2016-Dec-09 Accel. R and D Biweekly Report

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Slava Derbenev

  • Had developed a new idea on making magnetized beam using a non-magnetic gun, presented the idea at JLEIC R&D meeting
  • Assisted DOE EIC R&D Priority Review by attending dry-run and providing supporting slides (used during the review)
  • Continued on JLEIC design study and unified field theory study

Fanglei Lin

  • Attended the EIC R&D review.
  • Completed a TME-cell electron ring optics with the SuperB-like chromaticity compensation scheme and looking at the dynamic aperture and momentum acceptance.
  • Miscellaneous: attended the JLEIC weekly R&D meeting, attended JLEIC detector user meeting, attended JLEIC General meeting, attended discussion of JLEIC polarized positrons production.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • Attendance and presentation at the EIC R&D prioritization committee meeting
  • Ion polarization work: meeting with Anatoliy and his group, development of transition energy crossing scheme
  • Geometry tagging LDRD: meeting with collaborators, setting up computer access, GEMC development
  • Interaction region and background simulations: meetings with nuclear physicists
  • Miscellaneous: Skew PIC, GHOST development, positron source

Amy Sy

  • Continued work on compensation of nonlinear effects in a Skew PIC channel. Reoptimized decapole harmonics by including a third harmonic to better control outlier particles. Phase space plots show that a third harmonic has the potential to shift those particles with the largest horizontal divergences away from resonant conditions.
  • Submitted abstracts to IPAC17 on nonlinear effects in the Skew PIC channel and toroidal merger simulations in G4beamline.
  • Revisiting toroidal merger work from the summer. Generating matched non-magnetized distributions for injection into a bent solenoid section. Exploring the generation of a magnetized distribution in G4beamline.

Guohui Wei

  • Running GEMC with a input of several particles in LUND format.
  • Worked on abstractions of IPAC'17 proceeding papers
  • Continual research on detector solenoid compensation with skew quads nearby FFQ.

Yuhong Zhang

  • Attended DOE NP EIC R&D Priority Review and presented at the review, provided material for one follow-up question
  • Developed/completed new parameters for JLEIC
  • Submitted three abstracts to IPAC17
  • Completed 3 reviews (one PR-AB, two SBIR)
  • Prepared slides for US-China High Energy Physics Summit
  • Continued cooling experiment study