2016-Oct-31 Diagnostic Development Biweekly Report

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  • Worked on 2 JLEIC R&D proposals: - Beam Position Monitor R&D for JLEIC - $500k - Luminosity Monitor R&D for JLEIC - $750k
  • Finishing up Project E diagnostics summary for Steve
  • Finishing up IBIC paper
  • Cleaned up LERF for expected DOE visit
  • Preparing for Brookhaven Technology Group visit next week to test SQUID BPM (w/John Musson), Slowa will give seminar next Monday
  • Also Alphacore got SBIR II for rad hard high speed camera development, they will visit in 2 weeks & also give seminar

Mike Tieffenback

  • Principally, I've been tracking MOMod and looking at its response within the accelerator system. I'm preparing a formal ATLis and test plan which will be minimally invasive to the experimental program.
  • I've been gathering info and organizing an "Accelerator Update" talk for the CLAS12 Collaboration. Such activities are always painful and time-consuming for me.
  • I've also been doing followups and attending inquisitions on the 1A03 quadrupole polarity inversion for "Repair Assessment Report," of which team I am a part. Significant face time with participants in the repair and attempting to understand what to recommend to improve information flow and repair coordination.

Joe Gubeli

  • Performing the physics and engineering design of the CEBAF 2E viewer upgrade.
  • Preparing a presentation for DPIT
  • Reorganizing Lab 2