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Director - M. Spata
No report. Acting Director, Accelerator Division

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata Todd Satogata

   Previous two weeks (Feb 5-Feb 16)
     - JLEIC: pCDR resource planning meetings, P&C meeting (Feb 12)
     - ODU: Continue teaching PHYS 417/517 (full load), Randy advising
     - OPS: Plan OOC, Beam Studies (Tuesdays), BTeam, optics support/tuning meetings
     - IPAC18: Coordinate contributed orals, student grant acceptance letters, session chairs
  Next two weeks (Feb 19-Mar 2)
     - ADMIN: Group reviews, leadership meetings, group planning, property validation
     - JLEIC: Document parameter convergence, group data flows for pCDR development
     - JLEIC: Assemble, start review and distribution of lattice freeze for pCDR
     - IPAC18: Finish contributed orals, poster/student grant emails; peer review tests
     - ODU: Continue teaching PHYS 417/517 (full load), Randy advising
     - OPS: Plan OOC, Beam Studies (Tuesdays), BTeam, optics support/tuning meetings
     - VACATION: Fri Feb 23

Alex Bogacz

   Previous two weeks (Feb 5-Feb 16)
     - OPS: Optics on call, CEBAF operations support
     - ADMIN: PRAB paper review
     - PERLE: Lattice updates after January meeting
   Next two weeks (Feb 19-Mar 2)
     - OPS: Optics on call, CEBAF operations support
     - OPS: ARC2 optics refinement for BTeam M56 Discussion
     - ADMIN: Working on JINST paper for NuFact'17

David Douglas

   Previous two weeks (Feb 5-Feb 16)
     - Further understanding of simple arcs uBI gains, alternative arc designs
     - Worked with Chris Tennant to get full S2E started
     - Write up "Why PERLE" note requested by Max Klein
     - Write up ERL/CCR arc requirements document
     - Write up integrated arc+dispersion match
     - Continue refining next iteration of FFAG-like solutions
     - Generate CCR full-turn lattice for full-turn testing
   Next two weeks (Feb 19-Mar 2)
     - Finish up "Why PERLE" note requested by Max Klein
     - Generate better-optimized "FFFAG" arc: using dipoles that are
       equivalent to misaligned quads
     - Continue generating S2E decks using existing bits
     - Continue to clear out old paperwork
     - Continue work on several other write-ups: the ERL/CCR arc
       requirements document, and a description of the integrated arcs +
       dispersion match (to support Chris' analysis)

Rui Li

   Previous two weeks (Feb 5-Feb 16)
     - ADMIN: Finish work for APS DPB thesis committee, achieve convergence
     - JLEIC: Prepare for impedance meeting (Feb 19)
     - JLEIC: Read more about impedance budgets of various machines
   Next two weeks (Feb 19-Mar 2)
     - JLEIC: Impdedance meeting (Mon Feb 19)
     - JLEIC: Start to evaluate ion trapping in e-ring, clearing gap evaluation
     - JLEIC: Continue playing with and understanding Blaskiewicz's
       code for JLEIC parameters
     - JLEIC: Communicate with Blaskiewicz re code questions
     - JLEIC: Summarize study for JLEIC R&D meeting report

Ed Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Feb 5-Feb 16)
     - Beam-beam workshop  (LBNL, Feb 5-7)
     - SLAC visit and seminar (SLAC, Feb 8-9)
     - JLEIC: Booster lattice regularization/simplification for engineering/baseline
   Next two weeks (Feb 19-Mar 2)
     - JLEIC: DESIREE gear changing tests parameter table inquiries
     - JLEIC: Finish booster cleanup, working point, ramping development

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Feb 5-Feb 16)
     - JLEIC: Figure out cooler next steps post-FOA
     - JLEIC: Analysis of latest arcs, DIMAD to elegant, tracking, bunch charge scans
     - JLEIC: Working on elegant to GPT, awaiting help from Bas
     - JLEIC: Plan cooler S2E path forward, reduced bunch charge scans
   Next two weeks (Feb 19-Mar 2)
     - JLEIC: Analysis of Project E arc for CCR cooling (in case it works)
     - JLEIC: Continue with elegant to GPT translation efforts, coordinate w/Bas
     - PERLE: Continue with S2E tracking/uBI gain tests (Yves needs to convert
       Optim decks, preliminary indications are that current PERLE arcs do not work)

Randy Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Feb 5-Feb 16)
     - Dissertation writing: Finish work on coasting instability chapter
     - JLEIC: Finish evaluation of coasting beam instability thresholds
     - Dissertation writing: Work on bunch splitting chapter
   Next two weeks (Feb 19-Mar 2)
     - Dissertation writing: Continue bunch splitting chapter
     - JLEIC: Meet with Rui Li, get ideas on esme instability tests

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang
Slava Derbenev

  • Developed new concepts for cooler circulator ring arc optics design
  • Developed and discussed dispersion cooling

Fanglei Lin

  • Retuned the electron collider ring, approaching to the final version for the pre-CDR.
  • Converted the lattice to the BMAD format for spin tracking simulation, debugging the problems.
  • Initiated the misalignment study for the electron ring.
  • Miscellaneous: attended CASA group meeting, attended discussion of IP magnets with engineers, attended the JLEIC R&D meetings, attended JLEIC detector meeting.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • Attending a workshop on physics with polarized light ions at EIC in Ghent, Belgium and giving a talk on polarized light ions and ion polarimetry at JLEIC
  • Development of ion polarization measurement strategy
  • Polarization in JLEIC: teleconference with Anatoliy's group and discussion of an improved electron spin rotator design
  • Interaction region design: meeting with engineers and updates to the IR lattice
  • Geometry tagging LDRD: teleconference with collaborators
  • Ion collider ring lattice: work on geometric match of the electron and ion collider rings

Main activities planned for the next two weeks:

  • Ion collider ring lattice development
  • Writing of preCDR
  • Editing of the detector integration paper

Amy Sy

  • Toroidal merger: Modifying merger geometry to test effects on the high energy beam - trying to improve on the 10x growth of vertical emittance for best acceptance into ERL. Implementing a larger bend radius for more adiabatic field variation along the beam trajectory. Compiling and summarizing recent results.
  • Feedback systems: Continued literature search on transverse and longitudinal feedback systems.
  • Installation of WARP code to study emittance growth of injected and returning magnetized beams in Slava's counter ERL concept. Goal is to quantify emittance growth of each beam due to transverse kicks imparted by the opposite beam as each traverses a linac.

Guohui We

Yuhong Zhang

  • Started spring collaboration meeting organization and developing meeting agenda
  • Reviewed a SBIR II proposals
  • Considered and studied various issues for JLEIC design optimization including DC cooling
  • Developed a document for bunched beam cooling plan and discussed deliverables with various colleagues
  • Other JLEIC activities and many meetings

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin
No report.

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan
No report.

LERF - S. Benson
No report.