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Accel. Physics - T. Satogata

Todd Satogata

   Previous two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Parameter/tech note documentation organization
     - JLEIC: Booster ramp tech note completed, parameters to Ed
     - JLEIC: RampCalculator development
     - JLEIC: Crossing angle luminosity dependence calcs to Sal
     - JLEIC: Work on coasting beam instability tech note with Randy
     - ADMIN: Summer student advising (Andrew's student)
     - JLEIC: ANL ion source telecon (Jun 14)
     - ODU/USPAS: Prep talks for JMU workshop
     - JMU Madison Accel Lab workshop (Jun 22-23)
     - ADMIN: Start JINST, PRAB paper reviews
   Next two weeks (Jun 26-July 7)
     - ADMIN: S&T Dry Runs (Jun 26, Jul 6)
     - ADMIN: Finish JINST, PRAB paper reviews
     - OPS: Review ORFP, troubleshooting guide notes
     - JLEIC: Add space charge, other calcs to RampCalculator
     - JLEIC: RampCalculator to svn
     - USPAS: Search committee meeting (Jun 27), prep
     - JACoW: Board of Directors telecon (Jun 29)
     - ADMIN: Summer student advising, lunch talk on cooling (Jun 29)

Alex Bogacz

   Previous two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - ADMIN: Prep talk on "Challenges and Opportunities of Energy Recovering Linacs"
     - VACATION: June 14-June 19
     - PERLE: CERN visit (June 19-June 28) coincident with ERL workshop
   Next two weeks (Jun 26-July 7)
     - VACATION: June 28-July 10

David Douglas

   Previous two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Complete note on exchange region optimization (17-031), redesign exchange region
     - JLEIC: Complete note on tracking with rudimentary QWR kicker (17-033)
     - JLEIC: More investigation of ion trapping, ion stability, clearing gaps
     - ADMIN: George Neil retirement symposium
     - JLEIC: FAST/IOTA experiment proposal development
   Next two weeks (Jun 26-July 7)
     - PERLE: CSR/uBI, lattice ruminations
     - OPS: StayTreat presentation development for LERF beam studies
     - JLEIC: CCR architecture/doomedness note (higher priority)
     - JLEIC: Continue work on EmEx with accelerating mode cavity (with Slava)
     - ADMIN: Perhaps start ruminations on Springer ERL book

Rui Li

   Previous two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Working through more details of coupled bunch instability (CBI)
     - JLEIC: Meet with Yves/Todd re collective instability study resources
     - JLEIC: Calculate HOM contributions to transverse/longitudinal CBIs
     - JLEIC: Meet with Benson/Marhauser/Rimmer re cooler impedance calculations
     - JLEIC: Work with Sal Sosa to learn about APS CBI code clinchor, ZAP
     - JLEIC: discuss with Slava and Dave about IOTA test plan, especially microbunching instability experiment
   Next two weeks (Jun 26-July 7)
     - VACATION: Jun 30, half Jun 29
     - ADMIN: three interviews for the postdoc position in Yves' group
     - JLEIC: detailed calculations of coupled bunch instabilities
     - JLEIC: start investigating electron cloud parameters, effect

Ed Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Refine Booster chromaticity compensation
     - JLEIC: Obtain/document ramping parameters for Booster
   Next two weeks (Jun 26-July 7)
     - JLEIC: Continue iterating Booster injection parameters (momentum spread)
     - JLEIC: Start ramping sections of Booster cycle
     - JLEIC: Investigate DESIREE (Manne Siegbahn lab, Sweden) as gear-changing test bed

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
     - JLEIC: Electron cooler work (continue pushing 3nC distribution)
     - PERLE: Attend first meeting, kibitzing on CSR/uBI, start studies?
     - ADMIN: Talk prep for ERL17 workshop (LERF; CSR/uBI at JLab ERLs)
     - ERL17 workshop (Jun 18-Jun 23)
   Next two weeks (Jun 26-July 7)
     - PERLE: uBI gain analysis
     - JLEIC: Continue electron cooler work (continue pushing 3nC distribution)

Randy Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Jun 12-Jun 23)
      - JLEIC: Coasting beam instability calculations/simulations
     - Dissertation writing: Continue coasting beam chapter, tech note
   Next two weeks (Jun 26-July 7)
     - JLEIC: Continue coasting beam instability calculations/simulations
     - Dissertation writing: Continue coasting beam chapter, tech note

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang
Fanglei Lin

 - Worked on testing a hybrid multi bend achromat lattice for the electron collider ring and presented preliminary results in the bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics meeting.
 - Working simulations in ZGOUBI and reported the progress of electron polarization studies.
 - Miscellaneous: attended JLEIC weekly R&D meetings, attended the JLEIC detector user meeting, attended the JLEIC General meeting, helped Prof. Klaus Heinemann from the University of New Mexico prepare a
   pre-application for the Accelerator Stewardship Award.

Vasiliy Morozov

 - Geometry tagging LDRD: hosting a collaborator, Tobias, having a teleconference with collaborators, working on the next year's proposal.
 - Non-linear dynamics: teleconference with SLAC, editing Guohui's paper.
 - Detector design: working on a generic detector RnD proposal, working on the optics of the interaction region, in particular, studying options of the first spectrometer dipole design.
 - Miscellaneous: muon cooling, positron working group activities, seminar committee activities.

Amy Sy

 - Trying to inject high energy beam into bent toroid section; compensating for transverse deflections from transverse field components inside the merger to determine injection point and angle. Included space charge effects in the low energy beam; space charge appears to degrade the longitudinal phase space the most, but need a better understanding of how to preserve the initial longitudinal phase space.  
 - Searched for unwanted resonances in the uncoupled channel as a way to explain the loss of parametric resonant behavior in the coupled case with RF included; concluded that RF does not excite unwanted resonances in the uncoupled case, so the loss of parametric resonant behavior in the coupled case is likely due to the introduction of vertical dispersion.  Extracted dispersion components from the one turn matrix to try to locally compensate the dispersion components during particle tracking.
 - Held a teleconference with ANL collaborators to discuss polarized ion source efforts. ANL collaborators plan to pursue internal funding to build a polarized ion source for ATLAS, but seek guidance on building a source that aligns with JLEIC needs. Suggested a collaborative effort pursuing SBIR funds to leverage Muons, Inc. experience.

Guohui Wei

 - Simulate study of ePb collision in JLEIC ion forward detection. New version of GEMC was studied. This new version can read in generated events output from BEAGLE directly.
 - DA with detector solenoid for the JLEIC ion collider ring at injection mode.
 - Writing A journal paper of "Integration of the full-acceptance detector at the JLEIC"

Yuhong Zhang

 - Explored DC cooling in the collider ring
 - Participated analyses of bunched beam cooling experiment data
 - Prepare a review talk on bunched beam electron cooling for EICUG 2017
 - Started organization of EIC Collaboration Meeting 2017