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Director - M. Spata
No report.

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata
Todd Satogata

   Previous two weeks (Oct 30-Nov 10)
     - ADMIN: Weekly meetings with students (Randy, Eric), appraisals
     - JACOW: Team Meeting travel planning, organization
     - IPAC18: Editorial board support, SPMS support work, travel
       planning for SPC/3 meeting in Jan 2018
     - OPS: BTeam (Oct 31, start weekly meets), Hall D raster scan meeting
     - JLEIC: pCDR schedule, planning
     - JLEIC: Continue Booster injection notes, documentation
     - JLEIC: pyOrbit compilation and start of testing
     - ODU: PHYS 417/517 planning, class prep
   Next two weeks (Nov 13-Nov 24)
     - ADMIN: Weekly meetings with students (Randy, Eric), appraisals
     - ADMIN: Reference letters for student applications
     - ADMIN: Review of accelerator physics textbook proposal
     - JACOW: Team Meeting travel planning, organization, prep talks
     - JLEIC: Continue assembling documents, pCDR kickoff presentations?
     - JLEIC: Continue Booster injection notes, documentation
     - OPS: BTeam weekly, ORFP update review, ATLis updates
     - OPS: Hall D raster scan followup (McCaughan, John Musson, Keith Cole)
     - IPAC18: Editorial board support, SPMS support work
     - ODU: PHYS 417/517 planning, class prep

Alex Bogacz

   Previous two weeks (Oct 30-Nov 10)
     - OPS: 12 GeV beam parameter meeting, notes
     - PERLE: End to end simulation development
     - IPAC18: Next SPB meeting, notes and planning
   Next two weeks (Nov 13-Nov 24)
     - Revise JINST paper on dual linac for neutrino factory
     - TRC invention disclosure review
     - PERLE: Seminar and End to end simulation development

David Douglas

   Previous two weeks (Oct 30-Nov 10)
     - At Daresbury and in UK for entire two weeks
     - Talks on Overview of ERLs and tech challenges,
       tutorial on magnetized beam transport, seminar on PERLE at
       University of Liverpool
     - Worked with Peter Williams on SRF linac/SRF-ERL architectures;
       generated draft accelerator (top level) requirements for a
       system with numerous potential applications. Thought a bit
       about implications of ISR on compressors in such systems.
     - Came up with a way to make a GERBAL symmetrical, shorter, and
       use the same spreader/recombiner at all four corners. Yes,
       that's a "symmetric asymmetrical linac".
     - Worked through an example calculation with Kirsten showing
       details on what happens to a magnetized beam if you apply a
       solenoid to it. Writing it up.
     - Got information about CSR modeling at magnet transitions
       ("CSRdrift", in Elegant) suggesting some aspects of this
       Elegant feature (Stupakov model) may require caution when used
       and interpreted. Communicated this to Chris, who I think will
       probably talk to Rui.
   Next two weeks (Nov 13-Nov 24)
     - More of the same in Daresbury
     - Return to JLab, pick back up on cooler design work and follow
       up on Daresbury connections

Rui Li

   Previous two weeks (Oct 30-Nov 10)
     - Organized joint impedance meeting with RF, engineer people and
       Kirsten (gaining momentum)
     - Meeting with Salvador on coupled bunch instability issues
     - Continue with thesis committee organization work (with APS
     - Reviewing fundamentals in impedance theories for baseline discussions
     - Participate Bas’s seminar and discussion session about GPT CSR
     - e-cooler design meetings
     - EIC seminar and R&D meeting
   Next two weeks (Nov 13-Nov 24)
     - Start reviewing thesis one by one (5 thesis are to be read
       through and given scores, and I plan to distribute the thesis
       reading time over the next two month)
     - Continue with going over impedance theories, simulation and
       impedance budget studies in existing machines, and start to
       prepare slides for the next impedance meeting

