the amount of light expected to leave the chamber and it is extremely low mainly due to multiple reflection losses. Have gave him an update yet. · LERF Isotope production – Attended a meeting. Will work on the design and cooling · LANL IPF – Reviewing the collimator design for the Isotope Production Facility at LANL. Expect a telecom as early as today.