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Director - M. Spata

Previous two weeks (2/20 - 3/3)

   Admin: Along with Division Leadership, met with new Director. Also had a 20 minute one-on-one meeting. Provided feedback at CASA monthly meeting.
   Admin: Submitted a two year Post Doc position to Fulvia to be paid with State Funds. Space charge and Collective effects modelling with planning for possible LERF beam tests is the general plan. Waiting on signatures from Human Resources, Budget and Compensation before posting.
   Admin: Prepared and presented monthly group meeting slides.
   Admin: Compiled present and potential WFO information to Division Leadership.
   Admin: Updated Annual Work Plans with budget office.
   DOE: Completed and submitted review report for LBNL 88" Cyclotron Review.
   CEBAF: Presented summary of 750 MHz Commissioning effort at Wednesday scheduling meeting.
   CEBAF: Attended morning meetings and B-Team meetings.
   CEBAF: Attended Parity Quality Beam Team meeting. They are developing summer beam plans. Need to integrate any CASA beam tests ASAP.
   JLEIC: Attended R&D, Planning, Simulations and Bunched Beam Cooling meetings. Reviewed two-year Kondratenko plan.
   WFO: Attended debrief of PERLE meeting with David, Alex and Fulvia. Should lobby for a seminar when it makes sense. 

Next two weeks (3/4 - 3/17)

   CEBAF: Completing Stay treat report.
   CEBAF: Taking over as optics-on-call.
   JLEIC: Helping organize next phase of BBC cooling experiments. Meeting with Division Leadership to iron out rules of engagement with Chinese collaborators based on recent China/US Collaboration deliberations at DOE. 

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan