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Accel. Physics - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

   Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 9)
     - ADMIN: Summer student start (Andrew's student)
     - IPAC18: SPC/2 meeting notes, invited talk followup
     - IPAC17: Last paper editing/QA
     - PERLE: Help Alex with web page setup
     - JLEIC: Crab discussions, integration meeting, ANL visit setup
     - USPAS: Director search committee, ODU Jan 2017 paperwork
     - OPS: Tour for HUGS group, TAC committe input for Hall D proposals
     - VACATION: Jun 6
   Next two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Parameter/tech note documentation organization
     - JLEIC: Booster ramp parameters to Ed
     - JLEIC: Work on coasting beam instability tech note with Randy
     - ADMIN: Summer student advising (Andrew's student)
     - JLEIC: ANL ion source telecon (Jun 14)
     - ADMIN: Group meet (Jun 14)
     - ODU/USPAS: Prep talks for JMU workshop
     - TRAVEL: JMU Madison Accel Lab workshop (Jun 22-23)

Alex Bogacz

   Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 9)
     - JINST article review
     - PERLE: Write up paper on PERLE optics, set up first meeting
     - USPAS: Work on lectures on "Practical Lattice Design"
   Next two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - ADMIN: Talk on "Challenges and Opportunities of Energy Recovering Linacs"
     - VACATION: June 14-June 19, June 28-July 10
     - PERLE: CERN visit (June 19-June 28) coincident with ERL workshop

David Douglas

   Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 9)
     - JLEIC: Tech note on LSC-induced longitudinal chirp in JLEIC coolers (TN-17-023)
     - JLEIC: Tech note on ion trapping in Cooler ERL/CCR (TN-17-024)
     - JLEIC: Tech note on initial kicker simulations (TN-17-026)
     - JLEIC: Started more careful kicker study using QWR model, exchange aperture
     - JLEIC: Start tech note on exchange region optimization
     - PERLE: Attend first meeting, kibitzing on CSR/uBI
   Next two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Complete note on exchange region optimization, redesign exchange region
     - JLEIC: More investigation of ion trapping, ion stability, clearing gaps
     - PERLE: CSR/uBI, lattice ruminations

Rui Li

   Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 9)
     - VACATION: May 29-Jun 2
     - JLEIC: Complete collective effect study plan, present at R&D meet
     - JLEIC: Meets with Tim Michalski re impedance engineering
   Next two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Working through more details of coupled bunch instability (CBI)
     - JLEIC: Work with Sal Sosa to learn about APS CBI code clinchor
     - JLEIC: Calculate HOM contributions to transverse/longitudinal CBIs

Ed Nissen

   Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 9)
     - VACATION: May 30, Jun 6, Jun 7 (AM)
     - JLEIC: Initial chromaticity compensation, more Booster tracking
     - IPAC17: Prep, give portion of seminar on interesting talks from IPAC17
   Next two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Refine chromaticity compensation
     - JLEIC: Obtain/document ramping parameters for Booster
     - JLEIC: Start ramping sections of Booster cycle

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 9)
     - JLEIC: Electron cooler work (pushing 3nC distribution)
     - ADMIN: Talk prep for ERL17 workshop (LERF; CSR/uBI at JLab ERLs)
   Next two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Electron cooler work (continue pushing 3nC distribution)
     - ADMIN: Talk prep for ERL17 workshop (LERF; CSR/uBI at JLab ERLs)
     - PERLE: Attend first meeting, kibitzing on CSR/uBI, start studies?
     - TRAVEL: ERL17 workshop (Jun 18-Jun 23)

Randy Gamage

   Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 9)
      - JLEIC: Coasting beam instability calculations/simulations
     - Dissertation writing: Continue coasting beam chapter, tech note
   Next two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Continue coasting beam instability calculations/simulations
     - Dissertation writing: Continue coasting beam chapter, tech note

Accel R&D - Yuhong Zhang

Fanglei Lin

 - Completed the optics of the electron collider ring by replacing the thin-lens trombones using the real quadrupoles, and presented in the bi-weekly nonlinear beam dynamics meeting.
 - Working on testing a hybrid multi bend achromat lattice for the electron collider ring.
 - Working on benchmarking of simulations in SLICK/SLICKTRACK and ZGOUBI.
 - Miscellaneous: attended the bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics meeting, the JLEIC simulation meeting, weekly R&D meetings, user meeting, the JLEIC General meeting, and ion integration meeting.

Vasiliy Morozov

 - Preparation of JLEIC R&D plan
 - Geometry tagging LDRD: teleconference with collaborators, data analysis, work with James
 - Ion polarization: teleconference with Anatoliy's group, editing refereed IPAC'17 paper 
 - Nonlinear dynamics: teleconference with SLAC, editing Guohui's journal paper
 - Detector background simulations: contributing to a generic detector R&D proposal
 - Miscellaneous: seminar committee, muon cooling, simulations, parameter coordination, detector, IMP data analysis, crab crossing

Amy Sy

 - Verified "quiet" beam for magnetized beam matched to a solenoid; beam distribution follows the field lines in both straight and bent solenoids, and does not rotate in transverse plane for uniform longitudinal magnetic field. Analyzing beam distributions at entrance and exit of bent solenoid while mostly ignoring motion inside bent solenoid section for low energy beam. Nonzero transverse fields result in "cusp" motion in the plane of the bend as seen in other bent solenoid simulations.
 - Investigating loss of parametric resonant behavior in the Skew PIC coupled optics case in the presence of RF. Checking for similar behavior in the uncoupled case to isolate sources of resonance detuning.
 - Participated in joint seminar on IPAC'17 highlights and impressions.
 - Invited to participate in DOE/SC review of Mu2E project at Fermilab as part of the accelerator physics subcommittee.  Review is scheduled for July 25-27.

