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Accelerator Physics - T. Satogata (Interim CASA Director)
Todd Satogata

  • Previous two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • ADMIN: Leadership/group meetings, staffing input and planning
    • JLEIC: pCDR writing, template, EIC lunch, HE/R&D meetings
    • JLEIC: Director's Cost Review round table (Aug 6)
    • JLEIC: P&C Meeting pCDR Update (Aug 13)
    • OPS: Re-engage with BTeam, CEBAF startup shifts
    • ODU: Sal Sosa annual review presentation (Aug 9)
    • IPAC18: Finalize proceedings
  • Next two weeks (Aug 20-31)
    • JLEIC: Complete Booster vacuum tech note calculations
    • ADMIN: Leadership/group meetings, staffing input and planning
    • JLEIC: pCDR writing, template, EIC lunch, HE/R&D meetings
    • JLEIC: pCDR identification of breakout material for tech notes
    • JLEIC: tunnel design brainstorming meeting
    • OPS: CEBAF startup shifts
    • IPAC18: IPAC'18 delegate survey report
    • JACOW: 2018 Team Meeting agenda, planning, and cost review

Alex Bogacz

  • Previous two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • MUONS: Summary on muon acceleration for European Strategy Group
    • OPS: Arc 1 optics with 6 m disp. re-design
    • MUONS: NuFact SPC mtg. at Virginia Tech
    • MUONS: Chairing a session on proton drivers at NuFact'18
  • Next two weeks (Aug 20-31)
    • LHEC: Refinement on the LHeC ERL lattice
    • OPS: Machine on-call support
    • ADMIN: Tech Transfer database training

Rui Li

  • Previous two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • JLEIC: modify the section of preCDR to include the recent findings of resistive wall effect on the coupled-bunch instabilities in the JLEIC collider rings
    • JLEIC: continue to develop more understandings on collective instabilities
    • JLEIC: respond to David Bruhwiler of Radiasoft about JLEIC collective-effects simulation needs, especially the fast ion instability and interplay of multiple mechanisms on the coupled-bunch instability
    • JLEIC: travel request and registration for eeFACT2018
  • Next two weeks (Aug 20-31)
    • ADMIN: preparing package for Cheng-Ying Tsai’s thesis award nomination (nomination letter, citation, request for reference letters, fill online forms, etc…), deadline is 9/7
    • JLEIC: summarize my coupled-bunch instability results and its role in RF cavity design (iteration with Frank Marhauser to improve growth rate), hoping to present in the next-week JLEIC R&D meeting
    • JLEIC: inherit the impedance meeting wiki page from Kirsten (since she is leaving for Cornell in October)
    • meanwhile continue to further my understanding on collective effects

Edy Nissen

  • Last two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • JLEIC: Continue Booster working point simulations; start investigating reducing transition gamma
    • JLEIC: Assist with pCDR as necessary (referencs, tables, Booster section)
    • OPS: Shifts in MCC, learning about optics as part of startup
  • Next two weeks (Aug 20-31)
    • JLEIC: continue exploring working points, with the understanding that at the end of the month a draft is due, so I will use the best version I have to re-render the plots for my pCDR chapter.
    • OPS: provide assistance as needed for ops
    • JLEIC: provide assistance as needed for the pCDR

Chris Tennant

  • Previous two weeks (Aug 6-Aug 17)
    • JLEIC: pCDR proofreading
    • ISOTOPES: isotope kick-off meeting
    • ISOTOPES: isotope lattice design (with constraints as they become defined)
    • JLEIC: model 476 MHz linac for cooler ERL and work on longitudinal match using arc from Project-E
  • Next two weeks (Aug 20-31)
    • JLEIC: return to electron cooler work - namely can we design an ERL to accept Fay's distribution from the front end
      • JLEIC: rework longitudinal match of the EUV arc to linearize bunch
    • ISOTOPES: summarize/document lattice design work for isotopes

Accelerator R & D - Y. Zhang

Fanglei Lin

  • Continued updating the electron collider ring design for the pre-CDR.
  • Helping the student and working on the storage ring cooler project.
  • Miscellaneous: attended the bi-weekly storing ring cooler meeting, attended a discussion of the electron ring aperture with engineers, attended the JLEIC R&D meeting, attended the discussions of JLEIC baseline design, attended the discussion of IP magnets, attended the discussion of JLEIC alignment tolerance, went to Philadelphia to apply the Italian visa for SPIN2018.

