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Director - M. Spata
No report. Acting Accelerator Department Head

Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata
Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (June 11-June 22)
     - JLEIC: pCDR writing, template, EIC lunch, impedance/HE/R&D meetings
     - JLEIC: Summer student work on Booster simulations, training
     - OPS: TAC review of PAC proposals, transfer BTeam to Yves
     - OPS: Hall D/GlueX collaboration meeting/talk (June 21)
     - ODU: Continue Randy advising, dissertation draft finalization
     - JACoW: Plan Board of Directors telecon (late June)
     - ADMIN: HPI Training (Jul 15), Andre Seryi meeting (Jun 18)
  Next two weeks (June 25-July 6)
     - JLEIC: pCDR writing, template, EIC lunch, impedance/HE/R&D meetings
     - JLEIC: Peter McIntyre meeting (Jun 26)
     - JLEIC: Summer student work on Booster simulations, training
     - IPAC18: Finalize proceedings, delegate survey report
     - JACoW: JBoD telecon (Jun 29), post/review meeting minutes
     - ADMIN: Leadership/group meetings, staffing input and planning
     - ADMIN: Director Ops review (Jun 26-28)
     - ODU: Continue Randy advising, dissertation draft finalization

Alex Bogacz

   Previous two weeks (June 11-June 22)
     - ADMIN: Work on talk for muon acceleration (ARIES workshop)
     - PERLE: Work on talk for LHeC/ERL (Orsay LHeC meeting)
     - PERLE: Review talks on CBeta (Hoffstaetter), 802MHz cav (Marhauser)
     - IPAC18: Submit light peer review papers to IOP for processing
   Next two weeks (June 25-July 6)
     - ADMIN: Phys Rev paper review
     - PERLE: Attend PERLE collaboration meeting in Orsay
     - PERLE: Attend LHeC/FCCeh/PERLE workshop in Orsay
     - ADMIN: Attend ARIES Muon Collider Workshop in Padua

Rui Li

   Previous two weeks (June 11-June 22)
     - JLEIC: Continue LCBI (longitudinal coupled bunch instability)
       growth rates with new HOM design from Marhauser
     - JLEIC: Investigate discrepancy between mathematica/ZAP growth rates
       for LCBI growth rate calculations; found speed of light bug
     - JLEIC: Prepare impedance meeting presentation on LCBI, HOM issues
       in cavity first HOM frequency shift
   Next two weeks (June 25-July 6)
     - JLEIC: Impedance meeting (June 25)
     - JLEIC: Calculate TCBI (transverse coupled bunch instability)
       growth rates with new HOM design from Marhauser
     - JLEIC: Write up tech notes on LCBI/TCBI calculations
     - JLEIC: Write up LCBI/TCBI calculations for pCDR and ICFA newsletter

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (June 11-June 22)
     - JLEIC: Polishing presentation, question responses for LDRD committee
     - JLEIC: Updated Booster graphics for pCDR
   Next two weeks (June 25-July 6)
     - JLEIC: Finish LDRD proposal, address requests/updates
     - ADMIN: AP COM professional development
     - JLEIC: Start looking at Booster injection design with summer student

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (June 11-June 22)
     - JLEIC: Work with Dave to sort out CCR beam exchange
     - PERLE: Finished TN-18-031 on initial analysis of PERLE baseline lattice
     - JLEIC: Input distribution from Fay for ERL tracking (and CCR?)
     - LERF: Read up on documents related to being LERF APEL
   Next two weeks (June 25-July 6)
     - begin pushing Fay's distribution through cooler ERL
       - bunch is factors of a few longer than the ERL was designed to handle
     - continue work on building up exchange region in elegant
     - add text to pCDR where applicable

Accelerator R & D - Y. Zhang
Fanglei Lin

  • Finished electron collider ring lattice with vertical doglegs implemented in the spin rotators. Extracting the lattice parameters.
  • Communicating with Klaus Heinemann and provided the electron collider ring lattice for spin matching.
  • Miscellaneous: attended the JLEIC R&D meeting, attended JLab users group meeting, starting working on the FOA proposal of storage ring cooler.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • My main activities in the past two weeks were:
    -Beam loss studies with Hannah
    -Geometry tagging LDRD: working with Tobias, simulations and data analysis
    -Ion polarization: teleconference with Anatoliy's group
    -Preparing and giving a talk at the JLab Users Group Meeting
    -Detector background studies: beam line modeling and contributing to Latifa's generic detector R&D proposal
    -Design of compact coupling compensation of the electron spin rotators
  • Activities planned for the next two weeks:
    -Design of the ion collider ring
    -Geometry tagging LDRD: data analysis and writing of DIS proceedings
    -Beam loss studies with Hannah

Amy Sy

  • My activities over the past few weeks are as follows:
    -Working on the polarized ion sources contribution to the ICFA Beam Dynamics article.
    -Responses to reviewer questions on LDRD proposal on laser driven polarized atomic deuterium source. Preparing presentation to LDRD review committee.
    -Working on Skew PIC closeout report.