Guohui Wei

 - Acceptance simulate study of ePb collision in JLEIC ion forward detection. The acceptance with 8T and 6T of FFQ strengths are studied
 - DA with combining of FFQ multipoles and detector solenoid for the JLEIC ion collider ring.
 - Writing A journal paper of "Integration of the full-acceptance detector at the JLEIC"

Yuhong Zhang

 - Participated and support FOA
 - Started the planning/coordination of bunched beam cooling experiment data
 - JLEIC conceptual studies (DC cooling, bunched beam cooling, crab waist, etc.)
 - Started preparation slides for a talk at EIC User Group Meeting on July 18 to 22.
 - Invited to join an international organization committee for an ICFA beam dynamics mini-workshop (topic: DA), and participated discussions on invited presentations

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin

Diagonostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  • Isotope temperature anomalies; built & ran mock-up in attempt to understand results from prior run. I also presented data to team.
  • IBIC 2017 - working on selecting contributed talks
  • Gun Test Stand; helping getting harp operational & getting optical spectra of BNNT flag material from Ocean Optics Spectrometer
  • Inspected mirror from 3C12 - talked with Beryllium supplier about replacement ~$2k but it would have Nickel surface

Joe Gubeli

  • This week I worked on the following:
-Collection optics for the spectrometer. Designed, built and installed – GTS BN test
-Two new viewer cameras. Designed built one assembly, the second is being 3D printed – GTS
-Some isotope production work and meeting
-Getting the Lab 4 laser back operational – sent a computer to Erik to rebuild

Mike Tiefenback

  • I've been looking over diagnostic issues that might be useful, like SR viewers for the 2T06 common dipole and mirror damage issues for the CEBAF accelerator diagnostics. The whole topic of optical BPMs seems like something we should be able to exploit for low-current applications. Direct X-ray imaging is another potentially fascinating way to obtain significant improvement in resolution with SR in CEBAF.
  • I examined the proposals for Hall B experiments submitted to PAC45 and participated in the Technical Advisory Committee meeting last Monday.
  • With Brandi Cade from Ops, we spent some time preparing for the BONuS12 ERR. As part of this, I revisited the 11 GeV beam envelope for CLAS12, checking once more to verify that all of the installed quadrupoles can provide the required BDL values for beam energies up to the ~11 GeV highest energy for Hall B. The answer is, "Yes." Along with this, I've been re-examining the effect of the unphysically short magnetic field length of the BL dipoles in the injection chicane upstream from the North Linac.
  • I've also been trying to identify things to tell the CLAS12 Collaboration meeting next week in the "Accelerator Update."
  • I'm still also trying to collect the appropriate materials for our diagnostics team meeting on harp data issues and related maintenance requirements.

CASA Fellows
Steve Benson

May 30-June 9
  - Held Cooler ring meeting on May 31st and June 7th. Wrote up minutes.
  - Got final magnetic measurements for LERF injector dipole and analyzed them. 
  - Completed final report for NASA injector study.
  - The ANL undulator jaws are out they are in process to be shipped to ANL
  - Submitted FEL 2017 abstracts for orals
  - Attended FAST/IOTA workshop via teleconference.
  - Derived model for full cost recovery for LCLCII cryomodule testing in the LERF.
  - Started cleaning out office for move from Tr 41C.
June 12-June 23
  - Prepare for June 14 and 21st Cooler ring meetings.
  - Submit final report for NASA injector study.
  - Work on IJMPA special edition logistics
  - Send ANL undulator jaws to ANL.
  - Review Optical Engineering paper.
  - Continue clearing out office for move.
  - Have DarkLight insertion backfilled with nitrogen.
  - Attend the DarkLight Collaboration meeting on June 16th.
  - Complete the six month laboratory laser safety control inspection checklist for LERF lasers.

Mike Spata

Previous two weeks (May 29-Jun 9)
   Presented R&D Opportunities talk for ODU Graduate students
   Met with Evelyn and Fulvia regarding proposal to remove LERF trailers. Follow-on meeting scheduled for 6/12 with Rusty and Fulvia.
   Met with Michele Shin to edit FOA for SBIRs.
   Reviewed SBIR Phase I Release II and Phase II Release I awards.
   Attended IMP Bunched Beam Cooling meeting to plan follow-on measurements by Powers during SRF Conference and to discuss data analysis plan.
   CEBAF - Attended B-Team meeting, discussed radiation damage to 3C12 mirror, attended FFB team kick-off meeting.
   Started to work on SBIR coordination plan.
   Participated in JLEIC R&D plan development.
   Working with budget office to update targets for remainder of FY17.
   Discussed providing a candidate for MU2E DOE review with Andrew. Amy's name was suggested and has been selected to be part of the Accelerator Physics sub-committee.
   Reviewed proposal for Technical Advisory Committee and attended meeting.
   Secured 15 month extension for Guohui Wei.
Next Two weeks (June 12 - June 23)
   Preparing for CASA Group meeting.
   Provide CEBAF lecture for REU Students.
   Preparing for S&T Review.
   SBIR coordination meeting with Evelyn.
   Meet with Rusty and Fulvia regarding short-term CASA moves and long-term space planning.
   Attend standard meetings.....