Vasiliy Morozov

  • Geometry tagging LDRD: development of the JLIEC IR model and simulations.
  • Writing of a contribution on the geometry tagging for the pCDR.
  • Work on the higher-energy JLEIC option.

Amy Sy

  • Working on Skew PIC closeout report and paper summarizing progress on Skew PIC for muon ionization cooling.
  • Geometry tagging LDRD: setting up GEMC detector model and virtual detectors to analyze forward products of coherent and incoherent diffractive scattering events. Modified analysis tools used with previous GEMC version to be compatible with new output formats in recent release. Verifying that boosted-frame coordinates of particles from the event generator properly transports particles, taking into account the crossing angle between electron and ion beams.

Yuhong Zhang

  • Worked on HE-JLEIC
  • Worked on bunched beam cooling, micro-bunch coherent electron cooling and storage-ring cooling
  • Worked on pre-CDR
  • Worked on EIC ACM 2018 organization
  • Other JLEIC activities

Computational Physics - Y. Roblin

Yves Roblin

  • OPS: preparing for upcoming run, shifts
  • OPS: BTEAM meeetings. Now weekly again.
  • JLEIC: pCDR writing, pCDR meeting
  • JLEIC: worked with He Zhang to start implementing symplectic tracking in BB3D.
  • vacation Aug 13-17

He Zhang

  • Last two weeks (Aug 6-17)
    • JSPEC code development
      • The coding for the module of cooling with arbitrary electron beam has been finished. To use this module, the user needs to provide a text file that contains the 6D phase space coordinates for all the sample electrons. JSPEC will load the electrons in to the memory and group the electrons according to their position and the local particle density. Then JSPEC distributes all the ions into the groups and calculates the electron density w.r.t. the number of the electrons and the volume of each group. (The density calculation can be further polished if necessary.) The user can choose whether there is a correlation between the longitudinal velocity and the position. When the correlation exists, JSPEC calculates the average velocity in each box. The electron velocities will be adjusted before calculating the local temperature in each box. The ion velocities will also be adjusted before friction force calculation. When no correlation, JSPEC assumes the average velocity in the beam frame is zero in all boxes. The UI for this module is also finished. The code runs, but needs further work to verify the model. One squestion is how the electron grouping affects the cooling rate calculation and how to select the parameters for the electron grouping.
    • Beam-beam code development
      • Compiled the BB3D code on cluster and my laptop with linux.
      • Read about how to call C++ function from Fortran.
    • pCDR
      • Wrote a few pages on how we can possibly enhance/optimize the cooling process for high energy bunched beam cooling for the proton beam in JLEIC collider ring, including maintaining the bunch length during cooing, using a flat beam, introducing transverse velocity gradient of the electron beam, sweeping effect, and dispersion cooling. The draft was sent to Yuhong. I asked him to decide whether we add it to the pCDR.
    • Others:
      • Reviewed a paper.
  • Next two weeks (Aug 20-31)
    • Test/verify the arbitrary electron bunch module into JSPEC.
    • Work on the turn-by-turn tracking module for JSPEC
    • Read BB3D code and make a plan for symplectic tracking module
    • Document the work on symplectic tracking.

Kirsten Deitrick

  • Last two weeks (Aug 6-17)
    • Straight Merger at CBETA:
      • continue simulations (using both possible calibrations)
      • data analysis (lower cutting threshold)
      • have looked for fitting formula, but while there is a distinctive look, nothing straightforward
    • eCloud:
      • run for other magnets (quads/sext) and drifts (warm/cold)
    • Impedance:
      • looked into scheduling next meeting, but best option is during All-Hands meeting
    • Meetings:
      • Cooler (x2)
      • JLEIC (x1)
    • Misc:
      • Linac18 presentation practice
      • start writing Linac18 papers
      • Travel arrangements, visa for Linac18
      • vacation (08/16-08/17)
  • Next two weeks: (Aug 20-31)
    • Magnetized beam (LERF PoP):
      • check 3D FEL booster optimization results (after the re-run)
      • magnetization preservation through mergers (finish setting up, run)
    • Straight Merger at CBETA:
      • semianalytical calculation of beam size as a function of offset from crest?
    • eCloud:
      • finish results
    • Impedance:
      • show Rui how to schedule meetings and maintain website
    • Meetings:
      • Cooler (x1)
      • JLEIC (x1)
    • Misc:
      • Linac18 presentation practice
      • continue/finish writing Linac18 papers
      • vacation (08/22-08/24)

