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Director - M. Spata
No report. Acting Director, Accelerator Division

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata
No report. Medical leave

Alex Bogacz

   Past two weeks (11/27 - 12/8)      
   lectures on 'Practical Lattice Design'
   textbook proposal review for Mathematics & Computer Science CRC Press/ Taylor & Francis Group
   Next two weeks (12/11 - 12/22)
   lectures on 'Practical Lattice Design
   12 GeV Beam Requirements

Dave Douglas

   No report. 

Rui Li

   Previous two weeks (11/27 - 12/8)
   Impedance budget related work
   Prepare for slides on impedance discussions (for impedance meeting on 12/4)
   Thesis review
   Impedance meeting
   Continue with thesis review
   Install and test of Blaskwicz's code (for JLAB-BNL collaboration on collective effects)
   Next two weeks (12/11 - 12/22)
   Prepare for and attend SBIR/STTR review panel at DOE in Germantown (by driving)
   Continue with thesis review
   Play with and understand Blaskwicz's code (for JLAB-BNL collaboration on collective effects)

Edward Nissen

   Previous two weeks (11/27 - 12/8)
   I have a nice draft lattice for the 300m booster (297.6 or so to be exact). Before I stick it into Synergia I am altering it slightly, during the design I used a symmetric fodo cell as my building block,       since those don't actually exist I am switching to a more realistic design. This is straightforward for the arcs and straights, but more difficult for the dispersion suppressors.
   I have heard back from the DESIREE people, my contact seems to think the experiment should be doable, and is asking some technical people what they think. I'm not sure what Sweden's academic schedule is    so its possible they're in the middle of exams right now and may not be able to get back all that quickly. I also heard back from Kevin Smith at RHIC, he said that they are looking at the feasibility there and will get back to me.
   Next two weeks (12/11 - 12/22)
   For the next two weeks, I will finish converting the lattice in the booster and analyze it in Synergia. Assuming they don't immediately crash, I will start some initial runs. During that time I will sit   down and start to write a few tech notes about the booster redesign, and the gear changing experiments. 
   Home for Christmas.

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (11/27 - 12/8):
   - elegant tracking simulations for PERLE (right now there is a big discrepancy between what CY's code predicts and what elegant predicts, working to resolve that).
   - prepared slides and presented preliminary CSR and mBI results at PERLE collaboration meeting
   - prepared slides and presented preliminary analysis of CCR arc at cooler meeting
   - begin analysis of HZDR W-compressor (based on Dave's design) for Pavel

Next two weeks (12/11 - 12/22):

   - follow up with action items from cooler meeting presentation (update and extend analysis on several fronts)
   - resolve mBI discrepancy in PERLE
   - hopefully get back to adding text to TN on CCR arc analysis

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang
Fanglei Lin

  • Prepared a paper for the JPos17 proceeding.
  • Working on the modification/optimization of electron collider ring for different study purposes.
  • Worked with SRF colleagues to provide RF system information for the baseline design of electron ring.
  • Discussed spin study with U of New Mexico and Cornell U, and learning the code BMAD.
  • Miscellaneous: attended discussion of IP magnets with engineers, attended the JLEIC R&D meeting, attended JLEIC detector meetings, attended CASA group meeting, attended JLEIC general meeting.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • Gave a JLEIC overview presentation to engineers.
  • Prepared and gave a talk on JLEIC IR design at the EICUG Detector Discussion meeting at Temple University.
  • Prepared and made a presentation on the EIC R&D FOA at a JLEIC R&D meeting.
  • JLEIC planning and proposal preparation activities: JLEIC planning meetings, meetings with collaborators.
  • Geometry tagging LDRD: working with Guohui and meetings with collaborators.
  • Crab crossing: working with Salvador and River on crab crossing simulations.
  • Meeting with engineers on IR layout.
  • Meeting on detector background simulations.
  • Submitted three IPAC'18 abstracts: detector design, polarization, and crab crossing.

Amy Sy

  • Toroidal merger: working on optimizing geometry to include larger coils in the second half of the merger, to accommodate the high energy beam injection. Verifying that the new larger coils do not adversely affect the low energy beam.
  • Worked with Muons, Inc. to put together the ion source SBIR proposal, focusing on a polarized D- source that could use laser photolysis for polarized deuterium atom generation.
  • Geometry tagging LDRD: Transferring analysis tools and GEMC input/output data to Guohui to get him up to speed on progress on the LDRD since August 2017.

Guohui Wei

  • Modify of a draft of a Journal paper, "Integration of the full-acceptance detector at the JLEIC
  • Working on the LDRD1804 of Geometry tagging. Add a detector at the first downstream final focus quadrupole to detect cascading proton and neutron. And analyze the final state particles on this detector
  • Update on compensation study of detector solenoid effects due to comments from magnet group. The lengths of the two correctors upstream should become longer with weak field rather than current 0.2 meter.

Yuhong Zhang

  • Submitted 4 PAC2017 abstracts
  • Attended JLEIC engineering meetings
  • Participated discussion on new FOA
  • Created a set of slides for the topic of "How China can help US EIC"
  • Updated a set of slides for on cooling experiment for the China-US collaboration summit
  • Started to look at the magnetized DC cooler

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin
No report.

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan
No report.

LERF - S. Benson
No report.