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Director - M. Spata No report. Acting Director, Accelerator Division

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata Todd Satogata

   Previous two weeks (Jan 8-Jan 19)
     - Medical leave (recovery from Dec 6 motor vehicle collision)
     - ODU: Support for PHYS 417/517 (with Charles Hyde/Geoff Krafft)
     - IPAC18: Preparations for SPC/3 contributed oral selections
     - JLEIC: Prepare for Jan 22 pCDR presentation, coordinate with FOA
     - ADMIN: Begin return to work process
   Next two weeks (Jan 22-Feb 2)
     - ADMIN: Return to part-time work (Jan 22), hopefully full-time (Jan 29)
     - JLEIC: pCDR presentation (Jan 22), preparations for lattice convergence
     - ODU: Return to teaching PHYS 417/517 (with Charles/Geoff/Suba)
     - OPS: Start re-engaging with CEBAF operations, BTeam
     - IPAC18: Send out contributed oral presentation invitation letters

Alex Bogacz

   Previous two weeks (Jan 8-Jan 19)
     - Family Leave
     - OPS: Optics on call, BTeam coverage, machine startup
     - USPAS: Class planning and preparations
     - USPAS: Teaching Practical Lattice Design (Jan 15-19)
   Next two weeks (Jan 22-Feb 2)
     - VACATION: Jan 22-26
     - OPS: Optics on call, CEBAF operations support
     - ADMIN: PRAB paper review

David Douglas

   Previous two weeks (Jan 8-Jan 19)
     - Wrap up magnetized beam generation note
     - Telecon to PERLE workshop Jan 15-16, give presentation
     - JLEIC COOLER: Fix ERL/CCR arc mismatch noted by Chris
     - JLEIC COOLER: Generate two axially symmetric dispersion matches
       for magnetization transport checks by Chris
   Next two weeks (Jan 22-Feb 2)
     - JLEIC COOLER: Generate ERL arcs (different momentum compaction)
     - Write up "simple" CCR arc
     - Write up ERL/CCR arc requirements document
     - Write up "Why PERLE" note requested by Max Klein
     - Write up integrated arc+dispersion match

Rui Li

   Previous two weeks (Jan 8-Jan 19)
     - SICK LEAVE: (Jan 11-12, sprained ankle)
     - JLEIC: play with and understand Blaskwicz's code (for JLAB-BNL
       collaboration on collective effects)
     - USPAS: Auditing Alex Chao course (Jan 15-26)
     - JLEIC: prepare for the upcoming impedance meeting (scheduled
       after the USPAS), including my slides
   Next two weeks (Jan 22-Feb 2)
     - USPAS: Auditing Alex Chao course (Jan 15-26)
     - JLEIC: Prepare for impedance meeting (Feb 5)
     - JLEIC: Continue playing with and understanding Blaskwicz's
       code for JLEIC parameters

Ed Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Jan 8-Jan 19)
     - JLEIC: Support FOA development before deadline
     - JLEIC: Longer-term Booster working point tests
     - JLEIC: Booster lattice regularization/simplification for engineering
   Next two weeks (Jan 22-Feb 2)
     - Preparing talk for beam-beam workshop (Feb 5-7)
     - Preparing seminar for SLAC visit (after beam-beam workshop)
     - JLEIC: Booster ramping tests
     - JLEIC: Booster lattice regularization/simplification for engineering

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Jan 8-Jan 19)
     - JLEIC: Support FOA development before deadline
     - PERLE: mBI tracking with additional passes
     - JLEIC: Get set up to use GPT, re-introduction to GPT
     - JLEIC: Reading papers on uBI and CSR
   Next two weeks (Jan 22-Feb 2)
     - JLEIC: CCR arc analysis (elegant, Bmad, TStep, Vlasov-solver)
     - JLEIC: More headway with GPT tests for uBI/CSR/shielding
     - JLEIC: Figure out cooler next steps post-FOA

