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August 15, 2019 Report - Aug 5 - Aug 30 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - JLEIC: parameter tables coordination
     - JLEIC: pCDR finalization and review, coordination meetings
     - JLEIC: Contribute to NAPAC'19 JLEIC overview paper
     - ADMIN: Undersecretary Dabbar visit (Aug 14)
     - ADMIN: SSIII hiring interviews, close out CSII posting
     - VACATION: Aug 9-11
  Next two weeks (Aug 19 - Aug 30)
     - JLEIC: pCDR finalization, external review cycle, coordination meetings
     - JLEIC: P&C meeting (Aug 29)
     - JLEIC: Write tech note on JLEIC heavy ion luminosity calculation
     - JLEIC: Contribute to NAPAC'19 JLEIC overview paper
     - ADMIN: Finish SSIII and CSII hiring processes
     - ADMIN: Review NIM article
     - ADMIN: Stephen Webb (Radiasoft) 1-day visit (Aug 27)
     - OPS: Reengage with CEBAF operations; meet with new Director of Ops
     - ODU: Start preparation for fall PHYS854 class (with Geoff Krafft)
     - ODU: Sarah Solomon mentoring
     - VACATION: Aug 26

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Vacation
  Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Machine support, OOC
     - Paper on the LHeC ERL for ERL 19 workshop
     - Semi annual Grad. student review 
     - PRAB paper review

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Impedance studies
          - Setup JLEIC impedance meeting for 8/20 and update impedance wiki
          - Participate ALS-U impedance meeting and discussions
          - Continue to understand impedance analysis 
     - JLEIC collective instability studies
          - Start to prepare for the paragraph Andrei Sergi needed for the joint EIC paper for NAPAC
          - Discuss with Mike Blaskwicz on instability mitigations in EIC
     - CeC project
          - Participate in the CeC workshop with active discussions
          - Prepare and present summary for 1st session of CeC workshop
          - Continue to participate CeC weekly meeting 
  Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16) 
     - JLEIC collective instability studies
          - Start to prepare for the paragraph Andrei Sergi needed for the joint EIC paper for NAPAC
          - Discuss with Mike Blaskwicz on instability mitigations in EIC
     - CeC project
          - Prepare and present highlights of CeC workshop at JLEIC R&D meeting
          - Continue to participate CeC weekly meetings
     - JLEIC pCDR100
          - Read over new version of pCDR100 
          - Work on changes needed for the collective effect section

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - August 2)
     - I finished up my time as Optics on Call
     - I worked on a rough draft of the proposal for the DESIREE Experiment
     - I have been working on my section of the pCDR
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - I will finalize the DESIREE proposal
     - Continue any work needed for the pCDR

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Rewrite JSA initiative proposal (to meet requirements of what you can and cannot use money towards)
     - Spent some time reviewing G. Krafft's multi-energy storage ring concept
     - Did some quasi-S2E JLEIC cooler simulations with a new front end distribution
     - Resolving issues and doing documentation for the RF classifier pipeline to be implemented in CEBAF
     - Reviewed a paper for NIM-A
     - Served on interview panel for "Machine Learning Programmer Analyst" position
     - Spent time crafting a statement RF classifier work for Andrei to be used for a future NP Highlight
     - Vacation (8/2)
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Participate in Big Data Workshop (live-streamed at JLab)
     - Review and contribute to LERF isotope commissioning plan

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Attended EICUG Meeting and APS DPF2019 meeting, gave a talk in each conference
     - Developed design concept and parameters for high luminosity JLEIC
     - Word on appendix for preCDR100
     - Worked on FOA quarterly report
  Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Complete pre-CDR related documents
     - Write papers for NA-PAC 

Max Bruker

  Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Finished reading pCDR and some coupled bunch instability papers
     -	Learned CST wakefield and eigenmode simulations
  Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Apply CST simulation to Bob’s kickers if a model becomes available
     -	Help with HEB cooler chapter

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
       - Prepared the collider rings and polarization sections for the NA-PAC19 paper
       - Working on the storage ring cooler project
       - Preparing tutorial material for ZGOUBI workshorp
       - Took a few days off
       - Miscellaneous: attended JLEIC R&D meeting, attended ZGOUBI workshop committee meetings, 
  Next two weeks (Aug 19 - Aug 30)
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project
       - Prepare tutorial material for ZGOUBI workshop
       - Attend ZGOUBI workshop for one week

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Working on the problem introduced by using RF cavities. Working on non-linearity term introduced by sine wave representing the RF cavities.
     - Writing paper for NAPAC2019
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Will be working on longitudinal stability. Have to fix the problem introduced by non-linearity in accelerating cavity.
     - Complete the final paper for NAPAC2019.
     - Complete the poster for NAPAC2019
     - Have to make more progress in "Two Energy Storage Ring Cooler".

