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Director - M. Spata

No report

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata

Todd Satogata

 Previous two weeks (Jan 23-Feb 3)
   - USPAS (through Sat Jan 28)
   - OPS: Hall D run setup, BTeam, optics support
   - IPAC18: SAB invitations
   - JLEIC: Collective effects, spreadsheet planning; R&D meet
   - JLEIC: Start participating in GHOST collaboration meetings
   - ADMIN: various meetings (Randy, EricT, start reviews)
   - ADMIN: Student SULI/REU recommendation letters
 Next two weeks (Feb 6-Feb 17)
   - JACoW: board of directors telecon
   - ADMIN: Annual review meetings, CASA group meet
   - OPS: Hall D run setup/support; BTeam org, beam studies; Optics Feb 7-14
   - HALLD: GlueX collaboration meeting (Feb 16-18)
   - IPAC18: SPC invited talk proposals
   - JLEIC: 4/3 Gear changing simulations for GHOST paper
   - JLEIC: Longitudinal simulations, reading impedance papers

Alex Bogacz

 Previous two weeks (Jan 23-Feb 3)
   - Publication survey report (APS publication committee)
   - Vacation (Jan 4-6)
   - OPS: Optics on call Jan 31-Feb 7
   - PRAB article review
 Next two weeks (Feb 6-Feb 17)
   - PERLE: continue lattice re-design, Feb trip/presentation prep
   - OPS: Optics support, injector match evaluation

David Douglas

 Previous two weeks (Jan 23-Feb 3)
   - JLEIC: Axially symmetric arc optics, tech note development
     for CCR optics requirements, including initial optimization
   - JLEIC: Evaluate impacts of emittance exchange, optics transport
     constraints. Appears underconstrained.
   - ADMIN: Chen-Ying Tsai recommendation letters
 Next two weeks (Feb 6-Feb 17)
   - JLEIC: Finish up emittance exchange, including example;
   - JLEIC: Continue work on CCR arc requirements tech note and
     arc design.
   - PERLE: Feb trip/presentation preparation (operations driven I&C)

Ed Nissen

 Previous two weeks (Jan 23-Feb 3)
  - JLEIC: Finished draft of PRSTAB paper on beam-beam calculations,
           started iterating with Daniel Schulte at CERN
  - JLEIC: Start working on implementing gear changing script model for
           Guinea Pig for 4/3 gear changing evaluation
  - JLEIC: Prepare, present talk on beam-beam calculations at
           R&D meeting
  - JLEIC: Started discussions with Todd on Booster injection design
 Next two weeks (Feb 6-Feb 17)
  - JLEIC: Continue evaluating/planning Booster injection design
  - JLEIC: Continue implementing gear changing script model for
           Guinea Pig for 4/3 gear changing evaluation
  - JLEIC: Continue writing PRSTAB paper draft on beam-beam sims
  - Move more boxes into new house

Chris Tennant

 Previous two weeks (Jan 23-Feb 3)
   - JLEIC: studies of a magnetized beam through a non-axisymmetric arc with CSR
   - JLEIC: simulations of compensating CSR with RF cavity in the CCR
   - JLEIC: simulations of ERL arc for 2 nC (rather than 420 pC)
   - JLEIC: summarize previous work done on merger designs for ERL
 Next two weeks (Feb 6-Feb 17)
   - JLEIC: more cooler work (direction of which will depend on action
     items generated at next cooler meeting)
   - JLEIC: simulate emittance measurements of multi-component beams

Randy Gamage

 Previous two weeks (Jan 23-Feb 3)
   - USPAS: TA for Accelerator Physics course (Jan 15-28)
   - JLEIC: Develop BLonD simulations of debunch/rebunch with impedance
   - JLEIC: Continue writing outlines of initial dissertation chapters
 Next two weeks (Feb 6-Feb 17)
   - JLEIC: Continue BLonD simulations of debunch/rebunch with impedance
   - JLEIC: Longitudinal impedance reading

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang

Slava Derbenev

   - Studied alternate cooler design (with emittance exchange)
   - Continued studies of unified field theory

Fanglei Lin

   - Provided the electron ring lattice with new magnets for the evaluation of impedance budget.
   - Finished and submitted the paper for Spin Symposium 2016.
   - Performed chromaticity compensation studies on the TME-like-arc-cell electron ring optics and presented the progress in the bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics meeting.
   - Miscellaneous: attended the beam-beam code development meetings, attended JLEIC weekly R&D meetings, attended discussion of JLEIC and ring coordinate systems.

Vasiliy Morozov

   - Ion polarization: SPIN'16 proceedings, teleconference with Anatoliy and his colleagues, simulations of acceleration and transition energy crossing, presentation at an R&D meeting
   - GHOST development: getting ready for beam-beam simulations, specifying parameters, generating beam-transfer maps
   - Non-linear dynamics: teleconference with SLAC, electron lattice and chromaticity compensation options, tune scan
   - Miscellaneous: geometry tagging LDRD, crab crossing, detector design, muon cooling, positron workshop organization 

Amy Sy

    - Skew PIC: Modified MADX input files for compatibility with genetic algorithm optimization on ifarm cluster. Working on comparing multipole optimization results obtained using MINUIT and with the genetic algorithm. Introduced a simple cooling model into the Skew PIC channel to simulate ideal ionization cooling and observed damping in transverse phase space in the absence of induced parametric resonance. This is an indication of transverse-longitudinal coupling in the channel. Induced a parametric resonance in the channel using both "delta-like" and "sinusoidal-like" quadrupoles, but parametric resonance behavior gets washed out in the presence of RF. Looking into the dynamics of the inherent transverse-longitudinal coupling.

Guohui Wei

   - Simulated 10000 events of ePb collision in JLEIC IR section for the LDRD of Geometry tagging for heavy ions at JLEIC.
   - Dynamic aperture study with tune scan for the JLEIC ion collider ring.
   - Study on detector solenoid compensation with skew quads beside IR triplet. 

Yuhong Zhang

   - Attended a high energy physics program at Hong Kong Univ. for two weeks. Gave a 45 min plenary talk on review of EIC
   - Completed a quarterly report on FOA grant
   - Started preparation of the JLEIC spring collaboration 

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan