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June 20, 2019 Report - June 10 - July 5 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Previous two weeks (Jun 10-Jun 21)
     - ADMIN: SBIR FOA edit meet (Jun 10)
     - ADMIN: Student meetings/planning (Madeline, Sarah)
     - ADMIN: SSIII job posting selection
     - ADMIN: Review M/FURA committee prize applications
     - JLEIC: pCDR-100 restart, R&D planning, meetings
     - PERS SICK: Jun 13-14 (Arm surgery)
     - OPS: Optics on call, BTeam meetings, Program Deputy (Jun 19-Jul 3
  Next two weeks (Jun 10-Jun 21)
     - OPS: Optics on call, BTeam meetings, Program Deputy (Jun 19-Jul 3)
     - ADMIN: M/FURA prize selection committee meet (Jun 24)
     - ADMIN: Student meetings/planning (Madeline, Sarah)
     - ADMIN: SSIII job posting selection, start phone interviews
     - ADMIN: CSII job posting initiate (with Yves)
     - JLEIC: pCDR-100 editing, R&D planning, meetings
     - OPS: Technical Advisory Committee follow-up (Jul 1)
     - JLEIC: S&T site visit dry run (Jul 2)
     - HOLIDAY: July 4 (Independence Day)
     - VACATION: July 5

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Machine support , OOC
     - Summer student lecture on 'Introduction to Accelerators'
     - Finalizing Technical Reviewer list for the new Internal Publication system
     - Review of IOP submissions for the IPAC'19 Light Peer Review
  Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Machine support , OOC
     - 'Dogbone' ERL lattice design - ERL'19 invited talk
     - Implementation of  the new Internal Publication system
     -	Revisions to Operations Training, MOODLE
     - PRAB paper review

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Impedance studies
         - Held JLEIC impedance meetings, with interesting discussion on uneven-bunch spectrum
         - Participated in ALS-U impedance meeting, with interesting discussions on microwave instability
         - Participate in the multilab monthly meeting on collective effects and group discussions
           I was invited to participate this meeting by its host Marco Ventuini of LBL. It is  mostly attended 
           by the light source people from ALS-U, APS, NSLSII and SLAC. This week's topic is the measurement of 
           microwave instability at NSLSII and its comparison with simulation. It turns out the IBS effect unexpectedly
           showing up in the microwave instability measurement.
    - Analysis of spectrum for uneven bunch distribution
         - Finished my analysis and presented results at the JLEIC impedance meeting on 6/17 
         - It explained the modeling results from Frank Marhauser and Gunn Tae Park as presented in the last meeting
    - Beam dynamics in JLEIC collective effects
         - I had an extended phone conversation with Bob Warnock of SLAC (he is around 90 year old and is still very 
           active in beam dynamics studies), discussing various beam dynamics issues in JLEIC and about our common interest
         - He will send me his code on microwave instability, and currently he is developing a new code for coupled-bunch 
           instabilities, and he may run the JLEIC case after the code is done
    - Interaction with Vladimir Litvinenko of BNL about CeC
         - I'm invited by Vladimir to participate their weekly CeC meetings and upcoming experiment on the plasma-cascade 
           amplifier at CeC. I will start participate their weekly meeting 
         - I got their references about recent activities in CeC, and will try to catch up on their studies.
  Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Write up technote on bunch spectra for uneven bunch fill, and compare results with that from Frank Marhauser 
     - Study the effect of uneven bunch fill on the growth rate of coupled bunch instabilities
     - Continue to participate in the ALS-U impedance studies and discuss related beam physics
     - Start to participate in the CeC beam studies, pay special attention to microbunching development in their beam
     - Organize the next JLEIC impedance meeting

Edy Nissen

    Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - I was Program deputy from June 12 through June 19, with some preparation beforehand.
     - I am finishing up the formatting of my light peer review paper and will return to pCDR 
       preparation when that is done.
    Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - I will continue working on pCDR preparations
     - I will be taking July 5 off.

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Work on implementing pipeline for (near) real-time RF fault classification (goal is to implement and take data during current run)
     - Served on job panel for SSI hire in IT (4 candidate interviews)
     - Helped Bhawin with longitudinal manipulations in elegant
     - General editing for others (paper for SRF workshop, proposal for JSA Initiative, software requirements document for SRF fault classification)
     - Work to understand BNL CeC requirements
   Next two weeks (June 24 - July 8)
     - Vacation (June 24-28, July 5) 
     - Prepare slides for LDRD presentation

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

   Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
   Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)

Fanglei Lin

   Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Working on the transparent spin project
     - Working on the storage ring cooler project
     - Updating the pCDR-100
     - Preparing tutorial material for ZGOUBI workshorp
     - Miscellaneous: attended the Innovative HE Cooling Project Status meeting, attended 
       the Storage Ring Cooler meeting, attended JLEIC R&D meeting, attended ZGOUBI workshop 
       committee meetings, attended IR magnet design meeting
   Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Update the pCDR-100
     - Work on the transparent spin project
     - Work on the storage ring cooler project
     - Prepare tutorial material for ZGOUBI workshop