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Preparation and submission of the DoE quarterly reports: provided contributions to the magnet parameter
       verification and crab cavity test reports and wrote the spin transparency test report
     - PreCDR update: updated the ion complex chapter
     - Spin tracking simulations: calculations of the closed orbit in RHIC and corresponding transparent spin resonance
       strength with quadrupole mis-alignments and dipole roll
     - Preparation and presentation of two 1.5 hour lectures at the CFNS summer school 
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Updating the pre-CDR
     - Spin and beam dynamics simulations
     - Preparation for the Zgoubi workshop

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - H- linac optimization in TRACK; end-to-end simulations for the 150 MeV linac result in over 2.1x/2.5x x/y emittance growth in the H- beam. Most of the growth occurs 
          in the DTL. Currently focusing on adjusting the DTL quads and SCL solenoids to see effect on emittance and transmission. Current optimization gives ~25% reduction 
          in overall emittance growth, slightly reduced transmission.
   Next two weeks (Aug 19 - Aug 30)
     - Continued work on linac optimization for reduced transverse emittance.
     - Continued work on the stripping chicane optics design and matching to the stripped beam distribution.
     - Continued work with PyORBIT including: troubleshooting the DTL linac implementation and lack of beam stability, and optimization of the superconducting portion of the
       linac for better matching with TRACK. Also plan to discuss with ANL the possibility of converting the RF cavity field map files from binary Fortran files to something
       that can be read into PyORBIT. 

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - CEBAF:
     - JLEIC
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)

Randy Gamage

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Bare lattice DA optmization using tune
     - More DA studies with SuperKEKB data
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Add ER FFQ data from G.Sabbi (LBNL) added as integrated multipoles for both ends of quads
     - Add multipole compensation (initial iteration)

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Spin Transparency Mode - With using different seeds, average RMS σ for closed orbit have been studied, Spin Tracking (±𝟎° for two snakes, 𝒔𝒚𝒏𝒄𝒉𝒓𝒐𝒏𝒐𝒖𝒔 𝒑𝒉𝒂𝒔𝒆=𝝅, with
            chromaticity’ compensation, Y-Z shift introduced, Skew angle shift introduced), the curves’ fitting was done for closed orbit and spin tracking by using our CASA
     - Zgoubi package - As a supplementary of Zgoubi, we designed and completed the following Python based program code: Twiss_Zgoubi-FIT-out-dat_for_ALE_DY_DZ_DPhi_revised.py
     - CASA Beam-Beam package - As a supplementary of CASA Beam-Beam, we revised some codes of BB3D and used updated CASA Beam-Beam to evaluate the luminosity and calculate
            phase coordinates for Linac-Ring. The codes revised include following two main parts: Accelerator Simulator Class and Output Class in I/O module of Contral layer
            for BB3D
     -	NAPAC2019 meeting - The draft paper for NAPAC1029 was completed.
   Next two weeks (Aug 19 - Aug 30)
      - Continue working on EIC project.

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Performed gear changing simulations required for the submitted abstract of NAPAC’19
     -	Results seems off so now trying to reproduce the figure listed in preCDR by Dr. Roblin and Dr. Terzic
     -	Learned to generate tune-spread of the particle distribution using BB3Dtools.
     - Carry out hourglass study with changing both slice numbers and bunch lengths.
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Figure out the errors in gear-changing result
     -	Write NAPAC’19 paper

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Cooling code development - Added synchrotron oscillation in to sweeping effect simulation. In the sweeping effect,
       each time step still covers many synchrotron oscillation periods. So I just give a random phase advance to each ion
       to represent the synchrotron oscillation. After taking this oscillation into account, the sweeping effect still
       works but becomes weaker. Another thing to notice is that the proton velocity distribution is swept to one end
       without the synchrotron oscillation, while it stays in the middle with the oscillation.   
     - Beam-beam effect - Following Ji’s example, I add the C++ code of map-based symplectic tracking to BeamBeam3D. The
       files compile well but I always get an MPI error when running the executable file with mpirun. Tried to compile
       Ji’s original code and got the same error. I suspect this is not due to the new code. I am asking for help from Yun
       and Ji. 
     - IBS calculation - We have received the lattice of eRHIC and  their ion beam parameters. I have picked up one set of
       parameters and calculated the IBS time, which agrees with their calculation.  
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Personal leave 

