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A. Bogacz, K. Jordan, Y. Roblin, T. Satogata, Y. Zhang
Notes in italic

Meeting Agenda

  • Leadership Meeting on wiki
    • We will run the CASA leadership meeting from the CASA administrative wiki.
    • Tristan is getting up to speed with the wiki to update the biweekly reports.
  • Administrative
    • Absences and travel should be coordinated through Tristan, particularly now that we are transitioning from Zimbra to O365 calendars.
    • Postdoc interviews are scheduled this week for the first postdoc. Todd has circulated the second postdoc to other labs to try to generate more applications.
  • Appraisals
    • Please complete FY18 appraisals promptly. We are already a little behind in the appraisal process, and should aim to have employees sign their appraisals over the next week. This is particularly important with Yuhong and Todd on travel later in January.
  • Publications
    • Todd is starting to encourage personnel to write tech notes, including tech notes on history and decision rationale (e.g. pCDR-100 ion injector complex design decisions). Tech notes can be narratives; they have a much lower bar to publication than even conference papers.
    • We have already put in the summer 2018 student papers into the tech note system so they can be referenced in pCDR-100.
    • Todd will start reviewing and publicizing tech notes in monthly group meetings.
    • Todd will ask Tristan to set up a "recent papers" board and update the CASA wiki with them.
  • Other
    • Fanglei is expecting maternity leave for about 6 weeks in Feb/Mar; Vasiliy will likely take some paternity leave too
    • Yves is giving a talk at the PREX collaboration meeting in a few weeks; slides?
    • Target date for pCDR-100 draft is Andrei Seryi invited talk at April 13-16 APS meeting

Action Items

  • investigate screen for Doghouse meeting room (request from Yuhong)
  • investigate offices in FEL as alternative to TED
  • investigate processes for bringing in foreign funded graduate students, e.g. from China, to work on beam dynamics: MOU?
  • create area for APELs and ops personnel to share presentations for collaboration meetings