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Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata (Interim CASA Director)
Todd Satogata

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • ADMIN: Leadership meetings, staffing input and planning
    • ADMIN: DOE Operations Review (Jul 25-26)
    • JLEIC: pCDR writing, template, EIC lunch, impedance/HE/R&D meetings
    • JLEIC: NAS report release presentation (Jul 24)
    • JLEIC: Summer student work on Booster simulations, training
    • JLEIC: EIC User's Group Meeting (Catholic University, Jul 30-Aug 2)
    • JLEIC: Summer student poster session (Aug 3)
    • IPAC18: Finalize proceedings
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • ADMIN: Leadership/group meetings, staffing input and planning
    • JLEIC: pCDR writing, template, EIC lunch, HE/R&D meetings
    • JLEIC: Complete Booster vacuum tech note calculations
    • JLEIC: Director's Cost Review round table (Aug 6)
    • JLEIC: P&C Meeting pCDR Update (Aug 13)
    • OPS: Re-engage with BTeam, CEBAF startup, OOC schedule input
    • ODU: Sal Sosa annual review presentation (Aug 9)
    • IPAC18: IPAC'18 delegate survey report

Alex Bogacz

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • ADMIN: Materials for European strategy collaboration:
      • PERLE with Orsay
      • LHeC with CERN
      • Muon accelerator with INFN Frascati
    • PERLE: Refinement on PERLE lattice
    • OPS: Arc 2 Optics: further phase advance optimization
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • MUONS: Summary on muon acceleration for European Strategy Group
    • LHEC: Refinement on the LHeC ERL lattice
    • MUONS: NuFact SPC mtg. at Virginia Tech
    • ADMIN: Tech Transfer database training

Rui Li

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • JLEIC: Calculate resistive-wall impedance contributions to the coupled bunch instabilities. Found out that for the electron ring, their effects are negligible for the longitudinal coupled bunch instability, but they play a major role for the transverse coupled bunch instability (dominant over the RF cavity HOM effects).
    • JLEIC: Summarize the LCBI and TCBI results and presented them at the impedance meeting
    • JLEIC: Review early literatures on collective instabilities
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • JLEIC: modify the section of preCDR to include new findings of resistive wall effect on CBI
    • JLEIC: continue to develop more understandings on collective instabilities by going over literatures
    • JLEIC: digest discussions on the impedance meeting, forming up my vision for the impedance studies

Edy Nissen

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • JLEIC: Booster working point simulations, up to 96% survival but still with long-term beam stability issues
    • JLEIC: Update pCDR contribution based on reviewer feedback
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • JLEIC: Continue Booster working point simulations
    • JLEIC: Assist with pCDR as necessary (referencs, tables, Booster section)

Chris Tennant

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • LERF: LERF lattice study for isotope production (no constraints)
    • ADMIN: planning mini-ERL workshop
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • ISOTOPES: isotope kick-off meeting
    • ISOTOPES: isotope lattice design (with constraints as they become defined)
    • JLEIC: model 476 MHz linac for cooler ERL and work on longitudinal match using arc from Project-E

Accelerator R & D - Y. Zhang (Awaiting Update)
Fanglei Lin

Vasiliy Morozov

Amy Sy

Guohui Wei

  • On Leave

Yuhong Zhang

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin (Awaiting Update)

Yves Roblin:

Dennis Turner

He Zhang

Kirsten Deitrick

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan (Awaiting Update)
Kevin Jordan

Joe Gubeli

Michael Tiefenback

LERF - S. Benson

  • July 23-Aug. 3
    • Prepared for and attended kickoff meeting for isotope project
    • Went over CEC study by Stupakov to derive ERL specifications
    • Attended Operations review
    • Wrote up cooling section of HE-JLEIC appendix
    • Worked on editing Cooling chapter of pCDR
    • Met with Tim Minga to survey fire safety status of the LERF
    • Held Cooling ring meetings and wrote up minutes.
    • Derived utility needs for cooling ring with Cooling ring group
    • Held program committee meeting for "ERLs for EIC" mini workshop.
  • August 6-17
    • Visit Fermilab to plan out the FAST/IOTA transport of magnetized beam experiments.
    • Hold FOA project status meeting (Aug. 17)
    • Try to define HZDR collaboration
    • Prepare ICPA-18 conference presentation.
    • Work on fire safety punch list items in the LERF
    • Continue to work on pCDR
    • Revise LOD for isotope work

A. Hutton

  • July 23-Aug 3
    • Read all of the JLEIC PreCDR updates and sent out comments to the authors.
    • Prepared for the Isotope Kick-off meeting
    • Started my invited talk on Transverse Deflecting Cavities for the HL-LHC Collaboration Workshop. Contacted people in the US, Europe and Japan to get input, incorporated slides I received from UK and ODU.
    • Some discussion with Kirsten on the Cornell results