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Corresponding with AlphaCore on the failed surrogate rad hard camera failures \, no definitive answer yet
     - Machining parts for Isotope experiment, also wiring trolley mechanism
     - Discussions with Mike Tiefenback about additional BNNT flags & possibility of installing next shutdown
     - Worked on getting utilities connected for the Magnetron Stewardship program
     - Worked on documentation for Large Dynamic Range Device (LDRD) for installation at FERMI FAST project
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Complete documentation and anti-collision interlocks for the LDRD 
     - Travel to Medical College of Virginia to test isotope shielding/shipping container & BN crucible
     - Work with Uni New Mexico students to determine thermal conductivity of different planes of BN crucible
     - Try to get the Helium mass flow hot wire anemometer working

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - HPWS: Attempted to use the new dynamic tuning toolbox to find better servo and current loop parameters for the
       linear motor. This didn’t go well. In order for an expert to help me remotely with this tuning the controls laptop
       was SW upgraded and placed back on the network. This will allow me to share the controls screen during a web
     - Isotope: The alignment of both the radiator aperture and the target is complete. The S4 block and 25 steel plates
       were placed on the slide for the movable wall. Happy to say that the little motor to move the current ~2500 lbs
       works well. The wall moves with no trouble.
     - FAST: The LDRDS has been dissembled, the silver plate HW replaced, the new gimbal plate and viewer assembly
       installed. The chamber is under vacuum and everything is loaded into the Pelican cases for transport. The two cases
       are now in Shipping and Receiving.
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - HPWS: Work remotely with expert to tune the motor parameters. Test long encoder cable.
     - Isotope: Help with models for radiation simulations. Run some thermal simulations. Add cooling and diagnostics to
       the shield wall.
     - FAST: Travel to Fermilab to help with assembly and install. Take some online training to work there.
     - IBIC: Write my section of the paper & poster.

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2)
     - Vacation interleaved with remotely addressing HPS and magnet system configuration
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Vacation leave plus dealing on-site with HPS and magnet system configuration issues

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Completed chapter 6 for Pre-CDR
     - Hosted seminar for Grigory Eremeev
     -	Arranged for assembly of the LDRD at Fermilab
     -	Helped to prepare paper for EIC description for NAPAC
     -	Consulted with Chris Hall from Radiasoft on a possible SBIR for the EIC cooler.
     -	Set up seminars for Steve Jamison and Steve Webb
     -	Attended SBIR meeting in Gaithersburg, MD
   Next two weeks (Aug 19 - Aug 30)
     - Submit proposal for change of SOW for the Cooling FOA for IMP work
     -	Explore the possibility of changing the venue for the no-deflection merger test
     -	Finalize documentation for isotope ERR
     -	Start putting together talks for ERL 2019
     -	Host talks for Steve Jamison and Steve Webb

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (July 22 - Aug 2 )
     - July 22- July 29: primary focus on the isotope project
     - July 22: visit to VCU to test out our designs for the crucible removal and opening using a remote manipulator. It
       was successful, but several opportunities for improvement were noted , and have since been made by Kevin and Joe.  
     - July 22 - July 26: visit by Robert Bentley and Geno Santistevan, PhD students at New Mexico Tech.  They attempted
       to make thermal measurements (a bust) carried out FLUKA calculations to determine the amount of radiation
       immediately following the irradiation and following the decay.  We have tentatively changed our irradiation
       protocol for 10 hour cool-down time rather than 24 hours initially proposed.  This enables us to extend the
       irradiation time for more Cu67 production.  
     - July 26: the quarterly report for the isotope project was submitted to the DOE on time.  
     - July 29-August 2: Read large portions of the pCDR-100 and made corrections, mostly English but some substantive
       comments.  Also spent a lot of time with Sarah who finally got GPT running on the WiFEL Gun.  Sarah presented at
       the Friday lunchtime poster session and had a lot of interactions with people (who would be surprised?).    
   Next two weeks (Aug 5 - Aug 16)
     - Focus on nailing down the Isotope run and helping Steve finalize the safety documentation.  
     - Continue the pCDR editing
     - Help Sarah really make progress on the WiFEL simulations.