2016-Mar-04 Accel. R and D Biweekly Report

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Slava Derbenev

  • Conducted analysis on bunched beam electron cooling and prepared a presentation at the ERL cooler team meeting
  • Continued development of JLEIC
  • Continued studies in EDM
  • Continued studies in universal field theory

Fanglei Lin

  • Worked with Yuhong, Vasiliy and Jiquan, and provided primary parameters to Joe Grames to look at the feasibility of having polarized positron beams in the JLEIC.
  • Working on the single particle non-linear beam dynamics in the electron collider ring.
  • Miscellaneous: attended bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics meeting, attended weekly EIC detector user meeting, discussed computational resources with the computational group, attended MEIC-related meetings.

Vasily Morozov

  • Ion collider ring: developing injection lattice, working with Guohui on multi-pole tolerances.
  • Ion polarization: translating Anatoliy's group's report on booster tracking.
  • Detector region: developing a new forward ion design with small dispersion slope.
  • Miscellaneous: skew PIC, translating Slava's dissertation, 200 GeV ion collider ring option.

Amy Sy

  • Skew PIC: Compensation of chromatic aberrations with straight and alternating strength sextupoles in the coupled correlated optics channel. Comparison of behavior over one period vs. many periods with nonzero momentum offset and varying sextupole strength. Generated optimization routine for minimizing radial offset of beam over arbitrary number of periods.
  • ERL for isotopes: Drafting patent application.

Guohui Wei

  • Magnet quality survey of FFQ in the JLEIC ion collider ring.
  • Paper survey for Beam evenlope and magnet quality in IR of machines LHC, RHIC, and Tevatron.
  • Writing of IPAC16's proceeding paper

Yuhong Zhang

  • Explored positron beams in JLEIC
  • Revisited stochastic cooling for JLEIC
  • Developed collaboration meeting program
  • Attended various JLEIC related meetings