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Director - M. Spata

Previous two weeks (2/20 - 3/3)

   Admin: Along with Division Leadership, met with new Director. Also had a 20 minute one-on-one meeting. Provided feedback at CASA monthly meeting.
   Admin: Submitted a two year Post Doc position to Fulvia to be paid with State Funds. Space charge and Collective effects modelling with planning for possible LERF beam tests is the general plan. Waiting on signatures from Human Resources, Budget and Compensation before posting.
   Admin: Prepared and presented monthly group meeting slides.
   Admin: Compiled present and potential WFO information to Division Leadership.
   Admin: Updated Annual Work Plans with budget office.
   DOE: Completed and submitted review report for LBNL 88" Cyclotron Review.
   CEBAF: Presented summary of 750 MHz Commissioning effort at Wednesday scheduling meeting.
   CEBAF: Attended morning meetings and B-Team meetings.
   CEBAF: Attended Parity Quality Beam Team meeting. They are developing summer beam plans. Need to integrate any CASA beam tests ASAP.
   JLEIC: Attended R&D, Planning, Simulations and Bunched Beam Cooling meetings. Reviewed two-year Kondratenko plan.
   WFO: Attended debrief of PERLE meeting with David, Alex and Fulvia. Should lobby for a seminar when it makes sense. 

Next two weeks (3/4 - 3/17)

   CEBAF: Completing Stay treat report.
   CEBAF: Taking over as optics-on-call.
   JLEIC: Helping organize next phase of BBC cooling experiments. Meeting with Division Leadership to iron out rules of engagement with Chinese collaborators based on recent China/US Collaboration deliberations at DOE. 

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Feb 20-Mar 3)
    - OPS: Hall D run setup/support; BTeam org, beam studies, Hall D coupling
    - JLEIC: Work/meetings on ion bunch formation strategy
    - JLEIC: Collective effects, spreadsheet planning and nagging; report at R&D meet
    - JLEIC: reading impedance papers, advise Randy on coasting beam instabilities
    - JLEIC: Resurrect gear changing centroid simulations, evol beam-beam simulations
    - ADMIN: Training, Eric Thompson research input
    - ADMIN: Start prepping for Elon documentary student visit Mar 20-22
  Next two weeks (Mar 6-Mar 17)
    - OPS: Hall D run setup/support; BTeam org, beam studies, Hall C KPP setup
    - ODU: Review PhD theses for Kirsten Keitrick, Ahmad Sheikhzadah
    - JLEIC: Continue work/meetings on ion bunch formation strategy
    - JLEIC: Collective effects, spreadsheet planning and nagging; R&D meet
    - JLEIC: continue impedance theory work, start longitudinal simulations
    - JLEIC: Start 4/3 gear changing simulations for GHOST paper, evol beam-beam sims
    - IPAC18: Start organizing ideas for invited talk proposals (SPC task)
    - ADMIN: Eric Thompson meetings, research input
    - ADMIN: Start prepping for Elon documentary student visit Mar 20-22

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Feb 20-Mar 3)
    - OPS: Optics support/on call
    - PERLE: lattice re-design, Feb trip/presentation at Orsay
    - PERLE: Reporting on PERLE workshop
  Next two weeks (Mar 6-Mar 17)
    - PRAB article review
    - PERLE: Iterate mini-PERLE design with longer magnets (per CERN)
    - JLEIC: Booster input to Todd re injection/parameters
    - USPAS: Practical lattice design course development

David Douglas

  Previous two weeks (Feb 20-Mar 3)
    - PERLE: Complete talk, trip prep, trip, trip recovery
    - ADMIN: Cheng-Ying rec letters
    - ADMIN: DOE panel review (7 SBIR-scale proposals!), prep for travel
    - SICK: Feb 27
  Next two weeks (Mar 6-Mar 17)
    - ADMIN: DC travel Mar 5-6 for panel review
    - JLEIC: Write up of emittance exchange slides/tech note
    - JLEIC: Return to CCR arc requirements document, CCR architecture
      concepts document, and ERL/CCR beam exchange system requirements

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Feb 20-Mar 3)
    - JLEIC: Understand logic and assumptions of ZAP, read code
    - JLEIC: Collect relevant impedance calculation parameters from
      Fanglei, Vasiliy, Shaoheng, and Tim
    - JLEIC COOL: Parsing requirements on collective effects and simulation
      studies for cooler mini-design report
  Next two weeks (Mar 6-Mar 17)
    - JLEIC: Continue estimation of single-bunch instability effects
    - JLEIC: Start estimation of coupled-bunch instability effects based
      on collected parameters
    - ADMIN: Continue reading, commenting on Cheng-Ying's dissertation
    - ADMIN: Prep for Mar 20-21 travel to Va Tech for Chang-Ying's defense

