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Nov 7 2019 Report - Oct 28 - Nov 22 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - ADMIN 12 GeV PRAB paper planning
     - ADMIN JLAAC review (Oct 22-24)
     - ADMIN FY20 AWP planning
     - ADMIN Xelera SBIR support planning
     - JLEIC/ER@CEBAF JLAAC dry runs and planning
     - JLEIC FOA quarterly report planning
     - ODU PHYS854 teaching (with Geoff Krafft)
     - OPS Walk Hall D line, run readiness evaluation
     - OPS Pre-brief half-day operator meeting (Oct 21)
     - VACATION Oct 14, half-day Oct 25
  Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - ADMIN 12 GeV PRAB paper planning
     - ADMIN FY20 AWP planning
     - ADMIN Review PRAB paper
     - ADMIN Recommendation letters (Deepsana Shahi, Mike Lafky)
     - ER@CEBAF post-JLAAC planning for summer 2020 chicane install
     - JACOW Team Meeting travel preparation
     - IPAC'20 SPC/3 Meeting travel preparation
     - ODU PHYS854 teaching (with Geoff Krafft)

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25) 
     - Finishing a CDR chapter on the LHeC ERL design
     -	PRAB paper review
     -	Attending nuSTORM mtg at CERN
     -	Attending Workshop on the LHeC, FCC-eh and PERLE, Chavannes-de-Bogis
  Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Alternative lattice for the LHeC ERL
     -	Invention disclosures review
     -	Appraisals
     -	Vac

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Discuss/explore Hassinski solution and Robinson instability with Bob Warnock (SLAC) and Marco Venturini (LBL)
     - Participate in the ALS-U impedance meeting and discussions
     - Schedule/plan the next JLEIC impedance meeting and potential talks
     - Assist ALS-U people to teach JLAB/ODU people on broadband impedance modeling using CST
  Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8) 
     - Prepare and present JLEIC impedance studies at JLEIC R&D meeting
     - Participate multi-lab (LBL/SLAC/APS/NSLS-II) monthly seminar on collective effects in electron storage rings (I'm asked
       to present the next monthly seminar on collective effects in JLEIC)
     - Continue my collaboration with ALS-U and SLAC on impedance and instability
     - Finish writing up the technote on spectra for uneven bunch fill

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Did some work with the LEB, trying to see if I can get more space in the lattice
     - Mostly coordinated with the people at DESIREE for the measurements they made for me on October 21, and 22.
     - Analyzed the data they sent me and worked to finalize the proposal for beam time which is due the 31st.
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - I will submit the proposal
     - Determine priorities for my work in the next two weeks.

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Accelerator Advisory Committee meeting (slide preparation/dry-run/talk)
     - Employee self-evaluations
     - Wrote draft of ML section for CEBAF PRAB paper
     - Preparing slides for Accelerator Seminar (11/14)
     - Participated in initial telecon about using ML for magnetized beams (with ANL, SLAC)
     - Start outline, initial sections for draft of SRF classifier paper (to be submitted for peer-review later in the year)
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Finish Accelerator Seminar talk
     - Continue work on SRF classifier paper
     - CeC effort starting up in earnest again (?)
     - JLEIC cooler effort ramping up again

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
  Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Attend the Accelerator R&D PI Exchange Meeting

Max Bruker

  Previous (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     -	Electron cooling theory
     -	Preparation for IMP experiment, travel paperwork
     -	Cool'19 proceedings survey
     -	Learned GPT basics to see if it could substitute CST for magnetized DC beam tracking
           - Precise modeling of equipotential surfaces seems difficult, so the space charge potential is probably inaccurate
           - Seems suitable for simple checks of magnetized optics
  Next (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     -	Look at data from previous IMP experiment
     -	Become familiar with the deficiencies of the setup

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
       - Worked on the storage ring cooler project, and provided a quarterly report
       - Revisiting electron top-off injection scheme for JLEIC
       - Miscellaneous: attended JLEIC R&D meeting, discussed introducing computation of DK depolarization rate using Zgoubi
         with Radiasoft collages, attended JLEIC general meeting, finished employee appraisal. 
  Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
       - Work on updating the interaction region design
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Working on longitudinal dynamics and stability in two energy storage ring cooler.
     - Working on simulation to get the longer bunch length in the cooling section.
     - Introducing harmonic cavity and bunching cavity in two energy ring to get the longer bunch length in the cooling
       section. Bunching cavity provides the focusing.
     - Results shows that we should go with shorter bunch length ≈ 1 cm.
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Will  be  working  on  longitudinal  dynamics  and  stability  in  two  energy  storage ring.
     - Making clear presentation based on calculation and simulations for future plan.
     - Meeting with Dr Krafft for more discussion.
     - Should go with chirping and de-chirping along with other scheme in two energy ring.
     - Working with new lattice for two energy storage ring.(Dr Fanglei Lin has de-signed the new lattice).