Diagnostic Development - K. Jordan

Kevin Jordan

  • Working on Isotope project planning. I had conference call with Eva Birnbaum , director of LANL isotope program, and Cathy Cutler, Director of BNL isotope program, to discuss Gallium targets. Also tracked down magnets for isotope beam line
  • Met with Matt from AlphaCore on the SBIR rad hard camera project
  • Continued to make progress on the LERF testing of LCLS-II cryomodules. Folks from SLAC were here for a week commissioning the cryogenic-control racks. Updates can be seen at: wiki.jlab.org/lerf
  • Had planning meeting for next experiments at IMP
  • Updated Faraday Cup award website ahead of upcoming IBIC conference

Joe Gubeli

  • worked on diagnostics paper for the IBIC conference
  • worked on isotope beam line layout

Michael Tiefenback

  • Quantitative modeling of use pattern of SLMs in Arc7A.
  • Preparation for beam and system tests during start-up (time-of-flight related measurements, etc), which unfortunately were pushed off the table by hardware problems. Later, perhaps.
  • Refining the M56 tuning section of ops procedures to replace instructions using obsolete and no-longer-available hardware with steps using updated and available signals. Screen modifications seemed advisable to relocate "comment sections" and advisory info in procedure(s) into "help" text for the instrumentation screens for M56 and for path length applications.
  • Review with DC Power of magnet resistance and reactance measurements. Although expected to have been laid to rest, a new prospect has recently (8/18) arisen with 6S horizontal steering. (An explanation might be something being accidentally displaced during 2S03 quadrupole re-location during the summer "down.")
  • Coordination and data planning for intercalibration of cryogenic heat load vs. JT setting remains important, but measurements will be opportunistic with some supplement from archiver-captured events during normal ops.

LERF - S. Benson

  • Last two weeks (August 6-17)
    • Visited Fermilab and came up with a plan for FAST/IOTA transport of magnetized beam experiments.
    • Worked with Yuhong Zhang and Haipeng Wang to come up with a solution for the IMP experiment problems.
    • Prepared ICPA-18 conference presentation.
    • Completed most of the fire safety punch list items in the LERF
    • Continued to work on pCDR. This was the main topic in the Cooler ring meetings.
    • Recertified the HIPPO laser for the LMES in the LERF and handed in laser safety checklist to Bert Manzlak.
    • Reallocated labor for increased FOA effort due to funds shortage in R&D funds.
  • Next two weeks (August 20-31)
    • Attend the ICPA-18 conference in Lake Buena Vista FL and present talk.
    • Attend Hugh Montgomery symposium
    • Continue to work on the pCDR.
    • Work on new LOD for the LERF.
    • Assist MIT in moving DarkLight equipment out of the LERF vault.
    • Complete all Fire safety punch list items in the LERF vault.
    • Finalize the plans for the ERLs for EIC workshop (date, venue, agenda, etc.)
    • Develop plan for isotope project and assist in beam line design if necessary.

A. Hutton

  • Last two weeks (August 6-17)
    • Continued reading all of the JLEIC PreCDR updates and sent out comments to the authors.
    • Held the Isotope Kick-off meeting with about ~30 people attending. Developed milestones and started on Gantt chart for the project. Working on selecting IR Demo dipoles to minimize installation work for the target line.
    • Attended the Virginia Nuclear Energy Commission Authority as the Jefferson Lab representative.
    • Attended the Retiree Seminar.
  • Next two weeks (August 20-31)
    • Continue reading and commenting on the preCDR
    • Make some progress on the Isotope Project organization
    • Work on my talk on Transverse Deflecting Cavities for CERN
    • Go on vacation the last week in August.