2017-Feb-17 Accel. R and D Biweekly Report

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Slava Derbenev

  • Conceptual development of emittance exchange. Worked out one solution which was proved independently by David Douglas using a different method
  • Unified field theory study

Fanglei Lin

  • Continued chromaticity compensation studies on electron ring optics and presented the progress in the bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics meeting.
  • Helped write a document describing the Compton/forward electron detection region in the JLEIC.
  • Provided the electron ring lattice for beam-beam study in the JLEIC.
  • Provided the positron luminosity parameters per nuclear physicists’ request.
  • Miscellaneous: attended the CASA monthly meeting, attended the beam-beam code development meetings, attended JLEIC weekly R&D meetings, attended JLEIC parameter/Ion injector coordination meeting, attended the bi-weekly non-linear beam dynamics meeting, attended the bi-weekly ion polarization meeting, attended the bi-weekly simulation meeting.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • Crab crossing: working with Salvador on crab dynamics simulations
  • Beam-beam simulations: generating high-order maps for current collider ring lattices
  • Ion polarization: planning for further work
  • Detector background: documenting detector region configuration
  • Non-linear dynamics: optimization of the electron collider ring
  • Heavy ion tagging LDRD: analysis of forward detection performance
  • Miscellaneous: muon ionization cooling, positron working group and workshop planning, translation of Slava's thesis on electron cooling, detector simulations

Amy Sy

  • Skew PIC: Compared phase space plots and beam sizes over 101 periods in Skew PIC channel for aberration compensation using ordered vs. arbitrary harmonics. Arbitrary harmonics (periodic with Skew PIC cell but not sine/cosine like) tend to give smaller beam size but will need to be optimized using genetic algorithm techniques to handle large variable sets. Started implementing Chebyshev expansion of magnetic field into MADX with the goal of finding better representation of multipole fields needed for aberration compensation.
  • Merger: Working on verifying properties of generated magnetized particle distribution and its transport through the associated "matched" solenoid.

Guohi Wei

  • Simulated 10000 events of ePb collision in JLEIC IR section. Preliminary analysis all particles generated by collisions at IP and downstream area, like the exit of the third final focus quadrupole, the exit of the second dipole, and the second focus point.
  • Continuing on dynamic aperture study with tune scan for the JLEIC ion collider ring.
  • Prepare for the proceeding paper in IPAC'17

Yuhong Zhang

  • Developed a program for the JLEIC spring collaboration meeting
  • Developed a plan and had a meeting for the next bunched beam cooling experiment in April
  • Studied report of DOE EIC Accelerator R&D Review
  • Attended various meetings