Randy Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Jan 8-Jan 19)
     - Dissertation writing: Finish bunch compressor chapter
     - Dissertation writing: Work on coasting instability chapter
     - JLEIC: Meet with Rui Li, get ideas on esme instability tests
     Next two weeks (Jan 22-Feb 2)
     - Dissertation writing: Continue work on coasting instability chapter
     - JLEIC: Continue evaluation of coasting beam instability thresholds

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin Yves Roblin: JLEIC: -Writing for FOA2018, attending meetings. CEBAF: -Setting up CEBAF for the new run period. We just met the goal of having 4 beams at once in CEBAF for the first time ever. -Working on a method to improve/accelerate the machine setup (in particular the recombiners) Next 2 weeks: -preparing for talk for Hall A collaboration (jan 23) -preparing for talk at the beam-beam workshop in Berkeley (feb 4-8) -supporting CEBAF machine running

He Zhang: -Writing for FOA2018 - As suggested by Steve and Yuhong, I wrote about electron cooling simulation and code benchmark for FOA2018. Kernel-independent FMM using Cartesian tensor and differential algebra This work extends the Cartesian tensor based FMM to any non-oscillation kernel with the help of differential algebra (DA), which allows to calculate the high order derivatives of any kernel function. This is done about two years ago when River worked with me for my LDRD. A C++ package written by Dr. Lingyun Yang in LBL, are used for the DA calculation. However, this package is designed for beam dynamic calculation, not for FMM. It severely lowered the efficiency of the FMM code. Recently, I finally have time to look into the DA code. I revised the memory management for the DA calculation, which improved the efficiency for a few times. Also revised a few DA operators for better efficiency. Although the improvement on each call is small, those operators are called up a 100,000s times each and overall we can see a noticeable change. Now, although I will not say the package is well optimized, I think it is good enough to demonstrate the idea. I have documented the change on the DA codes. I am writing a paper on this topic. -Review for ring-based cooling - As Slava suggested, I started to review a paper on ring-based cooling for HERA. I planed to understand the work for HERA and compare it with the ring-based cooling for JLEIC. (Fanglei has a paper on it.) Cooling for HERA is non-magnetized; ours is magnetized. These will leads to some difference, concerning the cooler and the ring design. -Dust particle transport - Reviewed again a few papers and made a work plan: (1) calculate the transverse frequency of the particle; (2) calculate the time for the longitudinal motion (from the initial position to the RF cavity); (3) If the time covers 100s or more periods of transverse oscillation, assume the transverse motion is stable; (4) otherwise the transverse motion does not matter. All the above depends on the charge, mass, initial position, and initial velocity of the particle and the field it experienced. -Others - The RF gradient optimization paper is rejected. But I feel the reviewer #1 does not understand our paper. Most suggestion from him/her was actually included in the paper. Wrote a letter to the editor on this issue. -Work plan in the following two weeks

    1. I will be in the USPAS in the following two weeks. The course is Simulation of Beam and Plasma Systems. My purpose is the make WARP run on my laptop. And I want to track a bunch of particles through a single structure, a drift or a FODO, with space charge effect. I also want to put a FMM code into WARP as a field solver. The instructors are experts on WARP, I wish I can get help from them. If I got this done, I’ll be able to do some benchmark on FMM and PIC code in furture and I’ll call these two weeks a success.

Kirsten Deitrick:

Last two weeks:


-electron cloud
-analytical sextupole fringe fields


-added flat beam parameters to GPT (instead of add-on)
-added skew quad to mitigate degradation from HOM coupler at FEL booster exit (scanning over gradient and position)
-added diagnostic beam transform (take arbitrary spot to waist)
-GPT's CSR now works (or I've gotten the correct options to make it work)
-CBeta straight merger test


-Cooler (presented updated results on beam magnetization and booster asymmetries)


-FOA (bio sketch, proposal section)
-scheduled next impedance meeting

Next two weeks:


Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan

LERF - S. Benson