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Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata
Todd Satogata

   Previous two weeks (Jul 24-Aug 4)
     - ADMIN: S&T Review attendance (Jul 24-25), student posters (Aug 4)
     - OPS: StayTreat talk prep/attendance (Aug 2-3), BTeam (Jul 25)
     - JLEIC: Coasting beam instability sims, meeting (Jul 26)
     - JLEIC: integration update, resolve Pb charge state/currents
     - JLEIC: R&D integration report, R&D funding meetings
     - OPS: LCLS-II commissioning options meeting (Jul 27)
     - JACOW: Telecon on SPMS/Indico merger, IPAC'18 invited talk invitations
     - JACOW: FEL'17 administrative help
   Next two weeks (Aug 7-18)
     - VACATION: August 7, 14
     - JLEIC: Linac lattice from ANL student, evaluation and documentation
     - JLEIC: Templates for machine parameter tech notes, update Booster note
     - OPS: BTeam (Aug 8, 15), ATLis cleanup start
     - OPS: Great courses video filming (w/Larry Weinstein, Aug 10-11)
     - ODU: USPAS January 2018 class coordination
     - ODU: JMU PHYS 417 class sharing, 4-VA inquiries
     - ADMIN: Input on Director's AAC review/meeting (sched Sep 13-15?)

Alex Bogacz

   Previous two weeks (Jul 24-Aug 4)
     - ADMIN: PRAB paper review
     - ADMIN: Tech transfer disclosure review
     - ERL17: Write working group summary paper/presentation
     - USPAS: Work on lectures for "Practical Accelerator Design"
     - VACATION: August 4
   Next two weeks (Aug 7-18)
     - ADMIN: Finalizing JINST volume on "Muon Accelerators for Particle Physics"
     - PERLE: weekly meetings, PERLE/JLEIC synergies session
     - USPAS: Work on lectures for "Practical Accelerator Design"

David Douglas

   Previous two weeks (Jul 24-Aug 4)
     - OPS: finalize "LERF as CEBAF test bed" presentation, StayTreat (Aug 2-3)
     - JLEIC: Continue CCR recirculation arc development (drives CSR/LSC
       analysis/simulations). Break sextupoles out of quads and hand off first
       lattice to Chris for LSC investigation while investigating higher
       symmetry/periodicity (e.g. MAX-IV); elegant says things are okay so far...
     - JLEIC: Tolerable loss rates vs synchrotrons, TN-17-038 paper with Benson
     - PERLE: CSR/uBI, lattice ruminations
     - ADMIN: Continue packing up trailer office; nearly ready for move to ARC
   Next two weeks (Aug 7-18)
     - JLEIC: Continue CCR loss analysis
     - JLEIC: Continue CCR recirculation arc development (rate limited by
       Tennant vacation)
     - ADMIN: Pavel Evtushenko calculations for system at HZB
     - PERLE: incidental lattice ruminations
     - ADMIN: Trailer office relocation finalization, coordinate moves with Yuhong
     - VACATION: Aug 11-18

Rui Li

   Previous two weeks (Jul 24-Aug 4)
     - JLEIC: investigating electron cloud parameter, state of present art, lit search
     - JLEIC: review CSR transient studies, prepare for publication writing
     - JLEIC: discuss SRF HOM issues with SRF folks after their return from SRF workshop
     - JLEIC: coasting beam instability discussion with Randy/Todd
   Next two weeks (Aug 7-18)
     - JLEIC: continue investigating electron cloud studies, instability parameters
     - JLEIC: start estimations of electron cloud effects for JLEIC parameters
     - JLEIC: work with Yves on task/planning for Kirsten Deitrick start (Aug 16)

Ed Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Jul 24-Aug 4)
     - OPS: StayTreat talk attendance (Aug 2-3), BTeam (Jul 25)
     - JLEIC: Synergia Booster injection (bug fix with Eric Stern@FNAL)
     - JLEIC: Synergia Booster injection sim infrastructure setup
   Next two weeks (Aug 7-18)
     - JLEIC: Continue Synergia Booster injection sim infrastructure setup
     - JLEIC: COSY-Infinity analysis of space charge resonances (Martin Berz)