Ed Nissen

  Previous two weeks (Feb 20-Mar 3)
    - JLEIC: Continue writing PRSTAB paper draft on beam-beam sims,
      iterate with Daniel Schulte at CERN
    - JLEIC: Continue optimizing gear changing script model for
      Guinea Pig, observe desktop limitation at four threads
    - JLEIC: getting into Booster design, reading papers on injection
      design and space-charge dominated injector simulations
  Next two weeks (Mar 6-Mar 17)
    - JLEIC: Booster, Finish literature search, reading FNAL Booster
      proton design report
    - JLEIC: Booster, start documenting parameters for calculations
      and future simulations
    - JLEIC: Setup and start injection stripping simulations

Chris Tennant

  Previous two weeks (Feb 20-Mar 3)
    - JLEIC COOL: piece together various e-cooler "modules" (linac, arc,
      de-chirper, cooling channel, etc.) into a true S2E deck for
      elegant and TStep
    - JLEIC COOL: transverse match from each module to the next for different
      charge states
    - JLEIC COOL: run S2E for 0 pC, 420 pC and 2 nC
    - JLEIC COOL: begin to analyze/summarize data
  Next two weeks (Mar 6-Mar 17)
    - JLEIC COOL: complete data analysis
    - begin writing up aforementioned work (what began as a brief
      status of work on the cooler has morphed into a mini-Design

Randy Gamage

  Previous two weeks (Feb 20-Mar 3)
    - JLEIC: Continue BLonD simulations of debunch/rebunch with impedance
    - JLEIC: Longitudinal impedance reading
  Next two weeks (Mar 6-Mar 17)
    - JLEIC: Continue BLonD simulations of debunch/rebunch with impedance
    - JLEIC: Continue Longitudinal impedance reading, calculations
    - JLEIC: Continue writing outlines of initial dissertation chapters

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang

Slava Derbenev

   *Studied EIC Community Review Report
   *Contributed to COOL17 Workshop Science Program
   *Conntinued JLEIC design study
   *Continued unified field theory study 

Fanglei Lin

   *Lead discussion of a few topics from the report of review of EIC accelerator R&D for the office nuclear physics.
   *Continued chromaticity compensation studies in electron collider ring and presented the progress in the bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics meeting.
   *Provided electron ring information for the estimation of impedance budget.
   *Working on spin tracking in ZGOUBI.
   *Miscellaneous: attended the CASA monthly meeting, attended the beam-beam code development meetings, attended JLEIC weekly R&D meetings, attended the bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics meeting, attended the bi-weekly ion polarization meeting, attended the bi-weekly simulation meeting, discussion of potential LDRD proposals. 

Vasiliy Morozov

   *Discussions of R&D prioritization committee report.
   *Non-linear dynamics: working on a journal paper on interaction region integration, teleconference with SLAC
   *Ion polarization: teleconference with Anatoliy's group, developing a plan for the next two years
   *Crab crossing: working with Salvador on simulations
   *Geometry tagging LDRD: teleconference with collaborators, preparing LoI for the second year extension
   *Interaction region: detector background simulations
   *Miscellaneous: seminar committee, muon cooling, GHOST, Slava's thesis, electron-positron collider for dark matter search 

Amy Sy

   *Skew PIC: Modified genetic algorithm on ifarm to generate Gaussian-distributed individuals instead of uniformly-distributed individuals for optimization of large variable sets. Considered Chebyshev expansion of magnetic fields and optimizing nonlinear optics in Skew PIC channel in terms of Chebyshev polynomial coefficients instead of standard Taylor series approach. "Chebyshev-like" approach forces simultaneous optimization of sextupole and octupole components, which reduces the beam size by ~25% for the same initial distribution.
   *Merger: Implementing a transition section between straight and toroid sections to best avoid emittance growth. Still working on verifying magnetized distribution properties from distribution created using a flat beam transform and propagating through a solenoid. 

Guohui Wei

   *Simulated ePb collision in JLEIC IR section. Preliminary analysis of the correlation between color charge propagation and impact parameter (b), the path length traveled in the medium following the first collision.
   *Continuing on dynamic aperture study with tune scan for the JLEIC ion collider ring.
   *Prepare for the proceeding paper in IPAC'17 

Yuhong Zhang

   *Studied EIC Community Review Report, and organized two discussion sessions
   *Continued to work with other collaborators to prepare the 2nd cooling experiment at IMP
   *Initiated a discussion of a new JLab LDRD for bunched beam cooling
   *Started re-examination of several JLab design issues discussed in the EIC review report
   *Continued preparation of JLEIC Spring Collaboration Meeting, worked on confirmation of speakers
   *Started preparation of IPAC17 contributed talk, posters and papers
   *Miscellaneous: many meetings, etc. 

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan