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Director - Mike Spata

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata No report. IPAC '18

Accelerator R and D - Y. Zhang No report. IPAC '18

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin No report.

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan No report.

LERF - S. Benson

  • April 16-27
    • Hosted Cooler Ring meetings on April 18th and 25th. and wrote up minutes.
    • Finished up FACET II review for SLAC
    • Prepared and submitted revised statement of work, milestones, and budget for FOA proposal
    • Submitted final version of the JPos 17 paper for AIP
    • Prepared and printed IPAC18 poster
    • Wrote and submitted paper for IPAC18
    • Started planning for Isotope meeting in June
    • Reviewed several papers for IPAC.
    • Arranged for travel to Fermilab for IOTA/FAST workshop
  • April 30-May 11
    • Continue to prepare the LERF for the isotope visit
    • Host Cooler ring meetings May 2nd and 9th
    • Prepare talk for IOTA/FAST workshop
    • Start putting together AWP for FOA proposal
    • Travel to Fermilab for IOTA/FAST workshop and present talk.
    • Arrange for collaboration with HZDR for Elbe II facility.
    • Host visit from Steve Peggs for CBETA discussions