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Working on chirping and de-chirping scheme.
     - Trying to get the longer bunch length in the cooling section of TESR. Smaller M56 is not 
       enough for chirping and de-chirping. The maximum bunch length in the cooling section from 
       our simulation is about 2 mm.
     - Decided to use \two cavities for acceleration and deceleration". Working on this scheme, 
       calculating the whole transfer matrix and varying the parameters to get an idea of longer 
       bunch length in cooling section.
   Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Monday (June 24), presenting a poster at JLAB on "Equilibria and Synchrotron Stability in TESR".
     - Giving a talk on JLEIC R & D meeting ( June 27) on "Equilibria and Synchrotron Stability in TESR".
     - Doing calculations and simulation for the new scheme discussed in the last group meeting.
     - Continue to make more progress on \ TESR Cooler".

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Spin tracking for the transparent spin experiment
     - Ion collider ring optimization and chromaticity compensation
     - Iteration on IR magnet parameters
     - Optimization of the longitudinal dynamics in a two energy storage ring cooler
     - R&D and project related planning
     - Preparation for a trip to CERN, which was later cancelled for reasons beyond my control
   Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Work on 140 GeV CM questions: polarization, crabbing, IR, lattice evaluation
     - Update of the detector and ion collider ring chapter of the pre-CDR
     - Spin tracking
     - Beam dynamics simulations of the ion collider ring
     - Two-energy storage ring cooler

Amy Sy

 Previous two weeks (May 27 - June 7)
     - Implemented newer linac accelerator node modules in PyORBIT for the superconducting section of 
       the proton/H- linac lattice. Still some mismatch in the optics compared to TRACK simulation, likely 
       due to the use of cavity field maps in TRACK that are not currently available to be read in PyORBIT. 
     - Implemented DTL section of the proton/H- linac lattice using newer linac accelerator node modules. 
       Having issues with cavity phasing and beam stability. 
     - Worked with summer student Madeline Clyburn to run TRACK simulations of the H- linac, calculate average 
       power of the H- linac and beam current needed to reach 1 MW average power, and start running PyORBIT simulations 
       of the H- linac.
     - Generated charge state distributions for lead ions passing through carbon foils at incident energies 8-15 MeV/u. 
 Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Continued work with PyORBIT including: troubleshooting the DTL linac implementation and lack of beam stability, 
       and optimization of the superconducting portion of the linac for better matching with TRACK.
     - Working with Madeline to extract transverse and longitudinal rms velocities along the linac for H- intrabeam stripping estimates.
     - Estimates of angular distributions of lead ions after passing through carbon stripping foils, putting together a stripping chicane in TRACK.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

 Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Setting up cebaf for summer run
     - Optics on call
     - Bteam
 Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Cebaf setup
     - Bteam
     - Tac commitee
     - Lecture summer series
     - Beam beam meeting with isurumali
     - Port beambeam3d to new slurm batch  system.

He Zhang

 Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Updates and Python wrapper for tpsa lib 
          - Finally the bug in the bunch processing of DA substitution is found and fixed. Add examples to 
            both the python lib and the C++ lib. Finished the tutorial for the python lib. Now everything is on github.
     - Cooling code development
          - Coding of the IBS formula by Kubo and Oide is almost finished. Need verification and need to be exposed 
            to the UI. Start working on the sweeping effect in cooling simulation, which is the next milestone in FOA. 
     - Beam-beam effect
          - Had a meeting with Yun, Ji and Yue. The plan is to merge the code together. Ji has put the Taylor map tracking 
            into BB3D. I will following his example to add the symplectic tracking. (I’ve done it but it will be good to double 
            check with Ji’s code.) I will also give our C++ code of symplectic tracking to Yun. He has successfully used our tpsa
            lib to generate one-turn map from his own tracking code. He want to perform symplectic tracking using our codes.
     - Reviewed a paper for SIVP 
 Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Finish the ibs formula by Kubo and Oide. Continue working onsweeping effect simulation. 
     - Make a makefile of the C++ symplectic tracking code. Ship the codes to Yun. 
     - Add symplectic tracking to BB3D. 
     - Abstract for COOL’19 conference. 

River Huang

  Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Transparent spin
          - Based on the spin transparency mode in RHIC’s configurations, we tested Twiss format data of 
            RHIC’s cases w/o error and tracked the particle-spin in 1/1000/5000/20000/60000 turns for the
            different cases by using Zgoubi, more specifically, our simulations included followings:
                          - Single particle and three particles
                          - Adjusting the angle of two Siberian snakes
                          - Adjusting the parameters of CAVITE configurations
            The simulation results has been in the process of analysis and discussion.
     - Optimization of "CASA BeamBeam" package
          - Some loop-parts in “Crab Kick” of “CASA BeamBeam” codes has been replaced by using map function of 
            Python to reduce the total calculation cast.
  Next two weeks (June 21 - July 5)
     - Continue working on the study of the spin transparency mode.

