2016-Feb-22 Biweekly Report

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Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Feb 1-15)
    - OPS: Hall D startup, transport measurements, FFB support, Optics on call
    - OPS: Harp scaling issues, emittance characterization
    - ER@CEBAF: Francois Meot/Nick Tsoupas visit, discussions
    - JACoW: Board of Directors meeting
    - Accelerator Advisory Committee Review prep
    - GlueX/HallD Collaboration Meeting prep
    - Vacation Feb 10-15
  Next two weeks (Feb 16-Mar 1)
    - Accelerator Advisory Committee Review/Talk (Feb 17-18)
    - GlueX/HallD Collaboration Meeting/Talk (Feb 18-20)
    - ER@CEBAF: biweekly meeting org, proposal writing
    - OPS: BTeam, tune team prep, Hall D optics fitting/tuning, nA BPM calibration
    - JLEIC: Simulation workload discussions with Yves
    - JACoW: Finish COOL'15 talk processing, publish to JACoW; template work
    - Finalize review ODU/JLab paper on GHOST to prepare for publication
    - JLEIC/ODU: Bunch splitting development with Randy
    - OPS: Eric Thompson, education on functional minimization for fopt fits

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Feb 1-15)
    - JLEIC: Develop new Booster lattice with imaginary gamma-T
    - OPS: Optics on call
    - Vacation Jan 25-Feb 4
  Next two weeks (Feb 16-Mar 1)
    - JLEIC: Optimize booster lattice: chromatic compensation, occupancy
    - ER@CEBAF: Iterate chicane layout (with Chase Dubbe)
    - Review JINST article

David Douglas

  Previous two weeks (Feb 1-15)
    - CBETA: travelled to Cornell to discuss C-Beta, gave seminar on ERLs
    - JLEIC: continue sorting out magnetized beam dynamics in cooling solenoid
    - JLEIC: collaborate on re-optimization of design specifications
    - DarkLight: revise DarkLight simulations to eliminate incorrectly
      included solenoid fringe field effects
    - Project E: meetings; complete sensitivity & halo generation study
  Next two weeks (Feb 16-Mar 1)
    - JLEIC: continue sorting out magnetized beam dynamics in cooling solenoid
    - CBETA: Cornell visit followup
    - ER@CEBAF telecon/kibitzing
    - Project E: informal support for commissioning
    - Project E: analysis of quad perturbation hypersensitivity
      observed in halo maps
    - Complete NSF proposal with MSU/ODU

Chris Tennant

  Previous two weeks (Feb 1-15)
    Project E: BBU analysis using HOM data for 6-cell (vs 5-cell) cavity
    Project E: geometric analysis for the UV line of the JLab FEL (to compare with
       results for lattice 3.0)
    Project E: halo map analysis (revisiting) for lattice 3.0
    Project E: simulate Touschek scattering in elegant
    Project E: troubleshooting/benchmarking new version of Cheng-Ying's Vlasov solver
    Project E: simulating phase transfer measurement in lattice 3.0
    Cooler: linac acceptance studies using the appropriate (i.e. large) beam
  Next two weeks (Feb 16-Mar 1)
    Project E: microbunching gain analysis for lattice 2.1 (using new version of
       Cheng-Ying's code)
    Project E: analyze/understand Touschek scattering data from elegant
       and write up conclusions from aforementioned analysis
    Cooler: S2E simulations using several different drift emittances

Randy Gamage

  Previous three weeks (Jan 4-25)
    - MEIC: esme model development, bunch split optimization
  Next two weeks (Jan 25-Feb 5)
    - MEIC: esme model development, bunch split optimization