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Yuhong out on vacation this week
Notes in italic

Meeting Agenda

  • Raise and Promotion Letters
    • Todd will distribute at this meeting.
    • Should prepare expectations for all CASA staff in next several weeks
      • Include identification of publications desired where appropriate
  • Postdocs
    • Randy approved last week; signing offer letter today; start about Apr 1
      • Likely will put in 704-4 (Guohui's former office)
    • Second postdoc interviews went well, paperwork with scoring to division office/HR (Yuhong)
      • Likely will put in 704-16 (Kirsten's former office)
    • Still pursuing possibility of hosting funded Chinese student for few months for polarization transport work (Yuhong/Todd)
      • Possible bank shot through ODU
  • Group Photo
    • CASA Group Photo (Last updated Mar 6 2019, T. Satogata)
    • Andrew/Kevin/Bhawin getting photos today
  • SULI/REU students
    • Madeline Clyburn (Berry College REU; Todd/Amy; H- pyORBIT linac modeling, IBS stripping)
    •  ?? (SULI; Andrew; isotopes container thermal issues)
    •  ?? (SULI; Tief; real-time SEE BPM rayTrace)
    •  ?? (SULI; Tief; resolving photon energy in tunnel?)
    • Room for 4 students between 704-14 "bullpen" and 704-10
  • ODU grad students
    • Sarah Solomon (ODU grad student; Andrew/Todd; cooler ASTRA injector model)
      • 704-19 (David Douglas's former office)
  • Space
    • We are getting tight
    • Todd due to spend time in TED 2500-76 to evaluate move situation
  • LDRD
    • Please survey your staff to see if they have LDRD application plans
    • Full proposals due May 31 per info from Leigh Fri Mar 15
  • Publications
    • Encourage personnel to write brief tech notes
      • e.g. summary of recent pCDR-100 ion injector decisions, Booster vacuum calculations (Todd), etc.

New Action Items

Old Action Items

  • FY19 expectation meetings and updates (all)
  • investigate screen for Doghouse meeting room (request from Yuhong)
  • investigate offices in FEL as alternative to TED (Todd) -- in progress
  • create area for APELs and ops personnel to share presentations for collaboration meetings
  • set up a "recent papers" board and update the CASA wiki with them (Tristan/Todd)