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

  Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Removed the ‘failed’ rad-hard camera from the tunnel for further testing; it received 13krad 
     - Continued work on Hot Wire Anemometer (HWA), I have not yet seen a signal from a quenched wire I 
       sorted through all of submitted abstracts & selected my choices for contributed talks for the upcoming 
       IBIC 2019 We moved the Rimmer/Haipeng transmitter to lab 1 & getting it hooked up to operate 
     - Continued work on isotope shielding, control & crucible test Tested BNNT beam viewer flag Setup hosting 
       for folks visiting from Canadian Light Source this fall
  Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Run beam in the LERF to the 1G dump
     - Test isotope crucible with graphite heaters to confirm thermal model Finish wiring the isotope 
       shield block mechanics Continue to work on the HWA Opportunistically change out BNNT flag black/white 
       camera to color to get a better idea of emission wavelength

Joe Gubeli

  Previous two weeks (June 10 - June 24)
     - Isotope Experiment – Competed the mechanical assembly of the Isotope experiment shielding. 
       The top plate of both the radiator and target assembly will need some anchor holes added to clamp down the HW.
     - High Power Wire Scanner (HPWS) – Work continues with the HPWS. One of the two linear motor forcers
       was replaced. The forcer overheated when the current ramped to its limit for a few minutes. The assembly
       was pumped down when it was sitting horizontal on an optical table. Once the assembly was under vacuum 
       there was some bellows scraping. After talk to our Radiabeam partners about this issue it was decided to 
       move the assemble to its stand which supports the assembly at 45 degrees and test it then. In this orientation 
       bellows scraping could be heard when under vacuum or vented. Marcos from Radiabeam came for two days to help
       diagnose this issues and others. A S&A group was able to realign the assemble in very short notice. Once they 
       were done the assemble translate smoothly and without noise when vented. Under vacuum the translation is still 
       smooth but some bellows noise can be heard. The bellows manufacture clams that this is normal and not an issue. 
     - LDRDS – The assembly was taken to the vacuum lab to be checked for cleanliness. We have a couple of options 
       depending on the test results.
  Next two weeks (June 24 - July 5)
     - Isotope experiment
     - HPWS
     - LDRDS (for FAST)

Michael Tiefenback

  Previous two weeks (May 27 - June 7)
     - Preparation for HPS run in Hall B, including Hall B model updates
     - Studying options for Hall B skew compensator for Lambertson magnet
     - Considering causes of recent magnet system damage events
     - Consultation with Hall A about PREX2 BPM anomalies
  Next two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Serving as optics on-call and generally tracking beam setup progress/performance
     - Hands-on service with Hall B setup
     - Diagnostic design for speculative MXR2T06 SLM
     - Modeling 7A SLM matching process
     - Sketching a proposal for Lambertson skew quadrupole corrector

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

  Previous two weeks (May 27 - June 7)
     - Attended FAST/IOTA workshop at Fermilab and consulted with personnel on LDRD installation, 
       future run plans, and wiggler two photon emission experiment.
     - Worked with vacuum group to get LDRD viewer assembly ready for shipment.
     - Helped out with setup run for LERF running to 1G dump.
     - Reviewed PRST paper.
     - Finished rating contributed orals for FEL 2019.
     - Worked on refining specifications for a CeC ERL for eRHIC. 
     - Continued to assist in developing the R&D plan for JLEIC.
     - Started going over PreCDR-100 to update sections that need it and helped develop appendix for 140 GeV CM operation.
     - Held status briefings on the cooling FOA work.
     - Developed list of JLEIC priorities for CBETA research proposal.
  Next two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Participate in June 25th and 26th LERF run to the 1G dump.
     - Continue to get LDRD assembly ready and ship to Fermilab.
     - Update Pre-CDR-100
     - Fill out R&D definition forms for Wittmer

Andrew Hutton

  Previous two weeks (May 27 - June 7)
     - Attend JLEIC meetings.  
     - For the Isotope Program I held a successful brainstorming session on the target holder (the raft) design.  
       On Monday, I was asked to give a talk to HUGS on the program but I had not given a talk for a long time.  
       Spent 2 1/2 days preparing a talk (attached) and delivered it.  
     - Sarah arrived last week for the summer.  I spent time getting her settled and answering questions.  
       Her topic for the summer is to take the existing WiFEL gun, which was optimized for low-charge, ultra-low 
       emittance, short bunches) and examine whether it can be tuned to produce high-charge, long bunches.  She is 
       learning GPT for this.  
     - ALCC meeting (6/7) - apparently the ILC is not yet totally dead 
  Next two weeks (June 10 - June 21)
     - Focus on readying the LERF for beam and launching with Sarah
     - Vacation