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Director - M. Spata
No report.

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata
No report.

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang
No report.

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan
No report.

LERF - S. Benson

  • October 30-Nov 10
    -Attended the EINN meeting in Paphos and presented a talk on "Low Energy Nuclear Physics at Jefferson Lab".
    -Submitted paper for COOL17.
    -Initiated discussions with Steve Peggs about possible research using CBeta
    -Met with Bas Van der Geer to discuss GPT uses. Discussed with the Cooler ring group
  • November 13-22
    -Submit abstract for IPAC18
    -Complete R&D plan for potential FOA
    -Submit support letter for Radiasoft for Phase II SBIR