2016-Apr-18 Comp. Phys. Biweekly Report

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He Zhang

  • I re-wrote parts of the electron cooling code for easier development and maintenance in future. The most important change is the IBS and/or cooling dynamic simulation. The whole process is now divided into four parts: (1) Generate sample ions, (b) Calculate the expansion rate, (c) Apply kicks, (d) Update the sample ions and the beam property, and repeat from (b). Both the rms dynamic model and the model beam method in BETACOOL are fitted into this four-step procedure. We can easily put other models we need into this procedure. Since this is a big change, I made a thorough benchmark for our code with BETACOOL on all possible cases. On all the cases, our code agrees well with BETACOOL and outperforms it in efficiency. Now I’m confident to use our code instead of BETACOOL in our cooling simulations.
  • Performed IBS simulations in coordination with Yuhong
  • Worked on GHOST paper and rewrote paragraph on symplectic tracking methods
  • Parallelizing the cooling code on the GPU architecture

      River Huang
      • Writing a summary of work carried out for SLAC regarding the field emission simulations producing data for the paper on FMM.

      Yves Roblin

      • Set up the 12 GeV CEBAF
      • Provided Optics support for machine running
      • Investigated feasibility of extraction scheme at five pass with a strong quadrupole E01
      • Investigated effect of linac gradient distribution on transverse match in the machine, gave a presentation at BTEAM on this.
      • Participated on video-conf meeting regarding collaboration with LBNL for JLEIC modeling and simulations
      • Provided Jon Bashor (Computing Sciences Communications Group at LBNL) material for an upcoming presentation for senate and senate staff on the use of supercomputers in the DOE in general and for accelerator physics in particular.


      • River Huang. In vacation this week
      • He Zhang: On travel/vacation until May 21st