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Nov 7 2019 Report - Oct 28 - Nov 22 Director - Todd Satogata

Todd Satogata

  Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - ADMIN 12 GeV PRAB paper planning
     - ADMIN FY20 AWP planning
     - ADMIN Review PRAB paper
     - ADMIN Recommendation letters (Deepsana Shahi, Mike Lafky)
     - ER@CEBAF post-JLAAC planning for summer 2020 chicane install
     - JACOW Team Meeting travel preparation
     - IPAC'20 SPC/3 Meeting travel preparation
     - ODU PHYS854 teaching (with Geoff Krafft) 
  Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - ADMIN 12 GeV PRAB paper planning/writing
     - MGMT Continue annual appraisals, evaluations; AWP updates
     - JLEIC R&D planning and organization, Michael Sullivan visit
     - JACOW Team meeting preparations, IPAC'20 SPC/3 preparations
     - OPS CEBAF startup support and planning
     - ODU PHYS854 teaching (with Geoff Krafft)

Alex Bogacz

  Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8) 
     - Alternative lattice for the LHeC ERL
     -	Invention disclosures review
     -	Appraisals
     -	Vac
  Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Vac
     -	SBIR proposal review 
     -	Lattice work for nuSTORM 
     -	Chapter on the LHeC ERL Optics (The LHeC Technical Design Report )

Rui Li

  Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Prepare and present JLEIC impedance studies at JLEIC R&D meeting
     - Participate multi-lab (LBL/SLAC/APS/NSLS-II) monthly seminar on collective effects in electron storage rings (I'm asked to present the
       next monthly seminar on collective effects in JLEIC)
     - Continue my collaboration with ALS-U and SLAC on impedance and instability
     - Literature study on feedback systems for coupled-bunch instability
     - Discuss with Frank Marhauser and Mark Wiseman on impedance progresses, and plan for the next JLEIC imepedance meeting
  Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22) 
     - Organize JLEIC impedance meeting on 11/11
     - Finish writing up the technote on spectra for uneven bunch fill
     - Continue my collaboration with ALS-U and SLAC on impedance and instability
     - Continue understanding of the feedback systems for coupled bunch instability
     - Prepare and give presentation on "Collective Effects in Electron-Ion Colliders" for the inter-lab (SLAC/LBL/APS/NSLS-II/JLAB) tele-
       seminar (focused on collective effects) on 11/22

Edy Nissen

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Finished my proposal for the DESIREE experiment and submitted it, I have received confirmation that it is now with the review committee
     - Finished the decoupling system in the HEB now that a solenoid has been added
     - Wrote up a tech note about the current design of the HEB
     - Am currently working on a description of the DESIREE experiment and the details gained from it
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - I will be on extended medical leave

Chris Tennant

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Division seminar prep
     -	CEBAF PRAB manuscript work (verifying data with DT Manager)
     -	ML to model CEBAF pathlength (meet with Dennis T)
     -	Autonomous robot meeting
     -	Work with Gunn Tae on magnetized beam modeling
     -	"Problem of the Quarter" for AI Lunch Series
     -	BNL CeC meeting and slide prep for PI meeting in DC
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - BNL CeC (telecon starting up again)
     -	JLEIC CCR (next approach)
     -	Fine-tune ML models for SRF fault classifier in anticipation of fall run

Accelerator R & D - Yuhong Zhang

Yuhong Zhang

  Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Attend the Accelerator R&D PI Exchange Meeting 
  Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)

Max Bruker

  Previous (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     -	Electron cooling theory
     -	Preparation for IMP experiment, travel paperwork
     -	Cool'19 proceedings survey
     -	Learned GPT basics to see if it could substitute CST for magnetized DC beam tracking
           - Precise modeling of equipotential surfaces seems difficult, so the space charge potential is probably inaccurate
           - Seems suitable for simple checks of magnetized optics
  Next (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     -	Look at data from previous IMP experiment
     -	Become familiar with the deficiencies of the setup

Fanglei Lin

  Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
       - Worked on the storage ring cooler project, and reported the progress in the storage ring cooler meeting
       - Revisited the electron top-off injection scheme for JLEIC
       - Miscellaneous: attended the Innovative HE Cooling Project Status meeting, attended the Storage Ring Cooler meeting, attended JLEIC R&D
         meeting, discussed introducing computation of DK depolarization rate using Zgoubi with Radiasoft colleagues, attended JLEIC detector
  Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
       - Evaluate the IR design for various electron energies
       - Work on the storage ring cooler project
       - Work on teaching material for a USPAS class