Guohui Wei

  • On leave

Yuhong Zhang

  • Worked on High Energy JLEIC, gave two talks
  • Worked on pre-CDR
  • Worked on next Joint EIC Collaboration Meeting
  • Attended many meetings

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin
Kirsten Deitrick

  • Last two weeks:
    • Magnetized beam (LERF PoP):
    -trying to correct magnetization damage after FEL booster with off-axis travel through skew quad
    -start trying to quantify magnetization (to better run the optimizer)
    • Straight Merger at CBeta:
    -data analysis
    -field map of coil requested and received
    • eCloud:
    -ask people for codes
    -working on corresponding text for preCDR
    • Impedance:
    -send out request for items to go on agenda (meeting on 06/25)
    -feedback kicker count for various machines
    -best/worst case electron ring impedance scenario
    • Meetings:
    -Cooler (x2)
    -CBETA weekly
    • Misc:
    -GPT / cluster help for three different summer students (2xGeoff's and 1xAlicia's)
    -vacation on June 18th
  • Next two weeks:
    • Magnetized beam (LEFR PoP):
    -correct magnetization damage after FEL booster with off-axis travel through skew quad
    -start looking at magnetization preservation through merger designs
    • Straight Merger at CBeta:
    -finish data analysis
    -begin simulations
    -present preliminary results in JLEIC R&D meeting
    • eCloud:
    -finish text for preCDR
    -get other cold section magnet properties from Vasiliy/Fanglei
    • Impedance:
    -best/worst case for electron ring impedance scenario
    -meeting (present above + feedback kickers in various machines)
    • Meetings:
    -Cooler (x2)
    -JLEIC (x1-2)
    • Misc:
    -DOE Travel to China brief reading

Yves Roblin

  • Finished JLAB-TN-18-032 “Design Optics for the 12 GeV CEBAF arcs”
  • Working on JLAB-TN-18-XXX “From TOSCA to ELEGANT, incorporating field multipoles in the model”
  • readjusting all the optics for ARC3->ARCA to incorporate the proper quadrupole terms in the arc dipoles, the proper M56 between appropriate knobs, etc (the TN is a summary of that work)
  • BTEAM coordination and meetings
  • Working with D. Turner on various model-based tools and algorithms
  • APEX collaboration: Working with them to design an alignment procedure both pre-beam and beam based for their multifoil target. Preliminary meeting and draft document out.
  • reviewed proposals and LOI’s for TAC meeting, attended TAC meeting.

Dennis Turner

  • Last two weeks (mostly developing ArcSteer):
    • ArcSteer:
    -Ready for testing, ATLis 18263 submitted.
    • QTSnyder:
    -Fixed design eta plots to reflect damping correctly.
    • dispersionTool:
    -Fixed design eta plots to reflect damping correctly.
    -Getting ready for further testing and release
    • qsUtility:
    -Addressed OPS-PR 3500643 (dataCollector not working with 5C11/5C11B harps)
    -Worked with Alicia's summer student to prepare him for Injector emittance measurements.
    • dogCalc:
    -Implemented workaround for sqrt(-) exceptions
    • USPAS:
    -Signed up for "Beam Based Diagnostics" and "Design and Engineering of Modern Beam Diagnostics" classes in January.
    • Vacation 6/8, 6/12, and 6/13.
  • Next two weeks:
    • Prepare slides and present ced2elagant and ArcSteer to BTeam 6/26.
    • Begin work on rayTrace data collection and analysis tools.
    • Continue to get dispersionTool ready for further testing and release.
    • Out of town 6/29 to 7/1.

He Zhang

  • JSPEC Development

Cooling with an arbitrary electron bunch. For this purpose, we allow the users to represent the electron bunch as a list of particles with given positions and velocities. We will calculate the electron density, average velocity and temperature around each ion, which will be used for the friction force calculation for the ion. Finding all the electrons around a given ion and sequencing them in 3D space will be very time consuming. To achieve better efficiency, we will use the following algorithm. (1) Enclose all the electron in a cube and divide the cube into small cubes hierarchically until the number of electrons in each cube is smaller than a pre-determined number. The cubes form a tree structure. This is exactly what we do in the fast multipole method. (2) Then for each box find which ions are contained. (3) Finally we can calculate the electron density and other parameters needed for the friction force calculation for each ion according to the electrons inside the same box. Codes for step (1) and (2) are finished.

