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Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata (Interim CASA Director)
Todd Satogata

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • ADMIN: Leadership meetings, staffing input and planning
    • ADMIN: DOE Operations Review (Jul 25-26)
    • JLEIC: pCDR writing, template, EIC lunch, impedance/HE/R&D meetings
    • JLEIC: NAS report release presentation (Jul 24)
    • JLEIC: Summer student work on Booster simulations, training
    • JLEIC: EIC User's Group Meeting (Catholic University, Jul 30-Aug 2)
    • JLEIC: Summer student poster session (Aug 3)
    • IPAC18: Finalize proceedings
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • ADMIN: Leadership/group meetings, staffing input and planning
    • JLEIC: pCDR writing, template, EIC lunch, HE/R&D meetings
    • JLEIC: Complete Booster vacuum tech note calculations
    • JLEIC: Director's Cost Review round table (Aug 6)
    • JLEIC: P&C Meeting pCDR Update (Aug 13)
    • OPS: Re-engage with BTeam, CEBAF startup, OOC schedule input
    • ODU: Sal Sosa annual review presentation (Aug 9)
    • IPAC18: IPAC'18 delegate survey report
    • JACOW: 2018 Team Meeting agenda and cost review

Alex Bogacz

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • ADMIN: Materials for European strategy collaboration:
      • PERLE with Orsay
      • LHeC with CERN
      • Muon accelerator with INFN Frascati
    • PERLE: Refinement on PERLE lattice
    • OPS: Arc 2 Optics: further phase advance optimization
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • MUONS: Summary on muon acceleration for European Strategy Group
    • LHEC: Refinement on the LHeC ERL lattice
    • MUONS: NuFact SPC mtg. at Virginia Tech
    • ADMIN: Tech Transfer database training

Rui Li

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • JLEIC: Calculate resistive-wall impedance contributions to the coupled bunch instabilities. Found out that for the electron ring, their effects are negligible for the longitudinal coupled bunch instability, but they play a major role for the transverse coupled bunch instability (dominant over the RF cavity HOM effects).
    • JLEIC: Summarize the LCBI and TCBI results and presented them at the impedance meeting
    • JLEIC: Review early literatures on collective instabilities
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • JLEIC: modify the section of preCDR to include new findings of resistive wall effect on CBI
    • JLEIC: continue to develop more understandings on collective instabilities by going over literatures
    • JLEIC: digest discussions on the impedance meeting, forming up my vision for the impedance studies

Edy Nissen

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • JLEIC: Booster working point simulations, up to 96% survival but still with long-term beam stability issues
    • JLEIC: Update pCDR contribution based on reviewer feedback
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • JLEIC: Continue Booster working point simulations
    • JLEIC: Assist with pCDR as necessary (referencs, tables, Booster section)

Chris Tennant

  • Previous two weeks (July 23-Aug 3)
    • LERF: LERF lattice study for isotope production (no constraints)
    • ADMIN: planning mini-ERL workshop
  • Next two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • ISOTOPES: isotope kick-off meeting
    • ISOTOPES: isotope lattice design (with constraints as they become defined)
    • JLEIC: model 476 MHz linac for cooler ERL and work on longitudinal match using arc from Project-E

Accelerator R & D - Y. Zhang

Fanglei Lin

  • Updating the electron collider ring design for the pre-CDR.
  • Helping the student and working on the storage ring cooler project.
  • Miscellaneous: attended innovative electron cooling project status meeting, discussion the synchrotron radiation in the electron ring with engineers.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • Last two weeks
    • Attending EIC User Group Meeting
    • Ion polarization: writing a pCDR contribution on ion polarization control at 200 GeV, teleconference with Anatoliy's group
    • Editing a pCDR chapter on crab crossing
    • Working on beam loss studies with Hannah
    • Geometry tagging LDRD: building GEMC model of the detector regions and running cross section calculations
  • Next two weeks
    • Ion collider ring design
    • Writing pCDR contributions
    • Geometry tagging LDRD

Amy Sy

  • Working on Skew PIC closeout report.
  • Working with transverse feedback pickup and kicker elements in Elegant. Working with the TFBFilterSetup module to calculate the FIR filter coefficients for a transverse feedback system in the ion collider ring. Literature study of decoherence effects due to transverse position errors at injection. Studying decoherence effects due to transverse position errors in the ion collider ring.
  • Invited to participate in a DOE review of the Mu2e project at Fermilab in October.

