2016-Dec-12 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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  • Worked on SBIR Budgets & SOW
    - Radiabeam BNNT wire scanner, PI - J. Gubeli, $168,026
    - Alphacore high speed rad-hard camera, PI - K. Jordan, $88,788 (Phase 2 was awarded setting up CRADA)
    - Brookhaven technology HTC BPM, PI - K. Jordan, $278,592
    -Total: $535,406
  • Filed 3 more invention disclosures based on BNNT and transition radiation
  • Cleaned up lab 5 and participated in planning for upcoming LERF Lab Utilization workshop (~March 10)
  • began weekly group meetings - Wednesday after 8:00 meeting LERF break room

Jo Gubeli

  • SBIR Review/Research
  • SBIR Phase II submittal
  • ITV8E02
  • Zemax
  • Laptop rebuild
  • SAF130A Training

Mike Tiefenback

  • Hall B Experiment Readiness Review
  • Hall B beam delivery plans
  • path length metrology considerations
  • examination of the 2.e-4 energy mismatch we have with respect to magnet measurement data
  • composing test plans and examining previous ones for improvements
  • thinking about how to most visibly utilize our existing SLM hardware to get the most out of it and gain approval for a 4-point monitor of, for instance, Arc 9A or Arc AA (Arc 10).