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Director - M. Spata
No report. Acting Accelerator Department Head

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata
No report.

Accelerator R & D - Y. Zhang
Fanglei Lin

  • Continued exploration of JLEIC collider rings' geometry and presented in the JLEIC R&D meeting.
  • Implementing vertical doglegs in the electron collider ring.
  • Working on the pCDR documentation.
  • Miscellaneous: participated HE-JLEIC discussion, attended CASA group meeting, attended the JLEIC R&D meetings, attended JLEIC detector meeting.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • May 12 - May 25
    • JLEIC IR design: editing of Guohui's IR design paper completed, first draft of the IR section for the pCDR completed, development of the detector background section outline
    • JLEIC polarization: teleconference with Anatoliy's group, work on the polarization section of the pCDR, report on the effect of the potential energy increase on the ion polarization scheme
    • Preparing and giving talks on the JLEIC design and R&D at the JLEIC advisory committee meeting and INFN delegation meeting
    • Collider rings' design: implementation of the compact solenoid decoupling scheme developed by Anatoliy's group
    • Geometry tagging LDRD: working on getting the Sartre event generator working on JLab's farm
  • May 26 - June 8
    • Writing of pCDR sections
    • Collider ring design consistent with the available footprint

Amy Sy

  • Working on the closeout report for skew parametric-resonance ionization cooling (Skew PIC). Summarizing the work that was done and results obtained.
  • Working on the JLEIC ion sources chapter for both the pre-CDR and the ICFA beam dynamics newsletter contribution.

Guohui Wei

  • On Leave

Yuhong Zhang

  • Explored RHIC magnets for the JLEIC ion collider ring
  • Organized study on high-energy JLEIC, worked on several issues (ion injector, baseline, luminosity estimate)
  • Worked with Fanglei on figure-8 footprint
  • Attended several meetings to discuss preCDR
  • Organized writing a contribution to ICFA Beam Dynamics newsletter
  • Continued to write preCDR

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin
No report.

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan
No report.

LERF - S. Benson
No report.