Bhawin Dhital

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Working on longitudinal dynamics and stability in two energy storage ring cooler.
     - Working with new lattice. Dr Fanglei Lin has designed new optics for two energy storage ring cooler.
     - Single and many particles tracking.
     - Understanding of bunching cavity phase and the stability based on particle tracking.
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Optimization of parameters in two energy storage ring design.
     - Single and many particles tracking using new lattice.
     - Energy spread and bucket height simulation based on bunching cavity voltage.
     - Preparing a talk for Nov 22 Friday "High innovative cooler meeting".

Vasiliy Morozov

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Attended EINN'19 and gave a presentation on the JLEIC and eRHIC designs
     - Attended the PI exchange meeting and presented the status of the transparent spin test project
     - Preparation for a trip to CERN to work on analysis of the SPS crab cavity test data 
     - Optimization of the IBS rate in the JLEIC ion collider ring, meeting with V. Lebedev
     - Exploration of the chromaticity compensation options and magnet requirements in an IBS optimized ion collider ring lattice
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Work at CERN on the crab cavity test data analysis
     - Continue exploration of the chromaticity compensation options and magnet requirements in an IBS optimized ion collider ring lattice 
     - Spin tracking for the transparent spin experiment
     - Preparation for the EICUG Yellow Reports - Kick-off Meeting

Amy Sy

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8):
     - Participation in the DOE independent project review of LBNF/DUNE. Chaired the subcommittee reviewing the Beamline WBS. 
     - Completed final report for LBNF/DUNE review.
     - Continued work on heavy ion stripping chicane design in TRACK, particularly looking at longitudinal dynamics of stripped lead ions after
       traversing a four dipole chicane.
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Continued work on linac optimization for reduced transverse emittance.
     - Continued work on heavy ion stripping chicane design in TRACK and PyORBIT.
     - Continued work on TRACK vs PyORBIT comparison for linac simulations.
     - Preparation of abstracts for IPAC20.

Computational Physics - Yves Roblin
Yves Roblin

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - CEBAF:
          - Bteam preparation/meetings
          - Preparing and investigating alternate schemes for reduced linac gradients
          - Schedule and coordination for startup
     - JLEIC:
          - FOA PI meeting at DOE
          - Re-scoping of FOA
          - Meeting with student every week
          - Meeting with CNU prof and JLab operations for use of drones in tunnel (AI)
          - Organizing committee for AI workshop    
     - OTHER
          - Preparing lecture for SPIN2020 school. Initial gathering and writing of agenda
   Next two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - SLLP training in Chicago
     - Machine startup

Randi Gamage

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Next step of the orbit correction - correcting the beta function distortion 
     - Investigating different multipole correction schemes.
     - Jlab contribution to the quarterly report
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Continue to correct beta distortion
     - Continue different multipole correction schemes

River Huang

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Transparent Spin Projet - We completed the CASA Curve-Fitting python codes based on the least square method. Using our CASA Curve-
       Fitting we can obtain the numerical results of the spin resonance-strength, the spin field directions, the phases in spin resonance
       process, the average spin value and the amplitude. Again, OPERA field maps with snakes’ parallel (the snake currents were varied using a
       fitting procedure to adjust the snake axis to 0°) has been put into RHIC’s lattice. After precisely adjusting the total bending angle of
       all of the dipole magnets to sum up to 2π, we tried to realize the spin transparent in a simulation for the RHIC’s configuration: all of
       the spin components are constant from turn to turn with a good numerical precision. The four different cases of misalignments was
       introduced into same RHIC lattice, the spin tracking from 1 turn to 2000 turns was carried out and the spin resonance-strength was 
     - CASA Beam-Beam package - For the case β_1x^*≫σ_1x^*,β_2x^*≫σ_2x^*,  the analytical solution of the luminosity was derived by us. This
       new solution has been involved in CASA Beam-Beam package. For JLEIC Parameters and Luminosity Performance, we did the benchmarks. The
       results of our analytical solution and the numerical results are consistent. 
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
      - Continue working on EIC project

Isurumali Neththikumara

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Edited the script to output 6-D coordinates of a specific particle.
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Calculation of Lyapunov exponent using the data obtained from BB3D simulations.

