2016-Mar-18 Comp. Phys. Biweekly Report

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He Zhang

  • Worked on LDRD
  • Attended workshop on "Future Trends in Nuclear Physics Computing" at Jlab.
  • Met with Steve B., Slava D. and Y. Zhang on cooling parameters requirements

River Huang

  • Working on SLAC field emission modelisation

Yves Roblin

  • Prepared talk and gave dry run for APEX review
  • working on simulation requirements for JLEIC
  • Gathering specifications on cooler, checking for self-consistency
  • Working on IBS estimate using the current ion ring
  • Working on JLEIC nomenclature and layout concept with B. Dillon Townes and T. Larrieu.
  • Attended leadership training meeting (MGT102)
  • Attended teleconf meeting on coordination of FOA requests for JLEIC