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Nov 8)
     - Optimization of the IBS rate in the ion collider ring -IR design: modeling of the detector region in GEMC and GEANT4 -Preparation for and attendance of the EIC
       collaboration meeting     
   Next two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Attending APS DNP meeting
     - Preparation for JLAAC meeting
     - Preparation for EINN meeting

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25):
     - DOE pre-review teleconference for planning for LBNF/DUNE review.
     - Continued work on heavy ion stripping chicane design in TRACK and PyORBIT.
     - Continued work on TRACK vs PyORBIT comparison for linac simulations. Compared longitudinal phase behavior at the 
       transition between QWR and HWR sections in TRACK to the PyORBIT case, and will need to create a JLEIC-specific module
       to properly evaluate this parameter, rather than relying on the SNS linac bunch module that is currently being used.
       Currently refining the RF cavity parameters in PyORBIT to better match the TRACK simulations, including working with
       multiple RF gaps per cavity for better approximation of field maps used in TRACK.  
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Participating in the DOE independent project review of LBNF/DUNE.
     - Continued work on ion linac simulations.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - CEBAF:
          - RAR reports 
          - Bteam preparation/meetings
          - AI meetings 
          - Optics for upcoming run
          - RF Pit meeting
          - Walking the beam line BSY/HALLA to reconcile with CED
          - Group meeting
     - JLEIC:
          - Beam-Beam meetings with Isurumali
          - Preparing for PI meeting
          - 4th quarter report prep for FOA        
     - OTHER
          - AWP preparations
          - Evaluations
          - SLLP meetings/prepare for presentation in november
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Complete evaluations
     - Prepare optics for startup CEBAF
     - AI workshop local organizing committee meetings

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Next step of the orbit correction - correcting the beta function distortion 
     - Investigating different multipole correction schemes.
     - Jlab contribution to the quarterly report
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Add ion quad data in to DA studies (from last week)
     - Continue to correct beta function distortion
     - Continue to investigate different Multipole corrector schemes 

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Transparent Spin Projet - We completed the CASA Curve-Fitting python codes based on the least square method. Using our CASA Curve-Fitting we can obtain the numerical
       results of the spin resonance-strength, the spin field directions, the phases in spin resonance process, the average spin value and the amplitude. Again, OPERA field
       maps with snakes’ parallel (the snake currents were varied using a fitting procedure to adjust the snake axis to 0°) has been put into RHIC’s lattice. After precisely
       adjusting the total bending angle of all of the dipole magnets to sum up to 2π, we tried to realize the spin transparent in a simulation for the RHIC’s configuration:
       all of the spin components are constant from turn to turn with a good numerical precision. The four different cases of misalignments was introduced into same RHIC 
       lattice, the spin tracking from 1 turn to 2000 turns was carried out and the spin resonance-strength was obtained.
     - CASA Beam-Beam package - For the case β_1x^*≫σ_1x^*,β_2x^*≫σ_2x^*,  the analytical solution of the luminosity was derived by us. This new solution has been involved in
       CASA Beam-Beam package. For JLEIC Parameters and Luminosity Performance, we did the benchmarks. The results of our analytical solution and the numerical results are
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
      - Continue working on EIC project

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks ()
   Next two weeks ()

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Submitted ATLis for MultiWire testing.
     - qsUtility improvements.
     - Submitted ATLis for 6MeV matching.
     - Completed 130keV emittance measurements.
     - Discussed handing some of my non-CASA software tools back to HLA with Michele.
     - Discussed future plans for rfHealthCheck with Clyde.
     - Generated elegant layout for Injector upgrade.
     - Had a CED workspace created for the Injector upgrade
     - Setup computer with Keras and TensorFlow to start exploring ML.
     - Attended BTeam, 12GeV paper, Injector Upgrade, and AI lunch meetings. 
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Analyze 130keV emittance measurement data.
     - Continue work on assigned sections for the 12GeV PRAB paper.
     - Configure optics for the Injector upgrade elegant deck.
     - Start populating the Injector upgrade CED workspace.
     - Continue exploring ML with Keras and TensorFlow.
     - Finish QTSnyder upgrade and write ATLis for testing
     - Attend BTeam, 12GeV paper, Injector Upgrade, and AI lunch meetings. 

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)     
     - JSPEC - Updated the TWISS parameter loading function to improve the flexibility. Now the data column MUX and MUY are
       not required since they are not used in IBS calculation. TWISS parameter tables missing DY nad DPY are acceptable since
       in many cases the ring does not have vertical dispersion. I’m also adding the function of calculation and output the
       IBS contribution elememt by element to the UI. The other relatively large change in progress is revising the cooling
       rate calculation and the particle model, so that the average cooling rate for varying electron bunch can be used in the
       particle model.   
     - Beam beam effect - Help Yun Luo to set up and test the simulations using BB3D with high order map tracking or
       symplectic tracking. Find and fixed a bug in the TPSA lib which happens when all the elements are zero in a DA vector
       and caused an error in symplectic tracking using the 2nd kind of generating function.  
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8) 
     - Start working on JSPEC benchmarking with Lanzhou experimental data.
     - Finish a few changes of JSPEC

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Isotope Experiment – Work on completing the shielding and instrumentation for the experiment. Address items that comes
       out of the review
     - Halo monitor – Finish aligning the camera/fiber optics and install it on LDRDS 
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks ()
   Next two weeks ()

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
     - Submitted proposal for change of SOW for the Cooling FOA for IMP work
     - Prepared quarterly report for Strong Cooling FOA project
     - Prepared budget for isotope project quarterly and assist PI in submitting the report.
     - Prepared and gave talk on LERF Activities at the JLAAC meeting.
     - Set up seminars by Chris Tennant, Pavel Chevtsov, and Michael Famiano
     - Discussed non-beam hazards and Lock,Tag&Try issues with Laser Safety personnel. 
     - Reviewed Class 3R laser status int he LERF and disabled several unused lasers.
     - Reviewed Isotope program and run plans with Operations Staff
     - Prepared AWPs for Cooling FOA project and Isotope production program.
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Certify User Lab 4 in the LERF
     - Submit papers for ERL workshop
     - Assist in run to the 1G dump with CW beam.
     - Work on punch list items for the Isotope ERR
     - Get kicker coils for RF merge test completed
     - Prepare slides for and the attend the NP Accelerator R&D PI Exchange meeting in Gaithersburg MD. 

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Oct 14 - Oct 25)
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)