Dennis Turner

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - I was out quite a bit due to having a loved one in the hospital.
     - 130keV emittance measurements.
     - qsUtility tweaks.
     - Discussion with Chris Tennant about using ML for pathlength prediction.
     - elegant deck for Injector upgrade
     - Modified the elegant 'view3dgeometry' tool to help with building the deck
     - Attended BTeam and AI lunch meetings.
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Analyze 130keV emittance measurement data.
     - Develop a separate tool for performing ansd analyzing 130keV emittance measurements
     - Continue work on assigned sections for the 12GeV PRAB paper.
     - Configure optics for the Injector upgrade elegant deck.
     - Start populating the Injector upgrade CED workspace.
     - Continue exploring ML with Keras and TensorFlow.
     - Finish QTSnyder upgrade and write ATLis for testing
     - Attend BTeam, 12GeV paper, Injector Upgrade, and AI lunch meetings. 
     - Assist with CEBAF startup as needed.

He Zhang

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)     
     - JSPEC - Our colleague, Dr. Bruker, refactored the Martini model for IBS rate calculation and send a pull request to the github
       repository. I doublechecked his work and revised slightly mostly for coding style. Inspired by his work, I refactored the Bjorken-
       Mtingwa model. Since Bruker’s work is on the version before I added the IBS contribution by element feature, I implemented this again
       after refactoring the IBS formulas.     
     - Other - Prepared a few slides on cooling code development FOA for the DOE PI meeting. 
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22) 
     - Refactor electron cooling rate calculation. Revisit the particle model and the turn-by-turn model. Make sure they work well.
     - Start working on JSPEC benchmarking with Lanzhou experimental data.
     - Vacation in the second week. 

Diagnostic Development - Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)

Joe Gubeli

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Isotope Experiment – Helped with adding diagnostic and connecting them to an EPICS controlled systems. Checked viewers needed to run to both the 1G and 1X destinations.
       Found issues with five of the thirteen viewers and emailed I&C the list.
     - Halo monitor – Had several discussions with collaborators and created an ATLis beam test plan.
     - HPWS – Repositioned the HPWS to its nominal operational angle of 45 degrees. Found that in this configuration the full travel cannot be reached due to a current limit
       setting. Increasing this setting can damage the linear motors. Added a pneumatic cylinder and an air regulator to the HPWS. Set the regulator to move the stage to the
       center of travel. With this addition the full range of the stage can now be reached. 
     - AWP – Completed the AWP for two projects
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Isotope Experiment – Prepare for a two day run to the 1G dump.
     - Halo monitor – Conduct the Halo Monitor experiment in the LERF

Michael Tiefenback

   Previous two weeks ()
   Next two weeks ()

CASA Fellows
LERF - Steve Benson

   Previous two weeks (Oct. 28 - Nov. 8)
     - Finished setting up seminars for November 14, 19, 21, and Dec. 12 ( with a lot of help from Tristan)
     - Reviewed paper on Compton gamma ray sources for DOE review.
     - Restarted Cooler ring meetings and wrote up summary
     - Update Manouchehr Farkhondeh with budget details of SOW change for IMP experiment.
     - Worked on punch list items for the Isotope ERR
     - Prepared slides for and attended the NP Accelerator R&D PI Exchange meeting in Gaithersburg MD. 
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - Submit Test plans for 1G run
     - Review SBIR
     - Review PRAB paper
     - Get kicker coils for RF merge test completed
     - Certify User Lab 4 in the LERF
     - Complete punch list items for Isotope ERR
     - Submit papers for ERL workshop
     - Assist in run to the 1G dump with CW beam.

Andrew Hutton

   Previous two weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 8)
     - Preparing a talk on the history of JLab for the 86th Annual Meeting of the APS Southeastern Section 0n Friday, November 8, 2019 in
       Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  I had never done a talk like this and it took a lot of reading and preparation.  I would be happy
       to give the talk to the members of CASA to make the effort worth while - there were only 20 people at the talk at SESAPS!   
     - We are also gearing up for a 1G run with CW beam in LERF as well as finalizing the preparations for our first isotope irradiation. I 
       have a meeting of VNECA in Richmond tomorrow.     
   Next two weeks (Nov 11 - Nov 22)
     - I will be having (very) minor outpatient surgery this week so I will be out a fair bit with pre-op and post op.