Guohui Wei

  • On Leave

Yuhong Zhang

  • Attended EICUG meeting and gave a talk
  • Prepared EICUG talk
  • Started organization of EIC Accelerator collaboration meeting
  • Continued writing JLEIC pre-CDR sections

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin (Awaiting Update)

Yves Roblin

  • OPS: preparing for upcoming run
  • OPS: BTEAM meeetings. Now weekly again.
  • OPS: incorporated new optics into CED
  • OPS: meetings with physics regarding energy determination for past experiments
  • JLEIC: pCDR writing, pCDR meeting
  • ADMIN: acting Casa Director during Todd’s absence, Leadership meeting.
  • ADMIN: budget. Adjusting charged hours for a “soft “ landing and closing MEPCEC
  • ADMIN: budget: preparing projections for JLECBB

Dennis Turner

  • Shifting back to operations

He Zhang

  • Last two weeks
    • Beam-beam code development
      • The symplectic tracking code using one of the four classical generating functions has been finished and benchmarked with COSY Infinity 9.0. To use the new code, the user only needs to provide the truncated map and specify which generating function to use for symplectic tracking. The generating function will be constructed automatically. The following figures show the benchmark for the symplectic tracking of 1,000,000 turns using the first generating function. Our code agrees well with COSY Infinity. The same benchmark has been done for all the other three generating function and for tracking with a truncated map. In all the cases, the both codes agree with each other. A few places of the code are revised for better efficiency. A new parser is also added so that the truncated map generated by MAD-X can be loaded. But we have not done anything to convert the coordinates between COSY Infinity and MAD-X. A bug in the original TPSA code is found and fixed.
      • Now we can consider how to fit the tracking code into BeamBeam3D. The following issues needs to be addressed:
        • Calling C++ functions in Fortran.
        • Convert COSY Infinity and MAD-X coordinates to BeamBeam3D coordinates.
        • Parallelization.
      • I have read some tutorials on calling C++ in Fortran. In principle, it can be done. Need more testing to learn how it works.
    • JSPEC code development
      • Continue working on the arbitrary electron bunch module for JSPEC. A new electron beam model has been added. The interfaces between the following modules: electron beam, friction force calculation, cooling rate calculation, have to be revised. This work has not been finished.
    • Others
      • Investigated and wrote about high energy DC cooler
      • Submitted the abstract for ICAP’18
  • Work plan in the following two weeks
    • Finish fitting the arbitrary electron bunch module into JSPEC.
    • Write about enhancing cooling efficiency for pCDR.
    • Document the work on symplectic tracking.

Kirsten Deitrick

  • Last two weeks
    • Magnetized beam (LERF PoP)
      • check 3D FEL booster optimization results (need to re-run)
      • magnetization preservation through mergers (setting up)
    • Straight Merger at CBETA
      • finish coil field calculation for calibration check (final verdict: conflicting calibration data)
      • continue simulations
      • explain discrepancies (conflicting calibration data, beam wasn't set-up carefully - somewhat messy)
    • Impedance
      • finish collision ion ring broadband impedance presentation
      • meeting (Aug. 2)
    • Meetings
      • Cooler (x1) (next week skipped due to Ops Review)
      • Impedance
      • NAS report webinar
    • Misc
      • LINAC18 presentation practice (x2)
      • Last of Geoff's REU student help
  • Next two weeks:
    • Magnetized beam (LERF PoP)
      • check 3D FEL booster optimization results (after the re-run)
      • magnetization preservation through mergers (finish setting up, run)
    • Straight Merger at CBETA
      • continue simulations (using both possible calibrations)
      • data analysis (clean, fitting)
      • use simulations to determine correct fitting formula
    • Impedance
      • update webpage
      • schedule next meeting
    • Meetings
      • CASA
      • Cooler (x2)
      • JLEIC (x2)
    • Misc
      • Linac18 presentation practice
      • start writing Linac18 papers
      • Travel arrangements, visa for Linac18

