2016-Jun-27 Comp. Phys. Biweekly Report

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Yves Roblin

  • CEBAF:
    Attended TAC review.
    Meeting with Bogdan's student on CMB experiment
  • JLEIC:
    Organizing simulation activities for JLEIC
    Refined parameter set for the cooler. Presented work from H. Zhang which sets an upper limit on the larmor emittance.
    Setting up infrastructure to simulate the ion linac.
    Installing Synergia on the QCD supercomputers

He Zhang:

  • Continued working with River on the symplectic integration methods for the cooling code.
  • Continued working on heat load and trap rate optimization for the CEBAF linac. Investigating the use of various multi-objective optimization algorithms to do it. In particular, a Python implementation (PyGMO). Getting familiar with Python.

River Huang

  • Continuing development of c++ code for a symplectic hermite integrator for use in the cooling code.
  • writing a summary of the work on field emission for SLAC.
  • preparing a FMM paper, generating data and simulations for it.