2016-Mar-04 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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Kevin Jordan: Continued working on the controls for the Bunched Beam experiment. Most all of the parts & pieces are here. Progress is good with a fully integrated test to be done this week. Last week I attended the IBIC (international beam instrumentation conference) program committee meeting.

Joe Gubeli: The majority of the time was spent on adding delay pulses to the WS SW and fixing an old issue of not generating the correct number of pulses. These are both now complete. The remainder was predominately take up by work on the SLM/OTR at 1C12, the proposed SLM at 2T and DPIT.

Mike Tiefenback: 1) Keeping Hall B (HPS) on line with beam tuning on weekends; setup duration (machine-limited) Fri pm through Sat am

2) Fleshing out 2T06 common dipole sync light monitor idea and passing info/ideal to Gubeli

3) Understanding limitations and operator interface for new M56 system and devising "fixes" for implementation by Johnson

4) This past bi-week I also devised a potential single-parameter, non-BPM fast feedback energy lock for the injector using an injector-only longitudinal pickup cavity (like the "M56" cavities) at the final entrance of injector beam to MBL0R04. You (may) have to stay upstream from the final recirculation merger there, but you get roughly 3/4 of the M56 term to leverage energy jitter against arrival phase just upstream from MBL0R04. I _think_ that the recirculating beam (in the zero M56 limit for the arc transport) inherits the injection chicane phase slip, but residual non-zero M56 in the arcs will probably force us to implement (as feasible, of course) at the 3/4 region upstream from the last dipole. Someone clever might be able to use two cavities, one on the merged NL line between MBL0R04 and MQD1L02 and one on the recirculation merger line between the final 2R06 common dipole and MBL0R04 for the incoming recirculating beams, and then combine the two RF signals to extract the injector-only signal, but that seems a bit unreasonable at first blush. I hope to get to test this for energy locking the injector. I think I'm seeing the consequence of momentum jitter in the injector and the deliberate M56 of the chicane, and I think we can exploit it rather than simply suffer from it. 5) I've been getting the MOMod system back on its feet. Hardware problems were fixed a few weeks ago, and most recently some software items garbled in an EPICS update and some PV changes from the 12GeV upgrade not passing though into the config checker. I have to test how MOMod interacts with the C100s, because it's probably going to need a frequency change at a minimum to function well with them. We may have to go lower in frequency or possibly collaborate with the C100 digital RF folks to get the proper response from their digital PLLs and other-than-analog components.

Chris Gould: Last week I completed the drawings (13 in total) for the 1C12 OTR/SLM diagnostic and submitted them to the machine shop. I'm hoping to have some time this week to inventory the hardware required for the assembly. I would also like to discuss the instrumentation and controls that need to be installed and perhaps start testing the remote controls for the flipper and filter wheels.