2016-Dec-09 Comp. Phys. Biweekly Report

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He Zhang

  • working on the fast multipole method using traceless totally symmetric tensor - tested that the error goes down as the rank of the tensor is increased
    - tested that the algorithm does scale like O(N)
    - tested that one gets the expected speed up between the traceless and non-traceless tensor algorithms.
  • contributed to the writing of a detailed plan for the IPM experiment analysis, future runs and simulations wrote about the simulations)
  • presented the cooler calculations plan
  • turning River’s report on the field emission simulation into a JLab technote. Reorganized the contents and rewritten parts of it. This is almost done, still need River to clear some details.
  • Submitted two abstracts to IPAC 2017. One is about the trip rate and heat load optimization and the other is about the field emission.

Yves Roblin

  • working on new method for matching the cebaf machine transversally
  • drafted the work plan for the cooling simulations
  • got pneumonia.
  • reviewing littérature on beam-beam calculations and symplectic tracking
  • cebaf model work. reviewing data on dipole measurements and tosca simulations, integrating into the model.
  • developing method to extract local optics errors (multivariate analysis of multiple orbits )
  • supported student for the c-speed experiment.