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Jan 7-Jan 18

Director - Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks ()
  Next two weeks ()

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks ()
  Next two weeks ()

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks ()
  Next two weeks ()

Ed Nissen

  Previous two weeks ()
  Next two weeks ()

Chris Tennant

  Previous two weeks ()
  Next two weeks ()

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Fanglei Lin

 Previous two weeks (Jan 7 - Jan 18)
    - Optimizing the electron collider ring design with PEP-II magnets
    - Working on the storage ring cooler project
    - Miscellaneous: attended the spin transparency test teleconference, attended the Pre-CDR Update meeting, attended
      the JLEIC R&D meeting, attended the Innovative HE Cooling Project Status meeting, attended the Storage Ring Cooler
      meeting, attended JLEIC general meeting
 Next two weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 1)
    - Work on the electron collider ring design with PEP-II magnets
    - Work on the storage ring cooler project
    - Electron spin study using BMAD

Vasiliy Morozov

 Previous two weeks (Jan 7 - Jan 18)
 Next two weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 1)

Amy Sy

Previous two weeks (Jan 7 - Jan 18)
 Next two weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 1)

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

     - Prepare for machine startup.
     - Preparing talk to Hall A collaboration.
     - Completed TOSP for Hall A Apex Experiment
     - Developing method to center solenoids (in particular 
        Hall A moeller solenoid)
     - BTEAM
     - Reviewing Implications of the 100 GeV CM setup for BeamBeam   
     - Attended workshop on ML
     - Conducted interviews for postdoc position
     - TRC meetings
     - FOA reports.
     - Evaluating various Python frameworks for ML and GA (DEAP,        pyEVOLVE)

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Jan 7 - Jan 18)
     - Development of JSPEC code
     - DeCooling Rate Calculation for JLEIC with New Parameters
     - BeamBeam3D
     - River helped me to repeat Sergei’s deriving of the Bjorken and Mtingwa (BM) formula for the IBS rate calculation 
       using the elliptical integral and to check whether we can extend Sergei’s method on a general case including 
       vertical dispersion and all the missing terms in the oringal BM formula. Our current conclusion is the total rate,
       summation of the rates in all the three directions, can be calculated using Sergei’s formula, as long as we calculate
       the eigenvalue of the I matrix, which is related to the dispersion matrix, numerically. Since the I matrix is a
       symmetric real matrix, its eigenvalues can be calculated using some routine algorithm. We failed to find the explicit
       formula for the rate in each individual direction. To find the formula, we need explicit expression of the
       eigenvalue, which does not exist for a general matrix I. I have an idea of decompose the I matrix into three parts,
       treat them separately and take the summation. But I am not positive this method gives correct or approximate answer. 
   Next two weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 1)
     - The core-tail model for non-Gaussian IBS is in process 
     - Finish space charge effect in friction force calculation
     - Continue documenting JSPEC development
     - Electron beam Space charge effect on friction force calculation is in process. 
     - Cooling Rate Calculation for JLEIC with New Parameters 
     - In the new parameter set of JLEIC, the proton beam emittance and bunch length at the collision energy have been
       increased to mitigate the severe IBS effect. For the 63.3 GeV CM energy case, the collision frequency has been
       changed back to 442 MHz, hence the charges per bunch has been significantly reduced, which helps to achieve a 
       milder IBS effect. The cooling rate and the IBS rate are calculated for both the 44.7 GeV CM energy and the 63.3
       CM energy. 3.2 nC/bunch electrons provide enough cooling for both case. The challenge is still the distribution of
       the cooling. As usual, we have very strong IBS effect in the horizontal direction and very strong cooling effect in
       the vertical and longitudinal direction. 
     - BeamBeam3D 
     - Yu Luo send me the MAD-X lattice file for RHIC at 250 GeV. With Vascily’s help, I am able to generate the truncated
       map using the PTC package in MAD-X. This lattice file does not include any RF cavity, so the 4D truncated maps are
       generated. When tracking up to 1 million turns with a 2nd order map, phase space increase happens. When we perform
       symplectic tracking using our codes, the phase space volume conserves in the 1 million turns. All four kinds of
       generating functions have been tested and they all work as expected. When using the 3rd order truncated map in
       tracking, no noticeable phase space distortion is observed in up to 1 billion turns. This may be because that this
       lattice does not include the high nonlinear sections, such as the interacting region. 
     - Write for three FOA quarterly reports
     - Work plan in the following two weeks 
     - Finish the core-tail model. 
     - Finish space charge effect in friction force calculation. 
     - Continue documenting JSPEC development.

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

 Previous two weeks (Jan 7 - Jan 18)
    - LCLS-II; Preparing for cooldown! There were issues with big bellows leaking at the cryocan connection
    - Working on isotope beamline installation & restoration
    - Invited to Program committee for IBIC 2019
    - Invited to Machine Advisory Committee for Canadian Light Source
 Next two weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 1)
    - Cooldown 2 LCLS-II cryomodules
    - Take vacation to install our kinetic art with George Neil in Toronto - [1]

Joe Gubeli

 Previous two weeks (Jan 7 - Jan 18)
    - Worked with several groups in preparing the two LCLS-II CMs for cool down. With a lot of help we were able to
      successfully cool them both down to 4K and collect liquid. 
    - Completed the design of a new x-ray insertable viewer for the Bubble experiment in the 5D line. Most of the parts have
      arrived and I have submitted drawings to the MS for fabrication.
    - I have received the four new chambers for the Arc 7 SLMs, they look really nice. I submitted the chamber support
      drawings for one set to the MS and they are awaiting signatures. Hint-hint.
    - I work with Jianxun Yan on moving a linear motor with EPICS. After getting all of the parameters both in firmware and
      in EPICS correct we were able to move the motor smoothly. A similar motor on a linear slide will be used for
      Radiabeam's high power-high speed wire scanner (HSHPWS) to be installed in the BSY.
 Next two weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 1)
    - Some time on the HWHPWS in preparing a presentation for OPS and in helping Jianxun.
    - Most of the time will be spent in designing the shielding (with a movable wall and target) for the Isotope project. I
      will also need to work some on thermal simulations for this project as well. 
    - I will also be helping with Hot Checkout of the LERF, mainly with the viewers. The video switch partially works and we
      have no trigger so no Beaminizer.

LERF - Steve Benson

  Previous two weeks (Jan 7 - Jan 18)
     - Interviewed one candidate for postdoctoral position
     - Wrote up draft of quarterly report for FOA project
     - Met with SRF to develop harmonic kicker purchasing strategy.
     - Met with seminar committee to get new member and schedule new talks
     - Recruited invited talks for the High Brightness Beams 2019 workshop and the FEL 2019 conference
     - Derived new linac layout for the cooling ERL for Pre-CDR-100.
     - Met with CSI personnel to derive specifications for LERF commissioning specifications
  Next two weeks (Jan 18 - Feb 1)
     - Submit new text for LOD and safety envelope for LERF.
     - Summarize the ERLs for EIC workshop. 
     - Write up budget for Isotope quarterly report.
     - Submit quarterly reports for FOA and Isotope project.
     - Review coherent cooling literature and establish specification baseline