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Jul 24-Aug 4)
     - ADMIN: Accelerator seminar on ERL'17 Workshop
     - ADMIN: Continue packing, moving, unpacking
     - ADMIN: Working on intro to longitudinal dynamics talk (FFAG school, Sep 6-11)
     - VACATION: Aug 4
     - PERLE: Start developing CSR/mBI plan to study PERLE lattice
   Next two weeks (Aug 7-18)
     - VACATION: Aug 7-11
     - JLEIC: Space charge and mBI analysis of CCR arc options (with Dave)
     - PERLE Analysis of perl arc transport

Randy Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Jul 24-Aug 4)
     - JLEIC: Continue coasting beam instability calculations/simulations
     - Dissertation writing: Continue coasting beam chapter, tech note
   Next two weeks (Aug 7-18)
     - JLEIC: Hopefully finish coasting beam instability calculations/simulations
     - Dissertation writing: Continue coasting beam chapter, tech note

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin

  • JPOS meeting
  • Continuing work on GHOST::
    • Added GHOST to JeffersonLab GIT
    • Started 4 on 3 testing and comparisons with Hao paper
  • Simulation group coordination meeting
    • working on defining the workload for Kirsten
    • refining AWP for Kirsten and He Zhang
  • attended stay-treat

next two weeks:

  • get my laptop back..
  • prepare for JPOS
  • continue working on GHOST

He Zhang:

  • Did more DC cooling simulations at 8GeV. This time for the Pb ion at 7.9 Gev/u .

With 1A of electron beam and 30 meters of cooler, we reach equilibrium within one minute. Final emittance ranges from 0.2 to 0.6 mmrad depending on electron density. Simulations suggests that it is adequate to cool the Pb beam at injection energy .

  • Improved model beam method: Rederived analytical formulas for the averaged cooling effect and double checked the software implementation. Two different formulations were obtained. Compared these two with the original model beam and the rms dynamic model for DC and bunched beam cooling. Results differs between models. More simulations needed to understand the differences up to and including turn by turn tracking.
  • JSPEC user interface: A text based user interface is being developed for JSPEC. It is a sort of a scripting language that can be used to describe the problem to solve. More development done on it and considering refactoring the code to make it easier to maintain and add more features.
  • SURI summer student - Helped Zachari fix problem in vertical IBS calc. Results look reasonable. Zachary finished by simulation the evolution of emittance over time. He calculated the evolution for 30 minutes and made various plots which he used for his poster and paper..

Next two weeks:

  • Continue testing improved model beam method maybe simulation more DC cooling for Pb ion if necessary Considering going back to work on dust particle transfer problem.
  • Continue working on RF system optimization paper.

CASA Fellow - Steve Benson
July 24 - August 4th

  • Spent a lot of time packing up office and organizing files.
  • Worked to clear out Trailer 41B. Made pretty good progress.
  • Hosted Cooler ring meeting on July 26th and wrote up minutes for the meeting.
  • Helped develop talk at the Stay-treat on uses of the LERF for CEBAF operations and reliability.
  • Attended the Stay-treat, August 2-3.
  • Discussed ITAR implications of new FEL proposal from BNNT (Whitney)
  • Reviewed Thompson backscattering paper for PRST AB.
  • Continued to develop the program for the Neil Symposium. The announcement is now out.

August 7-August 18

  • Complete packing up office and move to Arc building.
  • Get other peoples equipment out of trailer 41C.
  • Finish clearing out Trailer 41B.
  • Host Cooler ring meetings on August 9th and August 16th and document
  • Try to understand cooler solenoid specifications from Brookhaven.
  • Develop and submit abstract for COOL17 meeting .
  • Get abstracts and titles for Neil Symposium presentations.