2016-Aug-19 Accel. R and D Biweekly Report

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Slava Derbenev

  • Conceptual development of JLEIC, particularly on the strong cooler (low RF/long wavelength, DTL-type structure, etc)
  • Explore collaboration on strong cooling with Fermilab

Fanglei Lin

  • Provided a detector region beam optics required by nuclear physicists for detector background studies.
  • Summarized parameters of studied electron chromaticity compensation options.
  • Continued working on electron spin tracking using ZGOUBI.
  • Miscellaneous: attended a discussion with an eRHIC design colleague, attended a discussion on the JLEIC parameter wiki and svn.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • Transition energy crossing in the ion collider ring and its effect on beam polarization
  • Impedance estimate of the ion collider ring
  • Generation of expansion coefficients in MAD-X for use in GHOST
  • Skew PIC: building G4beamline from source
  • Miscellaneous: translation of Slava's dissertation, detector integration paper by Guohui, detector background studies

Amy Sy

  • Continued work on compensation of nonlinear effects for Skew PIC channel. Found optimized octupole strengths are very dependent on momentum spread in beam, probably due to coupling effects. Decapole optimization in progress for angular spread up to 37 mrad.
  • Normal form analysis in MADX of a skew PIC channel. Comparison of aberration terms from higher order maps of sample lattices with and without sextupoles/octupoles. No obviously dominant aberration terms, but sextupoles reduce the magnitudes of aberrations by at least an order of magnitude.

Guohui Wei

  • Research on Ground Motion Activities at the JLEIC
  • Model of detector solenoid for the JLEIC simulation
  • Prepare an oral report for the NA-PAC'16.

Yuhong Zhang

  • Participated various JLEIC R&D (electron ring emttiance, grand motion, strong cooling etc)
  • Participated cooling experiment data analyses
  • Explore the performance with strong cooling
  • Met BNL new eRHIC leader
  • Writing two papers
  • Vacation in the second week