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April 3-14

  • Attended the JLEIC Collaboration meeting. Presented talk on the status of the Cooler ring.
  • Completed first half of the phase one simulation study write-up for the NASA GRC program
  • Toured Stuart Henderson around the LERF and answered questions.
  • Prepared presentation for Projects and Coordination meeting for DarkLight and NASA projects.
  • Completed draft of lessons learned for DarkLight project.
  • Wrote up of summary article of the LERF Scientific Opportunities Workshop for JSA report. This will be the seed of the Nuclear physics News report.
  • Personnel were not here to complete the ANL jaw removal.

April 17-28

  • Complete LERF Safety documentation updates for User Labs 3 and 5.
  • Get Finance to sign off on injector full cost recovery charges.
  • Have lessons learned from the DarkLight project reviewed and present at the monthly safety meeting.
  • Prepare for April 19 Cooler ring meeting.
  • Work on IJMPA special edition logistics
  • Complete the ANL undulator jaw removal.
  • Get DarkLight vacuum systems back on line