Turn-by-turn tracking. I am adding the turn-by-turn tracking package to the official JSPEC release. Transverse tracking was done by a linear phase advance according to the given tunes. Longitudinal tracking was done either by a tune or by a RF cavity. The package has been exposed to the UI. But need more testing.

A bug of the user interface (the transverse coupling was not correctly set for IBS) was found and fixed.

  • Fast Multipole Method

The Cartesian tensor and differential algebra (DA) based kernel-independent FMM code was revised so that the code can treat multiple kernel functions simultaneously. The 3D single level Stokes kernel, which is composed of three kernel functions, was calculated and the code works as expected.

Two versions of the error function that takes a DA vector as an input and returns another DA vector were developed. One version calls the C++ math function to calculate the constant part of the return DA vector and use theoretical formula to calculate the higher order parts of the return DA vector. The other version use Chebyshev polynomial with DA to calculate the return DA vector. They will be used to demonstrate how DA can be used to calculate special functions.

  • Others
    -Tested the C++ code for constructing the 2nd kind generating function using differential algebra on various orders and dimensions. The code was sent to Balsa and Vasiliy.
    -Reviewed a paper for SIVP.
  • Work plan in the following two weeks
    -Continue writing and polishing the pCDR report
    -Test, finish, and document the JSPEC package of cooling with arbitrary electron beam
    -Test the turn-by-turn tracking packge for JSPEC.
    -Generating data and write on the kernel-independent FMM

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan
Kevin Jordan

  • I have been working with the PC to choose talks for the upcoming IBIC conference that will be in Shanghai this September
  • Work continues on the LCLS-II CM test conversion of the LERF, most all of the cables have been pulled - they still need to be terminated. The first set of 8 SSAs and LLRF racks have been run together and at full power (into waveguide shorts).
  • The past few weeks have been spent cleaning up the entire LERF for a DOE Isotope visit - that visit went very well
  • Trip to Columbus OH to Eden Cryo vender for inspection of the LCLS-II transfer line and cryogenic-can, both of these are being delivered late - we are trying to pick up the schedule

Next two weeks;

  • RadiaBeam visit for design review
  • Run the next 8 SSAs & LLRF racks
  • Get three cables terminated
  • Dayne from SLAC will arrive in a couple weeks to commission the Cryogenic control racks

Joe Gubeli:

  • Worked on the new SLMs for ARC 7. I have a good optical solution and the chamber is well defined lacking only some support structures. Setup the optics for this SLM on the bench and am working with Michael T. to determine specifications like slits and remote/local adjustment capabilities. Ordered and received several cameras that Mike T. and I will setup to determine the best for future diagnostics.
  • Worked a little on LCLS-II as well as on the Radiabeam CRADA. We have received the test linear motor and controller for the HPWS insertion. I will talk to Wes M. about it control with EPICS.
  • Helped I&C with the Hall C dump. While the setup there is not optimal due to transport and lens sizes the user is satisfied with the image.
  • Going forward I expect I will continue working on the ARC 7 SLM, Radiabeam, the isotope project and the paper for IBIC 2018.

Mike Tiefenback:

  • requirements for diagnostic optimization for SLMs in Arc7A and elsewhere, including the 1C12 outlook for fall 2018. We expect to acquire a few cameras each of 2 or 3 styles we use on-site and set them up looking at the same image to test for camera-to-camera variance in measured RMS image size. Have just begun investigating resolution issues with Gubeli and hardware.
  • I've had to devote time to magnet integrator tasks, particularly to the prospect of residual mis-wired quadrupoles.
  • Have begun (with operator Brandi Cade) cryogenic heat load calibration vs. JT setting to characterize the linac heat load. The benefit will be to guide a better match of RF heat (Q0 dissipation) against resistive heat so that RF state transitions are more transparent to CHL operation. Looks promising so far.
  • Investigating X-ray imaging in the transport arcs to Halls A/C (a step beyond visible light optical imaging in these lines, as a route to a real-time energy spread monitor).

LERF - S. Benson

  • June 11-22
    • Worked on editing section 7.3 of pCDR
    • Reviewed SBIR RFP to see if anything for coolers was missing. Added something on ion clearing gap production.
    • Briefed Andrei Seryi on LERF plans and activities and toured him through the facility
    • Continued to review LDRD proposals
    • Hosted Cooler ring meetings on June 13 and June 20 and wrote up minutes
    • Had kickoff meeting to discuss mini-workshop on ERL studies for EIC
    • Looked for spare parts to use in the UITF at the LERF
  • June 25-July 6
    • Arrange for collaboration with HZDR for Elbe II facility.
    • Revise LOD to match new ASE document.
    • Continue to work on pCDR
    • Work to kick off FOA activities