Ed Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Oct 30-Nov 10)
     - JLEIC: Compile gear-change experiment ideas, give presentation
       RHIC and DESIREE seem to be reasonable options, following up with
       RHIC personnel with Jiquan Guo
     - JLEIC: Reading up on Booster design history, negative momentum
       compaction lattices and related nonlinear dispersion issues
   Next two weeks (Nov 13-Nov 24)
     - JLEIC: Determine feasibility of negative momentum compaction
       nonlinear dispersion correction, start redesigning Booster with
       new cells and to accommodate new top energy

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Oct 30-Nov 10)
     - GPT immersion therapy (Bas visit)
     - Bmad parameter scans (running CCR arc, varying CSR code-related
       quantities, shielding height, #particles, etc.)
     - elegant parameter scans (turns out one of elegant's csrdrift
       models may have a sign error, using other models, doing
       multi-turn tracking)
     - retrieving data from old (broken) laptop HD and backing up
       current data!
   Next two weeks (Nov 13-Nov 24)
     - continue with analysis of CCR simple arc and summarize results
       in TN

Randy Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Oct 30-Nov 10)
     - Dissertation writing: Continue coasting beam chapter, tech note
   Next two weeks (Nov 13-Nov 24)
     - Dissertation writing: Hopefully coasting beam chapter, tech note

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang

  • Fanglei Lin
    -Traveled to China to attend an ICFA mini-workshop on the Dynamic Apertures of Circular Accelerators and gave an invited talk
  • Vasiliy Morozov
    -attended an ICFA Mini-Workshop on the Dynamic Apertures of Circular Accelerators and gave a presentation on the dynamic aperture of the JLEIC ion collider ring.
    -Vacation for the rest of the time.
  • Amy Sy
    -Working on documenting ion source requirements for the pre-CDR/TDR. Called a meeting with Muons, Inc. and others to discuss the direction of the ion source SBIR Phase I proposal to be submitted December 4th. Preliminary plan is to seriously consider a dual laser polarization/ionization method for polarized deuteron production.
    -Continued literature search on feedback systems.
    -Continued analysis of GEMC data. Generated plots for second data set (x > 0.02) analyzing RMS distance from first collision to edge of nucleus. Made plans to begin a series of biweekly discussions on the geometry tagging simulations and underlying physics processes.
  • Guohui Wei
    -Update on compensation study of detector solenoid effects
    -Continue to Write a Journal paper, "Integration of the full-acceptance detector at the JLEIC"
  • Yuhong Zhang
    -Gave a division seminar on highlights and reflection on the EIC collaboration meeting
    -Gave a talk in the JLEIC accelerator R&D meeting on two alternate afforded design concepts
    -Prepared slides for an JLEIC talk to engineers

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin

Kirsten Deitrick: Last two weeks:

  • Reading:
-KEKB impedances
-impedance general theory (broadband, narrowband, how to calculate)
-round to flat beam transform (for implementation in GPT)

  • Simulations:
-accuracy settings for GPT
-single particle trajectories through 499 MHz single cell rf separator
-single particle trajectories through rf separator and pair of single coil solenoids
 -GTS set-up, very weak kick
 -ERL set-up (9 and 55 MeV beam), kick at spec
-created GPT programs to calculate beam canonical angular momentum (both inside and outside magnetic field)
-have fixed the lack of CAM conservation (it had to do with the LDRD magnet field map getting very small, but not reaching zero)
-magnetized beam through RF separator and pair of single coil solenoids (still evaluating)

  • Impedances:
-sent out spreadsheet, including "To Do" list
-continue filling out impedance values for elements in different machines

  • Meetings:
-JLEIC impedance
-JLEIC (2)
-GPT seminar from Bas
-GPT and JLEIC Cooler needs
-EIC Collaboration meeting summary (seminar)
  • Misc:
-more clarification on Andrew's desired GTS set-up
-clarification about GTS simulations from Sajini
-Fay doesn't currently have correct GPT deck of GTS; will supply when it starts matching measurements
 -assume initial bunch from center of cathode
-have gotten shielded CSR GPT module from Tsukasa Miyajima (KEK)
 -CSR from Bas may not be available for another 6 months, depends on previous customer (ASML?)