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  • LCLS-II was again the major effort
    • Transfer line was installed, welded, and leak checked
    • FEL 01/02 (1/4 + full C50 modules) were cooled down - this was major effort by a number of groups because despite my requests no one looked at the hardware until the last days and found the CAMAC serial highway dead among other problems. This was crucial to a tasks including the cool down of the first two LCLS-II modules in October as well as Gigi & Gary Chen’s Q0 studies.
    • The cable termination for CM # 2 is progressing well, wrapping up orphan cables - a few more to pull in...
  • Presented a talk on isotope target concepts at the Isotope Kickoff meeting
  • Joined Joe in weekly Radiabeam meeting on wire scanner controls
  • Attended review for Arc 7 SLM design

Joe Gubeli

  • The majority of time was spent on finishing the proposal for four new diagnostics in CEBAF ARC 7. Presented the proposal to a number of people and had a very good feedback.
  • Had a telcon with Radiabeam on the high power high speed wire scanner.
  • Had several meetings on the LCLS-II in LERF test. Pushing through a trolley beam hoist to move the bellows on the cryocan end. Ceiling obstructions were removed from beam installation.
  • Had the kickoff meet for the Isotope project.

Michael Tiefenback

  • Diagnostic optimization for SLMs in Arc7A, practically achievable resolution, layout details concerning slits and diffractive consequences. Writing up a coherent justification for this diagnostic hardware.
  • Preparation for beam and system tests in August, particularly time-of-flight related measurements in the NL: potentially huge speedup of cold-start cavity phasing and an alternate, more precise, non-magnetic cavity gradient calibration. Item #5 below is operationally linked to the RF manipulations involved here.
  • Updating the M56 tuning section of ops procedures to replace instructions using obsolete and no-longer-available hardware with steps using updated and available signals.
  • Residual nightmares concerning magnet mis-wiring, although I expect to be done with this now. Some small issues arose with 1L07/1L08 girder mods.
  • A bit more coordination and data planning concerning intercalibration of cryogenic heat load vs. JT setting as we move back to 2K operation.

LERF - S. Benson

  • July 23-Aug. 3
    • ISOTOPES: Prepared for and attended kickoff meeting for isotope project
    • JLEIC: Went over CEC study by Stupakov to derive ERL specifications
    • ADMIN: Attended Operations review
    • JLEIC: Wrote up cooling section of HE-JLEIC appendix
    • JLEIC: Worked on editing Cooling chapter of pCDR
    • OPS: Met with Tim Minga to survey fire safety status of the LERF
    • JLEIC: Held Cooling ring meetings and wrote up minutes.
    • JLEIC: Derived utility needs for cooling ring with Cooling ring group
    • ADMIN: Held program committee meeting for "ERLs for EIC" mini workshop.
  • August 6-17
    • JLEIC: Visit Fermilab to plan out the FAST/IOTA transport of magnetized beam experiments.
    • JLEIC: Hold FOA project status meeting (Aug. 17)
    • ADMIN: Try to define HZDR collaboration
    • ADMIN: Prepare ICPA-18 conference presentation.
    • OPS: Work on fire safety punch list items in the LERF
    • JLEIC: Continue to work on pCDR
    • ISOTOPES: Revise LOD for isotope work

A. Hutton

  • July 23-Aug 3
    • JLEIC: Read all of the JLEIC PreCDR updates and sent out comments to the authors.
    • ISOTOPES: Prepared for the Isotope Kick-off meeting
    • Started my invited talk on Transverse Deflecting Cavities for the HL-LHC Collaboration Workshop. Contacted people in the US, Europe and Japan to get input, incorporated slides I received from UK and ODU.
    • Some discussion with Kirsten on the Cornell results