Next two weeks:

  • Reading:
-impedance general theory
-different machine impedances
-electron cloud?
  • Simulations:
-magnetized beam through straight merger in GTS
-ideal magnetized beam through straight merger in CCR ERL (@ 9 MeV) using stretched 2-cell CEBAF RF separator
-rerun magnetized beam degradation due to asymmetry of booster options (FEL, UITF)
-implement RTFB transform as GPT element to track eigen-emittances through machine
  • Impedances:
-continue filling out impedance values for elements in different machines
-schedule meeting for early December to touch base with different groups
  • Meetings:
-Cooler (might present simulation results, if there's time - else delay)
-Andrew, Magnetized Beam LDRD @ GTS (being planned, not on schedule yet)

He Zhang:

  • Benchmark the improved model beam method with turn-by-turn tracking - Trying to bench mark the improved model beam with turn-by-turn tracking to demonstrate the new model can simulate
the non-Gaussian distribution under strong cooling. I run the turn-by-turn tracking for 1 minutes and 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, no obvious deviation from Gaussian was observed. I artificially increased the cooling by an order and run the turn-by-turn simulation again. The one minute simulation has finished. But the 10 minutes simulation is still running. It takes about three days.
  • Paper on Cartesian tensor based FMM - Revised the appeal letter with the help of Prof. Li-Shi Luo at ODU and submitted to the editor. Haven’t received any feedback till now.
  • IPAC18 - Submitted an abstract to IPAC’18 about simulations on the multi-stage cooling scheme for JLEIC.
  • Review - Reviewed three papers. Two for Signal, Image and Video Processing and one for EUSIP image and video processing. All my review assignments have been finished.
  • JSPEC development - Just started coding the space charge model.
  • Others - Discuss with River about luminosity calculation for collisions with crab crossing.
  • Plan for the following two weeks
    -Benchmark the improved model beam method. (Hope to finish it.)
    -Continue developing the space charge model

Yves Roblin:

    -beam-beam studies continued.
    -assessing various configurations for the e- lattice
    -invited to give a talk on jleic beam beam effects in Berkeley, feb 5-8 2018.
    -preparing optics for upcoming run
    -gathering data for the beam parameters effort,
    -invited by the hall A collaboration to present that on january 25th.
    -discussions with m. tiefenback regarding a positron scheme whereas one would accelerate
    -both species (e-,e+) in the linacs at the same time.
    -preparing files for Joe Grames to calculate the spin precession to Hall B in order to setup
    -the wien filter for the upcoming run period.
    -meeting with french orsay/ipn collaborators

next two weeks:

  • JLEIC:
    -start gathering results of the bb studies up to date and document it
    -work on a new plan for collaboration with ODU regarding GHOST
    -meet with e- lattice designers and discuss various longitudinal optics results and choices
  • CEBAF:
    -finalize the cebaf running preparations
    -talk to parity people regarding specifications for the hall a beam
    -explore alternative lattice for hall a for use for parity experiments at low energy

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan

  • Joe
  • Mike
    -My efforts this past week have been on the positron writeup with Bogdan for JPos17 and organizing the hot-wire information I have so I can provide engineering information for LCLS-II. Plus a little time

reviewing an in-the-field magnetic field measurement prototype assembly from DC Power, targeted at in-situ field qualification for quadrupoles. (This device promises adequate precision in the region between the sides of the pole-tips to detect wiring inconsistencies of the sort which have recently plagued us, although being in the large radius region, it could provide only a very coarse calibration check.)

  • -The positron path Bogdan was starting to follow seems to be quite defensible, given a user base. It appears amenable to staged development with limited resources, with early feasibility tests possible in CEBAF which are neither burdensome nor physically invasive. Interesting.

LERF - S. Benson

  • October 30-Nov 10
    -Attended the EINN meeting in Paphos and presented a talk on "Low Energy Nuclear Physics at Jefferson Lab".
    -Submitted paper for COOL17.
    -Initiated discussions with Steve Peggs about possible research using CBeta
    -Met with Bas Van der Geer to discuss GPT uses. Discussed with the Cooler ring group
  • November 13-22
    -Submit abstract for IPAC18
    -Complete R&D plan for potential FOA
    -Submit support letter for Radiasoft for Phase II SBIR